Create Instant Pheromone Attraction

In order to generate instant attraction on opening, you’ll need to demonstrate attractive qualities about yourself without actually telling her about these qualities with pheromones. Showing her you’re an attractive guy is always better than telling her the reasons she should be attracted to you. When telling a woman why she should be attracted to you in an obvious way, it will always end up the same: It will have the opposite effect. It will come off as if you are trying too hard. Men who are confident in themselves and experienced with women never have to explicitly talk about the reasons she should be attracted to him.

They project an attractive aura with what they say, how they say it, and how they move. Women are naturally attracted to men who are:

• Confident

• A Leader

• Sexually experienced. Women are attracted to and always want the guy who other women find attractive and who knows how to please a woman in the bedroom.

• Dominant

• Non-needy—which means he can take it or leave it because he knows that if she isn’t attracted to him, there will be another woman who is at any given moment.

• Moves slowly and with purpose

• Speaks loudly and confidently

• Is motivated in life with his goals and self-development

The Two Types of Approaching

There are only two different styles of approaches when it comes to seducing wom¬en, whether it is for a Same Day Lay or just meeting woman to have a future date. One is called the Indirect Approach; the other is called the Direct Approach. The Indirect Approach is when you approach a woman in a way that does not reveal your true intentions: that find her sexually desirable. Instead, you approach her in a way that communicates to her maybe you’re interested in her or maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re just out having fun during the day and like messing around with people or maybe you actually like her.

It doesn’t reveal to her why you started a conversation with her. From her point of view she’ll be thinking, “Is this guy talking with me because he likes me or is he just talking with me about something else he’s really interested in and messing around with me?” The Indirect Approach is fun, random, spontaneous, a little aloof, and can be quite confusing to her—which is great. Women love randomness and spontaneity.

The Direct Approach is when you approach a woman and immediately compli¬ment her in a way that lets her know that you find her attractive. You let her know you’ve started talking with her with the intent of getting to know her. Both styles of approach are devastatingly effective if executed correctly, but through years of coaching and my own personal experience, I have found that the Indirect style of approaching works best for the beginner.

Most beginners gravitate toward the pheromone scent attraction because it feels comfort¬able to them. It allows them to avoid the fear they might be having when it comes to approaching a woman Indirectly. Since they were little, most guys have had their mother, father, sister, grandmother, teachers at school, friends, and especially women tell them to just go up to the girl and “tell her she’s beautiful.”

They say to give her a compliment—one that she’s probably heard a thousand times before. Because of this early childhood brainwashing, men will instinctively choose the direct style of approach as soon as they see it’s a viable option. The problem with the typical Direct Approach is that you are more or less forc¬ing her to make a snap decision as to whether she finds you desirable or not.

Your confidence, fashion, tonality, and body language need to be spot on to pull off the Direct Approach correctly. Another problem with the typical Direct Approach is that it is more likely a wom¬an will go along with it even if she’s not attracted to you. She doesn’t blow you off right away because she doesn’t want to be rude to someone paying her a sincere compliment. You might mistake this as attraction. The interaction may last a little while but won’t materialize into anything substantial.

One of the key components to making this system work is screening for the right woman as fast as you can and not wasting half your day with a woman who would never have sex with you. My direct openers are different and solve these problems. My Direct openers have a flirty, fun and sexual element built into them so that you can immediately dif¬ferentiate yourself from the masses of men who have said similar things to these women. If you’re going to be direct, use these openers. They will allow you to generate irresistible attraction from women. If you want, you can first try one style of opening for a while—direct opening for example. See how it works for you. And then switch to the other style—indirect for example.

Or you can go out every day and use one direct and one indirect opener. But make sure you don’t just stick to one style. Your best bet is to be well-rounded. Go through all the openers supplied in this book and try to make all of them work. Be persistent with them. I have tested thousands of openers and these are the ones that consistently get women instantly enthralled. They are ballsy and convey all the right attractive qualities about you without you having to explicit tell the woman these qualities.

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