Do Pheromone Colognes Actually Work?

Do pheromones actually work? Scientists have discovered that our best intentions to control what we broadcast into the world may be futile. Could it be that we have much in common with animals and insects, whose cues for sexual reproduction, dominance, and aggression spring directly from pheromonal communication? What provokes gut feelings about certain situations and people? Why are we attracted to one person and repelled by an- other? What…


Sexiest Pheromone Perfumes To Attract Men!


Great Scents That Women Should Know About To Attract Men Okay ladies, if you’re looking for a way to make yourself attractive to the male species without having to walk around damn near naked, there a few things that you should know about. And one of them that makes the most sense is scents. Men love women that smell good and there are certain smells that make women simply irresistible…


What are Pheromones?


If you’ve been trying to attract the perfect women into your life and you feel like you’re always striking out, it may not be for the reasons you think. Have you ever wondered why shorter, skinnier, less attractive men than you have beautiful bombshells on their arms but you don’t? Do you feel like no matter what you wear, say or how much money you make, girls just seem to…


Athena 10x Pheromones … Do They Work?


Pheromones have long been believed to be directly linked to human attraction, and men and women have tried for years to find the most effective way to harness these pheromones in order to attract members of the opposite sex. Where the concept of pheromones was once a vague, undiscovered one, thanks to the work of Dr. Winnifred Cutler of the Athena Institute we now know a good deal more about…


Vigrx Plus Ingredients for 2016


Are you looking for a non-prescription answer to the problem of erectile dysfunction or ED, as it is more widely known? Vigrx Plus is available without a prescription and without that embarrassing discussion, so many men prefer to avoid. This is the new and improved version of Vigrx and includes ingredients never before used. The results reported with the original supplement were excellent, but creators have taken a few extra…


Pheromones For Women 2016


By now, surely most everyone has heard of pheromones. However, many people likely only have a passing knowledge of pheromones, if that, and many are still unsure about what roles they play with respect to human beings and attraction. In the last decade or so, more and more research studies have been conducted at reputable universities that have strongly suggested that pheromones are a very real phenomenon. You see, up…


10 Best Sex Tips of 2016


Nobody likes admitting their sexual technique could do with some improvment but the truth of the matter is, virtually everyone can benefit from modernizing their attitude towards intercourse. These sex tips are designed to give your sex life boost, as well as improve your chances of pleasing your partner every time. While having intercourse on the hood of your car may be your wildest fantasy, it is unlikely to be hers. Studies…


How To Increase Attraction Naturally


One of the leading questions when it comes to the art of increasing attraction is what exactly women want. How can a man attract a woman? If you are here reading this, then you are well aware that some men are better at it than others, but you are more than likely unsure as to how you can increase your level of attraction. There are a number of things you might try to…


Best Anti-Aging Skin Cream


My skin is significantly better, I found that I get only a few acne. I’ve gotten acne everywhere, even the earlobes and the penis. My cousin gave me this mysterious soap and this product called clindamycin and its been working. I’m still getting acne although and I’ve scheduled an appointment for accutane. So I’ll review it soon. I am going to try some of the methods here. Acne comes and…


Do Pheromones Actually Work on Humans?

Mark Portrait

Pheromone researchers found that if a person relocates, his or her attitude and demeanor will adapt to meet the social environment of the new home. This means that a happy-go-lucky southerner might experience a change in personality with a move to the north, and vice versa. In searching for a reason behind climate-controlled personality differences, Pennebaker points to the fact that northerners wear more clothing and are less able to…