How Effective is the 17 Day Diet?

The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor’s Plan Designed for Rapid Results is an amazing diet book written by Dr. Mike Moreno. This book quickly became one of New York Times best-selling books because it is a safe and effective diet that really works. Dr. Moreno has created a 4 cycle diet program that focuses on reducing calories, eating the proper foods and resetting the body’s metabolism so that you can lose those unwanted pounds in 17 days.

Here you will find info on all types of effective diets that work, diet tips, and diet news to help you shed those unwanted pounds and become a healthier version of yourself!

The 17 Day Diet Explained (Summary)

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Cycle 1 – Accelerate (Days 1 – 17)

This cycle is usually considered the most important and this is the cycle in which you will experience the most weight loss. People usually lose around 15 – 20 lbs. during this cycle.

This portion of the diet consists of following a very low carb diet made up mostly of lean proteins as well as veggies and green tea. It is also highly recommended that you drink hot lemon water every morning.
To make the most of this first cycle while on The 17 Day Diet it is important to follow a simple workout plan as well. The book outlines a simple 17-minute workout that you should complete every day while on this first cycle.

Cycle 2 – Activate (Days 18 – 34)

Normally when we diet our bodies metabolism typically slows down after 17 days leading to a stop in weight loss and sometimes even weight gain. This diet avoids that problem by switching gears on the 18th day to the Activate cycle which is designed to reset the metabolism.  This cycle you will stay on the same diet but you will have a few different kinds of natural starchy foods and extra proteins added to the diet. An important rule to follow on this cycle is to not consume any carbs after 2 P.M.

As mentioned, this cycle is set up to reset the bodies metabolism and to keep it guessing. In order to do that you must follow a dieting pattern. This pattern consists of eating only cycle 2 foods every other day and cycle 1 foods on the alternate days. For example, on day 18 you would only eat those extra foods added to cycle 2 and then on day 19 you would only eat the approved foods from the cycle 1 and switch every other day. This will help your body burn fat faster and help you avoid hitting a plateau.

Cycle 3 – Achieve (Days 35 – 51)

This cycle introduces even more foods to your diet as well. You will still avoid eating after 2 P.M. Another important factor to maintain weight loss during this cycle is more exercise. The previous cycles it was only required to exercise 17 minutes a day, on this cycle, you will need to increase your workout time to 45 – 60 min., 7 days a week. With the increased consumption of calories on this cycle, your workouts should be easier. If you are looking for a NO EXERCISE diet then check out the HCG Diet Plan.

The most important thing you will need to do while on this cycle is to develop healthy eating habits. No matter what diet you do and no matter how much weight you lose it won’t matter if you do not have some sort of lifestyle change. This lifestyle change should come in the form of eating healthier and an increase in exercise.

Cycle 4 – Arrive (Day 52 and on )

This cycle is designed to help you live a healthy lifestyle, and to keep the weight that you’ve lost while on this diet, off for good! Mon – Fri. you will eat only foods from the first 3 cycles and on the weekend you can eat whatever you want. These weekend meals are “reward meals” and they will help you stick with the diet by providing you with variety. Remember not to “overindulge” on reward meals. If you do gain some extra pounds over the weekend then go back to cycle 2 and complete the diet once again.


This diet is one of the best diets on the market for a reason… Because it works! It helps you lose those unwanted pounds fast which will help you become a healthier, happier version of yourself

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