Andropenis Penis Extender Review


Andropenis extender is a well-known penis enlargement device that is available in many countries.

The Andropenis extender base is made of metal, and other parts are created from the medical grade and allergen-free materials. Andropenis is certified for correction of penis curvatures, as well as a non-surgical penis enlargement method.

The good news is that penis extenders have indeed been shown to work in clinical studies.

About Andropenis

The Andropenis device provides up to 2000 grams of tension force, that can increase the size of your penis. Penis enlargement can be achieved through the use of tension and the so-called principle of traction. 

How It Works

penis tractionYou simply to attach the device to your penis and adjust the tension settings until you can feel a firm yet comfortable stretch. The device allows for full control over the tension, which makes it perfectly safe for usage.

The tension results in cellular division and increased blood flow, which leads to the growth of new tissue. The stretching breaks down tissue cells, which are forced to regenerate. As a result, penis length and width may be extended permanently by as much as several inches*. The system has received the approval of medical experts and it has been clinically tested.

Apart from increased penis size, the increased blood circulation resulting from the use of the extender may also going to improve the erection quality and sexual performance. The principle of traction has been studied for many years and it is seen as the best alternative to surgical penis enhancement by urologists and sexologists.

*Individual results will vary.

PROS: Permanent Results. Easy-to-use. Very comfortable.

CONS: Only sold online.

Price: $174.30 – $269.47
Money-Back Guarantee: 60 days
Tension: 2000 grams
Overall Score: B
Sold By:

Andro Gold

Their entry level package will get you started on your penis enlargement program with a quality extender that comes with comfort straps and extension rods. All the bare essentials to start growing.

Gold Premium

The best value overall package is the Gold Premium which comes with numerous bonuses, accessories, and spare parts to keep you going for 6 months. This includes extra rods to apply even more tension as you grow.

Easy To Use

Fortunately, the Androextender is easy to use. With the adjustable tension rods your penis will be preconfigured to the optimum amount of tension and sit comfortably in the extender thanks to the comfort straps.

What Makes Andropenis Different From Other Devices?

X4 Labs

Most effective results. Adjustable tension rods. 180 day money-back guarantee. Ships worldwide.

3600 grams

$99.95 +


180 day money-back guarantee. Ships worldwide.

2800 grams

$199.95 +


60 day money-back guarantee. Ships worldwide.

2000 grams

$174.30 +

As a top-of-the-range extender, Andropenis has a lot of benefits.

  • Real results
  • The biggest number of clinical studies and certifications among all existing extenders
  • Worldwide brand recognition by medical experts
  • Huge media coverage (impossible with low-quality products)
  • Medical support during the course of using an extender
  • 2 months results or your money back guarantee

Learn How It Works 


What’s interesting about this device is how it shares many common qualities with other penis extenders. It works great and it is actually one of the only penis extenders used in small-scale clinical trials. The metal shafts are constructed of surgical grade aluminum, signifying the device is well equipped to apply traction.

Andropenis extender is definitely recommended as one of the safest and most effective devices on the market, produced by a reputable company (Andromedical) which only produces devices certified for medicinal uses.

All the results presented on the official site, are real and clinically backed. The great benefit is medical assistance offered during the customer’s use of Andropenis – all your questions and concerns answered 24/7/365.

Price: $174.30 – $269.47
Guarantee: 60 days
Tension: 2000 grams
Overall Score: B
Sold By:

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