The Results of Male Enhancement Pills That Work


There is concern about the male enhancement pills we take into our bodies. Now, in the 1990s, our view is more global in scope and we are beginning to understand the macro consequences of acid rain, the greenhouse effect, toxins in the food chain, and the burdens of overpopulation on the environment. People are now demanding honest answers to important questions. Do the pesticides in our foods cause cancer? is nuclear energy really safe? How does the destruction of the tropical rain forests affect the planet’s future? Is the U.S. Government deliberately squelching knowledge of UFO encounters?

While some myopic segments of Americana yearn to return to the blissful ignorance of the 1950s with its Doris Day innocence, poodle skirts, and Father-Knows-Best chauvinism. We are as a whole, a better informed and less-passive people who demand truthful answers to important questions. For that reason, men are anxious to learn the truth about their genitals. But where do they turn?


This book is written to provide accurate information on a subject that has too often been considered “obscene” and “off limits? As it is important to understand the etiology of cancer in order to produce therapies to fight the disease, it is also important for men to understand their genitals and their function in order to gain maximum pleasure and satisfaction from them. It is hoped that this information will put many men at ease, while providing hope for others who are dissatisfied with the size and performance of their genitals and wish to improve them.

Although the overall tone of this book is meant to be academic, I wanted to have some fun with it as well. For that reason, I have included the chapter on well-endowed celebrities. When I have appeared on talk shows, this topic has always garnered the greatest amount of interest. “Who has the biggest cock in Hollywood?” is the most popular question. You’ll find the answer to this and much more in chapter six.

New research has revealed fascinating details about enlargement rituals found in such far flung locations as Kashmir, Tibet, Peru.

The Power of Male Enlargement Pills

My estimation is that the frank discussion of the male genitalia is a firecracker of an issue that threatens to expose potentially-discomforting truths to many men. Yet, that is specifically the reason I why we as men need to be informed of the truth of our sexual equipment. Today, ignorance reigns supreme as the uncontested culprit of human problems, misunderstanding, and misery. And as long as men are kept in the dark about their sexual organs, they will continue to harbor misconceptions about themselves and suffer from anxiety, confusion, and sexual inadequacy.

This book is an attempt to shed some academic fight on a subject that has been traditionally imbued with mythology, ignorance, and a dearth of hard scientific data. Most men are secretly curious about how they compare to others. Many of us wonder, “Is my penis smaller or larger than average?” “How do I compare sexually with other men?,” or “Can I really increase the size of my penis?” Knowledge is power, and the more men know about their bodies and sexual functions, the greater will be their confidence in sexual performance. If a man suspects that his penis is small, but has no access to reliable scientific data, he will confirm his own suspicions by convincing himself that he IS small.  Learn more about penis pumps at   But if the same man finds out that his 5” penis is well within the range of normal sizes, it may completely alter his self-image.

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