How Effective is the 17 Day Diet?

Want to lose weight on the 17 Day Diet? You can make it as complicated as you like, but something as simple as – create a caloric deficit of 300-500 kcal, lift weights and eat 2g of protein / kg of bodyweight will work equally well.

Depends on personality. Some people can just be given a list of “green,” “Yellow” and “red” foods and they automatically adjust their 17 Day Diet so everything works out.

Others are capable of easily overeating and most people are unable to track their whole intake correctly without weighing every single gram.

That’s one of reasons intermittent fasting is good.

You can’t overeat easily, in fact it’s hard to eat enough. This eliminates need to count calories.

You cook once per day. Because you eat only once or twice you eat real food, nopowders and similar crap.

Body builders are making it so hard, eat 4+ per day. Who is going to cook that much? So you gotta put in powders for convenience.
Easy to over eat so you have to count calories and waste willpower. Learn more about the 17 day diet at

Then they add western medicine low fat bs which means more sugars so your appetite grows and even more willpower is needed. Aye and even if you eat enough calories the reduced insulin levels also limit the amount of actual calories you obtain.

Another thing with fat is the fat cells. It takes a lot for your body to make a single fat cell. However, once they’re made and used they fill themselves with fat very easy. That’s why weight comes back so easily after 17 Day Dieting.

For fat to stay away you need to stay lean long enough for the fat cell to actually starve, wither and die. That’s another bonus with fasting. I am 190cms and 100kgs. Used to be 113kgs.
I lost 13kgs on warrior 17 Day Diet like 5 years ago. Most of it fat, muscle as well cause I didn’t exercise at all at that time.

I still have fat to lose, about 10kg-15kgs probably. It’s just not a number 1 or 2 or 3 priority for me.
Career/business is no1 and no2 for me. Aiming to triple my salary in next 6 months to a year. No3 is maintaining social life.

What’s ignored on these forums is psychological aspect of gaining weight. It is most important IMO.
I was trained to overeat since I was 2 years old. Father overfed me, shoved food in my mouth against my will. Even when I had gruelling swimming trainings 2x per day consisting of lots of crazy intervals at 14 y.o. I still had some belly fat. Maybe 5kgs more fat than other swimmers did.

Clearing emotions/beliefs around your body is huge. And each of us has an image of our body that we recreate. Changing that is big also.

It’s different how fast work on ppl … many that fasts end up eating allot of crap because they get so hungry that they can’t control their intake… for those it’s easy to eat a pizza some half a jar of ice cream, a chocolate bar, a few cookies and 1.5 litre of coke aka 5000 kcals in one sitting… I can personally do that easily if I don’t control myself. – In their head they make the story that it’s just this time … they are after all on a magic fasting 17 Day Diet … but one day, takes the next, and now they have a shitty eating habbit … have seen it with many fasters, IF’ers and guys on extreme 17 Day Diets … not all … but many…

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