Portrait Photography on Nantucket


I’d learned the history in broad strokes, know the technical side of portrait photography but as an artform it’s always eluded me. Now this documentary features famous photographers and their photographs being analyzed. I was struck by how subjective the whole thing is. So in painting there is a gigantic amount of subjectivity before the painting is finished but afterwards the painting is completely objective. Whatever is on the canvas…


Male Enhancement Pill Ingredients To Boost Sex Drive


MEGADOSE L-CITRULLINE MALATE (5g) myprotein.com, tradeingredients.com, You’ll know it’s the stuff if it’s sour as hell and you get rock hard erections and huge loads. Citrulline is hella better than l-arginine, kicks it out of the park. There’s some scientific basis for this that most of the l-arginine doesn’t even make it to the blood or is converted to nitric oxide as it gets used in the blood, and arginine…


Male Pheromones To Attract Females


As can be deduced from the abovementioned discussion, the strongest male pheromones known to science appear to come from the males of the species. There are three known male pheromones, namely: • Androstenol – This pheromone comes in alpha and beta forms, each one producing slightly different effects. Both, nonetheless, create an approachable, friendly and youthful impression, which explains its reputation as the icebreaker pheromone, while also encouraging an aura of virility…


Liquid Trust Oxytocin Review


Liquid Trust is not a pheromone spray but it is marketed as if it was. While pheromones are present in everyone, not everyone is lucky enough to be very attractive. This is where Liquid Trust comes in which is basically a product that contains artificial pheromones that will make the users more attractive. The company behind this product also claims that users can finally engage in relationships with people that they previously…


The Secret About Pheromone Sprays


Is there a hotter topic for men than the secrets of attracting women? There are books, websites, newsletters and “secret” formulas circling the internet that all claim to assist you in this very pursuit. Just watch a few minutes of television, sooner rather than later there is bound to be a commercial depicting an average guy drawing women in droves, all thanks to his cologne or body spray! Is this…


Androstenone Pheromone Effects


Androstenone is the name of one of the human pheromones. As in other animal species, pheromones are hormone-like neurotransmitter chemicals secreted by some glands (believed to be apocrine sweat glands in humans) that send encouraging chemical signals to the opposite sex. These communication signals on being picked up by a member of the opposite sex spark off a physiological response in the form of instant attraction and positive sexual vibes…


Sizegenetics vs Bathmate … Which is Better?


In this article we are are going to discuss how it compares to the Bathmate. Bathmate has several different models. I have been using it since 2009 and the first thing that comes to mind between Sizegenetics and Bathmate is the comparison isn’t necessarily airtight. It is kind of apples to oranges although they are both male enhancement devices you are comparing two different things. Bathmate is mainly going to be…


X4 Labs is The Best Extender


The fact that you are reading this tells me that you are either just a bit curious about penis extenders or else you’ve reached a point in your life where you are seriously looking for an effective way to increase the size of your penis. Now, I would almost be willing to bet my life on the fact that your penis is already big enough, but yes, I know, men…


Pheromone Reviews 2017 “Exposed”


Are you interested in pheromone reviews? What type of pheromone cologne do you use and when? The difference between pheromone perfume is strength and scent.  Perfumes will last about 3-5 years because the oils which contain the scent start to break down. You need to use them daily, and always apply right out of the shower, but they totally control the strength of your body odor without masking or interfering…


Seattle Sutton program advice


I have the Seattle Sutton program but I have never been able con consistently follow it for the whole 5 weeks. Maybe psychological reversla kicking in. I have gotten to around week 3-4 then I just stop, something comes up ever day and a week goes by. If you miss too many days you’re supposed to start over from the beginning. Don’t over complicate weight loss. It’s not as hard…