Penis Extender Science


The obvious reason behind the use of a penis extender, also known as penis traction device, is the enlargement of the penis both in length and in girth. With the larger penile size, an obvious expectation is a significant improvement in the firmness and duration of the penile erections. These are all expectations so the issue then is whether these are realistic in nature considering the numerous penile enlargement scams (i.e.,…


Top-Rated Pheromones Research


As soon as you start talking about pheromones it conjures up all sorts of ideas of sex and excitement. In this article we will discuss the search for human pheromones. Description of the pheromone reaction: Von Frisch (1938, 1941a,b) confirmed repeatedly his casual observations both in field and laboratory experiments with the top pheromones. In the field, a small feeding table with a tube through which chopped earthworm could be…


Gay Pheromones For 2015


The present limited data do not afford a complete perspective of the evident interplay between gay pheromones and those of special secretions in termite foraging behavior, but it would appear reasonable to assume that in at least some and perhaps many species a constituent of the favored food material has been adopted as the primary component of the scent—trail pheromone. Concentrated through the agency of the termites’ special sternal gland,…


Semenax for 2015


Nothing is better than amazing, long lasting sex with an orgasm lasting twice or thrice longer than ever experienced. While this is every male’s desire, not all men naturally experience longer orgasms. However Semenex, one of the best semen pills in the market offers hope for these men. Semenex increases both the quantity and quality of your sperm to help you please your partner. This is a unique pill as…


Best Pheromones For Sex


I like pheromone because of their high numbers and large pheromone storage capacity when considered collectively. Pheromone Trail marking and orientation Bees returning to the hive orient to the colony odor effluent (Lecomte 1956; Butler et al. 1970), which probably contains pheromones and other odors from many sources within the hive. If the entrance is disturbed, moved, or blocked for several minutes, and then restored to its original condition, the…


Losing Weight On 17 Day Diet


Want to lose weight on the 17 Day Diet? You can make it as complicated as you like, but something as simple as – create a caloric deficit of 300-500 kcal, lift weights and eat 2g of protein / kg of bodyweight will work equally well. Depends on personality. Some people can just be given a list of “green,” “Yellow” and “red” foods and they automatically adjust their 17 Day…


How To Tweak Your Social Circle

Many bottles with different colors in a row.

Basic situation: After a 4 year relationship I finally moved in completely with my gf at the time & she broke up with me for another guy shortly after. I instantly stopped giving her any attention and focused on my fuck buddies and finding another place and after less than 2 months she contacted me wanting me back. I obviously said no because: -she’s been a bit of a bitch…


Women Become Bored With Men


In the end you can try and be the most perfect man or woman. But long lasting relationships don’t work without selflessness. Because in the end no ones perfect, even if they have everything (looks, wealth, romance, personality), they’ll always have something you don’t like about them. Could be as simple as a man leaving the toilet seat up, or a woman tidying the house, putting things away (and he…


Bankruptcy Attorney Filing In Utah


This article discuss bankruptcy attorneys in Utah. So, what had happened is I lost my job a little more than a year and a half ago and I found our lives upside down. What we had to do was use credit cards and stuff like that so now the ends are not making the means. We’re about forty thousand dollars in debt and that is all credit cards. Fortunately, we…


The Effects of Volume Pills


What are volume pills? Volume pills basically have three objectives. The main one is to increase the volume of a man’s semen. Today, that volume has become one of the most valued indicators of a man’s virility. This has significantly increased the popularity of “volume pills,” as many men are interested in boosting the amount of semen that their bodies can produce to increase ejaculation. You can learn more about…