Most Effective Gay Pheromones

In this article, I review the most effective gay pheromones. Gay Pheromones play a pivotal role in human attraction and influence sexual desire by entrance into the vomeronasal organ where they elevate hormone levels and arousal. Gay pheromones work in the same way straight pheromones due to influencing human behavior and sexual desire. That is you presume what attracts you should work for them the same way which is not true. Gay men differ on their mating strategies and on their attraction pheromones.

The Best Gay Pheromones

One of the best gay pheromones based on user reviews is Pherazone for men. It contains 18mg of high concentration pheromones and has been hugely influential in increasing dates and attraction. Pherazone is available online only.

In contrast to insects and mammals, little is known about the pheromones of non-mammalian vertebrates. A complete summary of the literature on pheromones will not be attempted; rather, certain aspects will be considered in some detail, particularly the fishes. This reflects the main interest of the present author and also emphasizes the fact that fish pheromones are much more studied than those of other non-mammalian vertebrates.

Possess Alpha Male Pheromones

Possess Alpha Male PheromonesThe alpha version of Possess is magnificent. It is a very sexual and dominant pheromone. If you are the sort of man who loves to be in control at all times, then this pheromone is definitely for you. Possess Alpha works well on bottoms who like dominant men. However, do not wear it on the job. It is a hook-up pheromone that you should wear to bars or nightclubs. The good thing is that you can also use it to turn straight men.

When I first wore Possess, four very attractive men tried to talk to me that night. One even propositioned me sexually. Yes, this is a great pheromone product; however, I do not think passive men should use it. Instead, wear Pherazone because it works great on both passive and alpha males. Possess smells like Dolce & Gabbana, and gay men simply love it. It smells like sage, lemon, lavender, cedar, and tobacco all at the same time.

Gay Pheromones Research

Chinese research has determined that gay men have the same response to pheromones as heterosexual women. This research reaffirms what many have always believed. Same-sex attraction may be impacted by biological factors. The research was conducted at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was performed as a way to prove that everyone is affected by pheromones when it comes to sexual attraction.

Research concentrated on whether or not two particular steroids known as androstadienone and estratetraenol are really sexual pheromones. The first is in male sweat and the other in female urine. The men and women in the study were shown animations of different non-gender specific outlines. Each of the outlines had both pheromones on them.

What did this little study prove? Heterosexual females weren’t affected by the estratetraenol when they were exposed to androstadienone, which is the male steroid. On the other hand, when heterosexual males were exposed to estratetraenol, they believed the animated outlines to be feminine. They were not affected by androstadienone.

Surprising, the gay men reacted in the same manner as the heterosexual women. They though the figures were masculine. They ignored the estratetraenol. In addition, the scientists determined that bisexual or gay women reacted in between that of heterosexual men and women.

Be advised, that the participants weren’t able to consciously tell how the two smells differed. This means these responses were unconscious ones. This is the first time the two steroids communicated opposite gender info that is different from two groups based on their sexual preferences. In addition, this shows that visually, perception is based upon subconscious chemosensory biological prompts. This was never suspected to be true. Learn more at

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