Is Kamagra Safe? Side effects and Disadvantages

I was just doing some research and the use of nitrates seems to be highly ill-advised with Kamagra. I understand that a lot of bodybuilding supplements contain nitrates. Am I right in thinking that using creatine (specifically NO-Xplode, which is nitric-oxide) would be a really bad idea with Kamagra? Or have I just got my wires crossed about what a nitrate is?

Had an interesting experience with a product this past weekend.

I’ve used their “Kamagra 100mg (Generic Viagra)” product before and not had any problems or adverse effects – I mean, I didn’t notice GREAT effects (probably due to large alcohol intake), but I didn’t have any real side effects either.

However, I used “Silagra 100mg (Generic Viagra)” on the weekend and I ended up having a weird funny turn. I’d taken half a tablet, which is recommended for guys that don’t actually have any erectile dysfunction. Was fucking away for a good half hour and just got really dizzy and basically felt like I was going to faint – I’ve never actually fainted before, but I described it to my girlfriend and she said afterwards that those symptoms usually lead to fainting.

Anyway, I managed to stop myself from fainting, but it was pretty nasty. Just felt a real pulsating headache, really dizzy and weak legs, hearing getting really distant like I’m underwater, blurring eyes and flashes of weird light. It was a REALLY bad experience, but still strange and certainly not welcome.

I don’t blame the Silagra 100% – I’m sure loads of guys have used it without any real problems. A few other factors that might have contributed:

– we were having sex in a very warm room.

– I’d been drinking a fair bit.

– had eaten a big meal an hour or so before.

The solution: just went outside in my boxers and sat in the cool air. Drank some water and my girlfriend rubbed a few ice cubes all over me. I was a little out of it for the rest of the night, but fine in the morning.

Kamagra works for getting hard, but it doesn’t raise libido. so why not take something natural that raises your libido instead of taking some chemicals that have side effects. tongkat ali only works if you get the real thing: an extract that is 50:1 or 100:1 or even 200:1. now your challenge will be to find it from a good source.

I got it as a powder and its incredible. I have a 50:1 which is only 1/4 of the 200:1 but if you take 2 to 3 grams every day you will feel like a tiger! also make sure to check out my testosterone guide here. its not finished yet but there is already some very simple tricks that can raise your testosterone without having to pay money.

The catch – do not try them if you have high blood pressure, or previous heart conditions. otherwise there is no catch, besides the high price. Lots of negative reviews, lots of side effects, overall increase in blood flow and circulation leading to headache among other things and can even increase the likelihood of internal bleedings. Some people get rashes, heart palpitations on herbal suppelements for these purposes, I have read about people die through Yohimbine.. No thanks.

Most of the supplements I have seen for improving sex life apart from Mace, which has been proven quite useless, have side effects next to Viagra. Why is that? Since they basically do all the same thing, in different potencies. I do not like Viagra either. I rather like the other two compounds, taladafil and vardenafil, which are long acting, less intrusive compounds. Other herbal supplements can have aphrodisiac effects though, which the compounds don’t have. That is why some people might like them better.

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