Learning Hypnotherapy Certification

I’ve seen a bunch of people ask here how they should get started learning hypnosis and NLP. I wanted to contribute my view and give a detailed review of the products.

Some general guidelines:

You have to set yourself an outcome. If you want to use hypnosis or NLP in business, that is an entirely different line of thought than using it in seduction, or using it just for doing changework or stage (entertainment) work. Learn more at Hypnotherapy Certification Course Online Program – http://Ainhm-Edu.org.

Most of what I have done has been geared towards working as a hypnotist, which includes learning stage technique, as well as a lot of clinical technique.

NLP utilizes hypnosis in some of it’s forms. And although these disciplines are very similar, there are things taught in NLP courses that are not taught in hypnosis courses, and vice versa. Cross-train and study both.

Think critically and don’t assume a trainer is dumb only because you can’t find value in it. A perfect example is Dave Dobson (RIP) – a brilliant trainer but most people can’t see it, because most people don’t realize that hypnosis can happen through a story, and it can happen by a person talking normally. Their mind is so wrapped around, “Well you have to be in a chair, and he has to have the hypnosis voice, and you have to have your eyes closed, and you have to follow this ritual” That they don’t realize the unconscious installation that is happening.

An example is when you are listening to Mark Cunningham pay attention to his pre-talk. To most people he’s just talking. Listen carefully to how he describes hypnosis (like in hypnotic awakenings). Think about how you can teach other people to use the exercises he presents. How could you make them your own and even enhance them?

THAT is how a real hypnotist thinks. We’re not stuck on what is presented, we’re already thinking about how to integrate and improve it. When you get good, you can start to think in terms of themes and big-chunk structures. What states or themes do you want to lead the person thru?

Finally, a LOT of the people on this list are geniuses, no bones about it. They are as smart as Einstein in his hay-day. If you like the products here, please buy something from the people who took the time to make them.

All bullshit aside, people really do deserve to get paid for their work, so while I think you should download freely, you should also make sure to support these people by going to their live seminars, and buying their other products, because you’ll learn more in person anyway.

Best of luck to all of you in finding that genius edge.

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