The Power of Pheromones Behavior


One of the most fascinating aspects of bumblebee behaviour is the habit of males of many species of both Bombus and the parasitic genus Psithyrus, to fly along special routes (which may consist of a circuit up to several hundred metres long, Bringer, 1973) linking sites (e. g. a tree base or twig) which have been scented with a pheromone. Each male has his own route, parts at least of…


Strongest Pheromones In Insects


The pheromone appears to be very volatile because a queen that has been dead. The only one day is ineffective at inhibiting ovary development (Pomeroy, 1981). Indeed the presence of a dead queen can cause increased onset of worker aggression; perhaps this is because only a weak inhibitory signal is still present. The odour alone of the queen inhibitory pheromone has some inhibitory power but for the maximum effect to be achieved…


Human Pheromone Results

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You received our human pheromones. We devised a rudmimentary test to see if people are more attracted to use when we wear pheromones. So we thought one way to show up at a bar, get a baseline without pheromones, sit in the bar and notice how many people approach us and hit on us. We then return to the bar in the same conditions and use the pheromones and see…


Pheromones For Men 2015

Troubled woman

Amazingly, there are average Joe Blow guys who can attract women, and they aren’t rich or muscular. However, they can still walk into a room and leave with attractive women. They have an unexplainable sex appeal that no one can see. How are they able to do this? How Pheromones Work But there is a perfectly good explanation for this kind of raw attraction, and it is due to pheromones….


Pheromone Colognes In 2015


2015 was a year of interesting news. For men who want to greatly increase both their confidence levels and chances with women, the arrival of Pherazone pheromones could very well be the most important news of all. Out of the many pheromone colognes on the market, Pherazone pheromones could very well be the best. And men’s social lives are going to be better for it. The Social Animal Building attraction…


Male Enhancement Pills In our Bodies


There is concern about the male enhancement pills we take into our bodies. Now, in the 1990s, our view is more global in scope and we are beginning to understand the macro consequences of acid rain, the greenhouse effect, toxins in the food chain, and the burdens of overpopulation on the environment. People are now demanding honest answers to important questions. Do the pesticides in our foods cause cancer? is nuclear…


Penis Extender Science


The obvious reason behind the use of a penis extender, also known as penis traction device, is the enlargement of the penis both in length and in girth. With the larger penile size, an obvious expectation is a significant improvement in the firmness and duration of the penile erections. These are all expectations so the issue then is whether these are realistic in nature considering the numerous penile enlargement scams (i.e.,…


Top-Rated Pheromones Research


As soon as you start talking about pheromones it conjures up all sorts of ideas of sex and excitement. In this article we will discuss the search for human pheromones. Description of the pheromone reaction: Von Frisch (1938, 1941a,b) confirmed repeatedly his casual observations both in field and laboratory experiments with the top pheromones. In the field, a small feeding table with a tube through which chopped earthworm could be…


Gay Pheromones For 2015


The present limited data do not afford a complete perspective of the evident interplay between gay pheromones and those of special secretions in termite foraging behavior, but it would appear reasonable to assume that in at least some and perhaps many species a constituent of the favored food material has been adopted as the primary component of the scent—trail pheromone. Concentrated through the agency of the termites’ special sternal gland,…


Semenax for 2015


Nothing is better than amazing, long lasting sex with an orgasm lasting twice or thrice longer than ever experienced. While this is every male’s desire, not all men naturally experience longer orgasms. However Semenex, one of the best semen pills in the market offers hope for these men. Semenex increases both the quantity and quality of your sperm to help you please your partner. This is a unique pill as…