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Male Edge Pro

The Male Edge system is a unique penis extender device. It has been designed and developed to combat flaws than many alternative devices may have. It was developed by the same company that produced Jes Extender, the first penis enlargement device to hit the market.

Unlike many standard devices, the Male Edge device is not made of metal. It is made completely of a high quality, durable plastic. Therefore the device is much lighter and easier to use, resulting in much quicker size gains.

Devices work by stretching the penis for an extended period of time; it does this by applying tension force. The cells within the penis start to divide and multiply and this, in turn, helps to increase both the length and the girth. The Male Edge is one of the only devices that can apply up to 2800gs of tension, which in turn means you can see size gains quicker than using a device with less traction.


Male Edge ProMale Edge deserves more credit and promotion than it currently receives. Of the three packages it is featured in, especially the premier package, the Pro Retail, is the most cost-effective PE package offered.

One of the things that separate Male Edge from the competition is the affordability. Starting at $149, it has one of the lowest introductory prices, second to X4 labs at $79.99. Compared to other cheap extenders, it does not come with the most options.

However, it does give you the bare essentials to get started.

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What You Get

  • The Male Edge penile extension device
  • Protection padding for comfortable stretching sessions
  • Cohesive gauze to reduce skin irritation and device slippage (Upgraded package)
  • Strap based fastener attachment components
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty & 200% guarantee refund policy (Just in case the device breaks/malfunctions and also if you do not produce gains)
  • 3D instruction guide
  • The Official Male Edge program and customer only forum support

You can upgrade from the package that features the items above for one of the featured packages for either $20 more or $40 more and extends with the piece of mind of having spare components additional options for a more fulfilling treatment.

  • Additional protection pads
  • Choice in the color of your Male Edge device
  • Deluxe travel case for easy storage and transportation


The Male Edge device has been designed and developed to ensure that you will be able to see the very best results, in the shortest time and without any discomfort. By using Male Edge you may be able to see benefits such as;

  • Increased Penis Length
  • Thicker Penis 
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Stronger and Harder Erections
  • Cure Peyronies Disease
  • More Confidence


When purchasing a device, you want to be sure that the device you are getting is going to be the best on the market. Therefore if you decide to get Male Edge you will get a device that is;

  • Medical Type 1 Device
  • Clinically proven to work
  • Can Apply Up To 2800g Traction
  • Easy To Set Up and Use
  • Create A Personal Training Program and Diary
  • Made from durable, lightweight material
  • Uses rubber straps and foam pads for additional comfort
  • Comes With Double Money Back Guarantee

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Male Edge has been rated as one of the best penis enlargement devices on the internet, one reason for this is because of its Revolutionary designed when compared to alternative devices. As it uses a lightweight material, the device can be used on a daily basis during your normal routines, without any discomfort or pain.

As the device can apply up to 2800gs worth of traction, you will be able to see size gains from the device in a shorter time. If for any reason you don’t see any results and you have logged into your diary, you can get a double refund!

* It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis

Price: $149.99 – $199.99
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 1200 – 2000  grams
Overall Score: B-
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