Chikara Pheromones Latest Review 2018

Chikara pheromone is a popular pheromone cologne for men sold by and only available online. Chikara is a pretty intense sexual pheromone. Applying Chikara the clubs is currently my main antidote for feeling crushes. Yet, I’m afraid it’s the most powerful pheromone I have ever used. I still feel them, some of them, only a lot less but enough to keep me semi-awake at night. The thing is, each pheromone cologne has a unique scent and Chikara is no different.

I don’t think I’ll fully understand why pheromones work but at least I can see how it works. That’s the most important thing. Also, I didn’t make use of any theory, this is just my intuitive thought process trying to work through my psyche and understand the power of human pheromones and how it need to be solved.

Since this was my intuitive thought process it is a lot easier to visualize things for me compared to when I need to make a more conscious effort. All I’m saying is I almost had no problems with the mechanics of pheromone attraction.

My Chikara Pheromone Test Results

Within 30 days, I performed 11 field tests using Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men. I liked the smell and wanted to know how the product performed in various social environments.

The first field test was not planned at all. My side hurt, and I needed immediate medical attention. I had to go to the hospital emergency room. Have you ever gone to an urban hospital like the ones in Los Angeles? I dreaded having to go, even though I was in extreme pain. I parked in the hospital’s front parking lot and my bottle of Chikara Pheromone Cologne was in the glove compartment of my car. I figured I would try it out. After all, I had nothing to lose. I put a dab behind each ear and walked into the emergency room.

There were people in the lobby who looked like they had been there for a very long time. I went to the nurses’ station and explained about the pain in my side. The nurse was so busy that she didn’t even look up at me while I was talking. She just pointed toward a mountain of medical paperwork and instructed me to complete the forms. A few minutes went by while I worked on the paperwork. The nurse then looked up at me with this shy smile. She wanted to know if I was still in pain and if I had problems completing the medical forms.

I replied that I was doing okay. She said that I looked like I was miserable and apologized for my long wait. She then left the nurses station, but came back with an intake nurse. This nurse led me towards another room for screening. I replied that I still had plenty of medical paperwork to finish. This is when the first nurse took the paperwork out of my hand and told me not to worry about it…for now. These two nurses were so helpful.

The second nurse took me into yet another room. She asked a few medical questions and then examined my stomach and side. She smiled during the whole examination, but she really didn’t have a professional bedside manner. It was somewhat suggestive, but subtle all the same. After the first examination, she took me to another room and told me to lay down on the hospital bed. She wanted to know if I needed anything else and left the room to get the doctor.

In about five minutes, the doctor came into the room. She was a very pretty Asian lady in her thirties. She behaved professionally during the first few minutes, but she too started smiling at me in a suggestive way.

It wasn’t the type of behavior you would associate with an emergency room doctor. She examined me for about 30 minutes. She was very friendly and continued to leave the room and come back to examine me further. We talked about my job and hobbies during the poking and prodding. Basically, this was the weirdest hospital experience I had ever had.

Basically, there was nothing wrong with me. The doctor gave me a few pills and another nurse walked me back into the hospital lobby. So, I tested my Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men even further. I asked this nurse for her phone number. She smiled and gave me a little slip of paper. She had already written down her number for me. She then wiped off her flirty suggestive smile and strolled professionally back into the emergency room.

Did I like how this pheromone cologne performed socially? It was a good ice breaker with the hospital staff. As you can see, it clearly worked well for me. But then again, in comparison to other pheromone colognes, the sexual attraction and tension were not that high. Remember, you have to take the extra step to make it work.

Yes, I conducted 11 field tests within a 30-day period, and my hospital visit was only the first one. The other 10 field tests were basically the same. Chikara did not create a huge amount of sexual tension, but I did make a lot of friends during these field tests.

My advice for using Chikara Cologne for men

  1. Dance with a woman in the club, feel her up, kiss. This is pretty error prone though. I also had the: dance with a woman in the club, feel her up, eventually she leaves.
  2. Look at each other with electricity and understand then open your eyes. It’s 15 minutes later and you lifted her up in the air and she’s dry humping you. Still don’t know where my consciousness went.
  3. Ask if you can kiss her. If she says no, then ask again 30 minutes later. If she says no, then ask again 30 minutes later. If she still says no, then to switch it up express it as a wish! From time to time. Do this for 8 hours in your car and just before she leaves, she will kiss you. Yeaaaa…. I was young when this happened, this really was the only way I could think of. Well, it works!
  4. Lol, this actually happened without it being a role-play. Make her your girlfriend first, then kiss her because she’s your girlfriend now.
  5. Do excuse Kino like a maniac, manage to get on her lap. Get her fingers crawling through your hair. Get horny, then just get up and kiss her. She will say congratulations afterwards.
  6. The variation of getting her in your bed is: get her in your bed, push/pull like 3 hours. Then escalate from the finger until you have her hand, escalate further until you have her whole body. Push/pull a bit more, then kiss.
  7. Oh! This one was a dire situation, because my state was fucked since I was in a cafe with her for 5 hours and her 10 (?!) friends and it was going nowhere. This is what you do: say you need a breath of fresh air, approach 1 to 3 groups with an amazing high energy. Get back, tell her you want to show her something, she will say no. You will say she has to, it will be amazing. She will ask why. You say “adventure!” She will look at you, you’ll take her hand and walk her out of her lair of friends. Now you’re alone with her on your wits. Find a nearby thing (anything really) that looks different from anything else there — for me it was a playground. Sit there, pheromone-escalate and kiss.
  8. The rebound: have a short but sweet 20 minutes insta-date on closing do the Dutch approach (#4) if that succeeds, good for you. If it fails, do this. Meet with her (preferably) the day after, pheromone-escalate harder and kiss. This works, because you set the frame up since last time, she knows what you want, she basically said yes by showing up.
  9. (same woman). Eventually she didn’t want to kiss me anymore and I was hardcore having a crush on her (worse than in my recent FRs). I noticed that she liked touching me. She really liked touching me. I told her that she wasn’t allowed to touch me. I let her crave my touch. She then constantly asked her to touch me (I really had to hold my shit, because at this point I had the skill-level of my 12 year old self). I kept denying, and when she did something remotely related to kissing I rewarded her (classic shaping 😉 ). Eventually I told her to kiss my cheek, then she kissed me. She was allowed to touch me again. I was just about to give in a second after she kissed me. She looked like she could be a high-end actress, only she was dressed more cute and sex

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