Harder Erections with Magna RX?


Okay I know some of us have been working on our penis size using a variety of methods like pumps, pill, jelqing, etc. Since penis length isn’t fixed throughout ones life (a lot of factors can effect penis size like health, diet, etc.). So you may be wondering does Magna RX work for increases erection size. Usually taking these vitamins/supplements, you rarely see anything tangible to say, this is really making a difference.

I think in my case, this is the last supplement I will ever use when it comes to erections. I ejaculated 3 days in a row because of the horniness that overtook me, and was rock hard each time. I pretty much become someone who can get stupidly rock hard erections every time now. And I mean stupidly hard. Fuck horny goat weed, maca, and whatever. I’ve taken them, they work, but they don’t compare to what I’ve experienced with Vigrx Plus.  Read review here.

Ordering Magna RX

I have made positive experiences with the company, their “clerk” told me that their credit card payment provider has caused trouble, therefore there was a time people had to either wire money or send envelopes with money to mailbox addresses. The latter of course had coursed many people to doubt the company itself, since it creates the speculation of dubious practice.

UK based male enhancement pill companies are… let us say safer than anything else since packages inside the European Union are rarely checked by customs as hard as anything coming directly from India. Buying generics and prescription medication without prescription in Germany is against the law and provides sometimes big problems for people. However, Viagra isn’t covered by insurances and buying original Viagra from Pfizer hits home at 65 Euros for 4 tablets which poorer people just can no way afford. Therefore smaller groups of enthusiasts have banded who share information about alternative, but unfortunately illegal providers of legit generics. Altana Pharma is a pharmacy giant that is handling chemicals at the same level as bigger western pharmacy companies do and their products are up to high quality standards.

Magna RX has an effect for about 4-6 hours, resulting in heavy reactions and hardness, sometimes described as “almost painfully hard.” It has the most descriptions of headache after use as a side effect in German forums and from what I could see medical journals.

So what to say about the use of these drugs for people WITHOUT sexual dysfunction?

Well, for me the interest was in reducing my recovery period after coming. Under stress it seemed that coming fast and then having troubles to get into second round was an issue that took sometimes long enough for a girl to very much loose sexual tension. Those compounds can not only be useful to get it up, but as a psychological aid in backhand or to reduce the periods to get your cock back up.

Or, you can just use them as ridiculous Duracell Bunny compounds. It needs to be said that in people without erectile dysfunction, you do not need to use a full tablet at all, the half to quarter dose will have nearly the same effects.

Using it together with other drugs is… let us just say : Dangerous and not recommended. None of this medical information is meant to tell anyone what to do and I don’t take any responsibility for misuse of this information. Just so you know.


Try to find forums that deal with the “issues.” Normally people discuss providers quite openly on internet forums and especially their experiences. You will be able to find certain providers who are just not people you want to order from, you might find highly trusted people in these forums as well. You can also learn how to distinguish faked pharmaceuticals from real ones.

Since the legislation on these medications is so ridiculous, the groups that formed to deal with these issues have gotten quite big. I mean seriously, if you are older, got ED and want to fuck around like crazy, spending 65 bucks a week for fucking 4 times is completely ridiculous.

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