Chikara Pheromones …. My Secret Weapon


Chikara pheromone is a popular pheromone cologne for men sold by and only available online. Chikara is a pretty intense sexual pheromone. Applying Chikara the clubs is currently my main antidote for feeling crushes. Yet, I’m afraid it’s the most powerful pheromone I have ever used. I still feel them, some of them, only a lot less but enough to keep me semi-awake at night. The thing is, each…


Ten by Intense (N10Z) Gay Pheromones – A Straight Cut Review


I would like to assume that people nowadays have at least some understanding of pheromones; what pheromones are, and what they purpose they serve. However, for those of you who have never heard of pheromones before, allow me to offer a very brief explanation: In a nutshell, pheromones are natural chemical substances produced and secreted by virtually all living animals, including insects even. Pheromones are often described as being odorless…


Is Stamina RX Safe and the Right Choice for You?


Most men find that their performance lacks something from time to time. All sorts of factors can interfere with libido, including nutritional deficiencies. One of the ways to correct the problem is to find a supplement that restores performance and helps both partners to enjoy their time together. For many men, that something is Stamina RX. How Does it Work? The product is designed to help increase blood flow and allow…


Penis Enlargement with The Campo Method


In the 1980s. Peripatetic, self-proclaimed “metaphysician” Dr. C. Ralph Campo offered a penis enlargement to those willing to part with $25. What I received was a jumbled, incohesive potpourri of Xeroxed material that was difficult to understand and even harder to logically accept. Dr. Campo claims that he is one of the ten best psychics in the U.S. in addition to being a clairvoyant. His penis enlargement course consists of…


Best Diet Plan For Acne Treatment


There cannot be a particular diet plan which can benefit everyone at the same time. All planning should be done according to an individual’s state, needs, reaction to certain foods and external and internal conditions, so it would be wise to consider the above information strictly as guidelines for you to follow as you design your own personal diet plan. Here’s a short summary of the above guidelines for a…


Understanding Herpes Simplex Virus Treatment


If you suspect you have become infected with the herpes simplex virus, either because symptoms have appeared or because you have had close contact with someone who has the virus, the most important thing is not to panic. Herpes simplex should be regarded as nothing more than a fairly trivial skin disease and in most cases there is no need to feel anxious or alarmed. Naturally things seem worst at…


Pheromone Oils For Attraction


Human pheromones, do you know what they are or how they work? Did you know they may have a significant impact on attraction and in turn your sex life? Right about now you may be thinking that you have never seen a pheromone! You would be correct in your assumption you have never actually seen a pheromone, but you have very likely smelled these pheromone oils. These chemicals are present…


Is it possible to make your own pheromones?


Is it possible to make your own pheromones? This is a excerpt of a BBC documentary into sexual selection. In the experiment the subject is genetically tested and then he is compared to the genetic profile of 6 women, who kindly donate their sweaty shirts. The subject then sniffs the shirts and then ranks them in order of pleasant to unpleasant. It turns out that the smell corresponds with the…


Is Kamagra Safe? Side effects and Disadvantages


I was just doing some research and the use of nitrates seems to be highly ill-advised with Kamagra. I understand that a lot of bodybuilding supplements contain nitrates. Am I right in thinking that using creatine (specifically NO-Xplode, which is nitric-oxide) would be a really bad idea with Kamagra? Or have I just got my wires crossed about what a nitrate is? Had an interesting experience with a product…


Harder Erections with Magna RX?


Okay I know some of us have been working on our penis size using a variety of methods like pumps, pill, jelqing, etc. Since penis length isn’t fixed throughout ones life (a lot of factors can effect penis size like health, diet, etc.). So you may be wondering does Magna RX work for increases erection size. Usually taking these vitamins/supplements, you rarely see anything tangible to say, this is really…