How To Tweak Your Social Circle

Many bottles with different colors in a row.

Basic situation:

After a 4 year relationship I finally moved in completely with my gf at the time & she broke up with me for another guy shortly after.
I instantly stopped giving her any attention and focused on my fuck buddies and finding another place and after less than 2 months she contacted me wanting me back.

I obviously said no because:
-she’s been a bit of a bitch during the initial phase of the breakup
-if I’m taken out of my comfort zone to begin with, I might as well go for better

So what’s the problem?
I kinda feel I can’t meet anyone better with my current social circle.

My social circle’s description

Now, while it’s easier to make friends and meet girls in college and on campus, once out of college I found it hard to find the right people, so I learned all I could about networking and started applying the things I learned towards getting a cool job as a junior producer for a small show on an average tv station.

What I did:
-went to a lot of tv related events
-went to a lot of news conferences
-went to a lot of charity events

One day I finally got that job and thought it was all going to be easy from there on, but remember how Neil Strauss wasn’t getting any even though he hanged out around celebrities?
Same for me.

Most girls I know are really plain and gold diggers, obsessed with one day marrying a rich celebrity and leading on a lot of businessmen.

Also, I’ve always been attracted to freakier artistic types that are more intelligent.

What kind of social circle I want

Obviously one with smarter women who are not as shallow as gold diggers.

What I tried so far after getting the job:
-I stopped eating alone at the cafeteria in the office building I work with and met a lot of people
-went to art exhibits and met a lot of artists
-Meetup groups

But I failed to meet any connectors, so while I have a lot of friends on fb and a lot of people to ironically ask me for favours I still rarely find girls that are girlfriend material, fb material or even guys that are friend material.

This does not go well with the fact that my country has one of the highest rates of brain drain in the world and all my connector friends left.
The last one left this winter and the only good part was that he had a massive farewell party.

I also screwed up my fb relationships by trying to turn one into a gf and not being as unavailable with the rest as I was when I had a gf.

To be fair, the whole relationship mellowed me down. I used to be the type to command girls into giving me what I wanted. Thank God that Heliotropen’s post in my thread about getting girls to go to their place has been a wake-up call and I realized I need to be like that again.

Why I’m writing this

The tweak to never eat alone in the cafeteria brought me many acquaintances. If there are any other tweaks or ideas you have in order to build a more targeted social circle I’d be willing to hear it.

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