Most Effective Gay Pheromones

The present limited data do not afford a complete perspective of the evident interplay between gay pheromones and those of special secretions in termite foraging behavior, but it would appear reasonable to assume that in at least some and perhaps many species a constituent of the favored food material has been adopted as the primary component of the scent—trail pheromone. Concentrated through the agency of the termites’ special sternal gland, garnished with appropriately volatile and specific secondary components and applied continuously to the foraging trails.

About Gay Pheromones

How does being with someone good looking, intelligent, signal “good to breed with” versus the societal loser who is unemployed, dumb, has no job, criminal record, etc.. Why is a gay man’s attraction/love/devotion stronger in the loser than her husband? Why does her attraction override her affection when it comes to love?

Why is it that because the husband/provider is not sexually suitable that he gets treated in the most heinous of manners- being cuckolded and himself used like a tool. What did he do to deserve that punishment? Does the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude these guys exhibit really make sense from an evolutionary perspective that would make women want to breed with them? Why, because he gives her a “feels rollercoaster/gina tingles?”

Gay Pheromones play a pivotal role in human attraction and influence sexual desire by entrance into the vomeronasal organ where they elevate hormone levels and arousal. Gay pheromones work in the same way straight pheromones due by influencing human behavior and sexual desire. That is you presume what attracts you should work for them the same way which is not true. Gay men differ on their mating strategies and on their attraction pheromones. Learn more at

Evolution of Gay Pheromones

By having sex with different partners every 4 years, from a Darwinian perspective, you’d maximize your chances of your genetic lineage moving onward. 4 children with 4 different dads are way more variation than 4 children with the same dad. Furthermore, intense romantic love tends to end between 18 months and 4 years. It’s likely that after the intense romantic love’s chemical high ends, we start to focus less on the positive about our partner and we start to see the very slight focus more on the negative and that slowly ebbs away at the strength of the relationship and we enter the ‘relationships take work’ period. Today’s society shy away from hard work slightly.

One of the best gay pheromones based on user reviews is Pherazone for men. It contains 18mg of high concentration pheromones and has been hugely influential in increasing dates and attraction. Pherazone is available online only.

In contrast to insects and mammals, little is known about the pheromones of non-mammalian vertebrates. A complete summary of the literature on pheromones will not be attempted; rather, certain aspects will be considered in some detail, particularly the fishes. This reflects the main interest of the present author and also emphasizes the fact that fish pheromones are much more studied than those of other non-mammalian vertebrates.

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