Harder Erections with Magna RX?

Magna RX is one of many penis enlargement products that says it can make your penis bigger by 5 inches, in just three weeks. This enhancer was developed by Dr. Aguilar. He claims it gives men very strong orgasms. Dr. Aguilar calls this the “Orgasmic Thrust Activation Process.”

How Does This Product Work?

A male enhancement product needs to accomplish two things. It has to increase blood flow and enhance testosterone. The key to having a healthy sex drive is testosterone. Testosterone and a healthy circulation intensify the male orgasm.

If the right amount of blood is not present in the penis, a man cannot get an erection. When he is aroused, blood rushes to the penis, and he gets an erection. When testosterone increases, this makes men feel aroused and gives them the confidence to have sex. When there is more blood flow to the penis, this makes it easier for men to have pleasurable orgasms. Below, we will talk about the ingredients in Magna RX.

Side Effects

The following Magna Rx ingredients aren’t well researched, and they are not approved by the FDA.

  • Maca-According to Healthwise, maca causes goiter if you follow a low-iodine diet.
  • Horny goat weed- Due to the lack of research, this should not be taken while you’re on prescribed impotence. medication. No one knows how it interacts with such drugs.
  • Pygeum- A study published in the Cochrane Collaboration, has good things to say about this ingredient. When used to treat urinary ailments or an enlarged prostate, it supposedly has fewer side effects than other common drugs.


In terms of FDA approvals, natural remedies and herbal products aren’t tested. In addition, Magna RX does not have medical approval either. The herbal ingredients in this product could interact adversely with other drugs. There hasn’t been enough testing on Magna RX’s ingredients to address long-term effects, side effects or effectiveness.


Most men are worried about penile erections and size. If you experience performance problems or are concerned about the size of your penis, you are not the only one. No one knows what size will actually satisfy your partner. It is said that size matters more to men than women. As a matter of fact, 85 percent of women say they are happy with their partner’s penis size. But on the flip side, only 55 percent of men are satisfied with their own penis size.

MedlinePlus recommends that you see a doctor if you experience penile difficulties more than 25 percent of the time. There may be undiagnosed underlying problems.

Magna RX Ingredients-Safety and Effectiveness

  • L-Arginine HCL- This amino acid treats ED by increasing blood flow to the penis and enabling dilation of blood vessels.
  • Asian Ginseng- This herb treats ED, increases stamina, increases physical performance and boosts mental ability
  • Maca Root- This root increases your sex drive and treats ED symptoms
  • Pygeum- This ingredient does many things.
  1. Reverses prostate related sterility
  2. Enhances sexual performance
  3. Increases semen production
  • Sarsaparilla- This ingredient does many things.
  1. Triggers sexual hormones
  2. Treats impotence
  3. Increases libido
  • Cayenne Pepper- This ingredient keeps the cardiovascular system in check, and it enhances blood flow

In Conclusion

Magna RX may look like a well-balanced product, but it doesn’t have a large number of ingredients that directly affect sexual health. If you aren’t looking for an over the top increase, this drug might work for you. But it may not be a good choice if you’re looking for the best male enhancement supplement. Read my Vigrx review here.

Since it has low dosages, we really don’t recommend this product. Instead look at our article entitled “Top 10 Male Enhancers.” It can lead you in the right direction, especially if you are new to the male enhancement world.

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