Pheromone Colognes That Really Work


A quick search on the internet and you will soon discover tons of colognes that claim they offer the best results and are the real deal, but understand not all pheromone based colognes are created equal. Some may be very effective for one individual but totally fail for another, same product but very different results based on unique aspects of the user.

Which Pheromone Colognes Work?

At this point it is safe to assume you are searching for a cologne with the best pheromones. Some of the best-rated pheromones include Pherazone, Nexus and L2K. However, it can be a bit confusing, but as you search keep an eye out for a few powerful chemicals, it really is easy. Remember, Andro, so ingredients such as Androstenol, Androsterone and Androstanone are what you are looking for.  Is is these chemical blends you want when you are seeking pheromone cologne to rock her world. Of course, there is also oxytocin, a chemical linked to creating deep connections. Do not be surprised to find slews of cologne products claiming they have the best pheromone product on the market.

Another good way to weed out cheap imitations is by monitoring the price. Cheap price tags may be tempting, but remember they likely mean cheaper ingredients or lesser pheromones. Affordable may not equal effective or efficient. If you are looking for love, regardless of the place, you want to put your best foot and scent forward!

As you probably already know there are plenty of products on the market to choose from, you simply must find what you like the best. If you are looking for the ultimate in sex scent cologne, the following products are among the most best and most effective.

What are Pheromones

The story of pheromones began to unfold in the 1950s, when scientists Peter Karlson and Martin Liischer created the word pheromone to refer to the invisible chemical communicators used by the lower orders. (A combination of the Greek words pherein [“I carry”] and bormon [“to excite”l, pheromone means “I carry excitement”) But even a new word added to the lexi- con didn’t spark immediate studies into how pheromones might affect humans; it was thought that pheromones served a purpose only in the animal and insect worlds, and research money was distributed accordingly. Since the discovery of pheromones in moths nearly four decades ago, chemical communication in in- sects and mammals has led to a number of significant revelations, which we will explain in chapter 2. In short, animal pheromones incite behaviors ranging from “Let’s mate!” to “Watch out—I’m defending my territory and will become aggressive if you ignore my warning.” Learn about pheromone colognes for men |

How Do They Work?

I could bore you totally with a bunch of scientific jargon on how pheromones in cologne can work. However lets just skip to the simpler explanation, shall we? The party gets started the moment the scent is released from its container. Pheromones trickle out and proceed to the nose where it reaches the vomeronasal organ. This encounter results in specific signals being sent to the olfactory nerves.  Olfactory nerves then lean over and wake up the hypothalamus, the area of the brain in control of emotions.

Scent is very powerful, it can trigger all sorts of feelings in a person, everything from irritation to sexual desire (depending on the type of scent). Pheromones work on the latter emotions, and break the ice so to speak for you to work your magic.

The Unnoticed Hero – Pheromone Colognes

Are pheromones the bottom-line creators of love and lust, the orchestrators of chemical magic between two people? Scientists have long studied what makes some men more eloquent when talking to women and they have discovered they produce high levels of sex pheromones. This makes these men instantly attractive to most women who pick up the scent.

As you may already know, pheromones are extremely powerful chemicals excreted by many different species, including humans. And while many colognes can allure members of the opposite sex with their great odors, you can often times end up smelling just like everyone else with the same cologne, and sometimes these colognes are far too strong, and as a result, the smell can be quite off-putting.

Therein lies the beauty of pheromone colognes. Instead of relying on the superficial odor of the cologne, which is something entirely subjective depending on the individual, pheromone colognes attract members of the opposite sex in an irresistible way.

In the animal kingdom, animals do not have the same methods of attracting partners as we do. Animals do not have the ability to dress a certain way, style their hair in any fashion that they please, or alter their overall appearance. As a result, a large part of attraction while looking for a mate comes from the sex pheromones that these animals release. While are much more evolved than many animals, we still release pheromones, and they still attract partners. The problem is that in humans, the pheromones are much weaker than those released by animals. For example, certain butterflies and moths can attract mates from over 10 kilometres away, but unfortunately human pheromones are not that strong. This is where pheromone colognes come into play.

Can Pheromones Increase Attraction?

Pheromone colognes have been created to bridge the gap due to the weakened effect of human pheromones, and when utilized properly, pheromone colognes can do an excellent job of attracting nearly anyone. The aforementioned regular colognes can help increase your appeal to some partners, but not everyone likes the same smells, and some people have severe allergies to scents, which can entirely negate any effect of standard colognes. A large number of pheromone colognes are completely odourless, and that’s perfectly fine, as we cannot consciously detect the scent of human pheromone anyway.

We highly recommend picking up a pheromone cologne, because nearly every pheromone cologne available has an extremely positive reception. Many customers have reported great success with these colognes. It is not atypical for a customer to say that they were not getting any attention from females until they began using a pheromone cologne. Without changing anything about their physical appearance, and just by using a pheromone cologne, some people’s lives are completely changed by the amount of attention they get from females. Customers who would previously leave the club alone at the end of the night often times find themselves leaving with a female, and multiple numbers at the end of the night when they use a pheromone cologne.

Take your time in researching pheromone colognes, this will give you the best chance at finding the product that will work for you.

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