Male Enhancement Pills That Work [UPDATED]

It is hoped that this information on male enhancement pills will put many men at ease, while providing hope for others who are dissatisfied with the size and performance of their genitals and wish to improve them.

Although the overall tone of this article is meant to be academic, I wanted to have some fun with it as well. New research has revealed fascinating details about enlargement rituals found in such far flung locations as Kashmir, Tibet, Peru.

The Power of Male Enlargement Pills

My estimation is that the frank discussion of the male genitalia is a firecracker of an issue that threatens to expose potentially-discomforting truths to many men. Yet, that is specifically the reason I why we as men need to be informed of the truth of our sexual equipment.

Today, ignorance reigns supreme as the uncontested culprit of human problems, misunderstanding, and misery. And as long as men are kept in the dark about their sexual organs, they will continue to harbor misconceptions about themselves and suffer from anxiety, confusion, and sexual inadequacy.

This article is an attempt to shed some academic fight on a subject that has been traditionally imbued with mythology, ignorance, and a dearth of hard scientific data. Most men are secretly curious about how they compare to others. Many of us wonder, “Is my penis smaller or larger than average?” “How do I compare sexually with other men?,” or “Can I really increase the size of my penis?” Knowledge is power, and the more men know about their bodies and sexual functions, the greater will be their confidence in sexual performance. If a man suspects that his penis is small, but has no access to reliable scientific data, he will confirm his own suspicions by convincing himself that he IS small.  Learn more about penis pumps at   But if the same man finds out that his 5” penis is well within the range of normal sizes, it may completely alter his self-image.

Increasing Libido by… Increasing Testosterone

Low libido in general is a sign of low testosterone and/or high estrogen levels in men. Below is a list of 100% natural supplements that have been shown many times over to increase one’s testosterone and thus one’s libido and desire to have sex.

D-Aspartic Acid

Do not be fooled by the name, D-Aspartic acid is a natural amino acid which our body makes. The amino acid D—Aspartic Acid increases testosterone by increasing one’s luteinizing hormone, which is a hormone responsible for signaling more testosterone production in one’s testicles. Although one should obtain sufficient amount of D«Aspartic acid through diet, once again due to lack of proper diet, it is highly recommended to supplement this amino acid for proper testosterone production.

Vitamin D

Another often overlooked vitamin when it comes to boosting testosterone. It is a fact that many people today lack in Vitamin D, due to the fact that exposure to sunlight is necessary to naturally generate it within one’s skin. Many studies have found correlation between Vitamin D and low testosterone and have concluded Vitamin D to have an impact on testosterone production.


Research suggests that this herb works to increase testosterone by inhibiting the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen, thus resulting in more free testosterone in one’s body. One research found that 81% of participants who took Fenugreek every day for 6 weeks had higher libidos and increased sexual performance — both characteristics of higher testosterone levels.

Dehydroepiandrterone (DHEA)

A naturally occurring compound in one’s body that gets convened into testosterone. Research suggests that people with low testosterone are also low in Dl-{EA and supplementation may improve testosterone levels.

Forskolin: A compound found in Indian plant Coleus Forskohlii. Forskolin first of all have been shown to increase CAMP in cells, which are messenger molecules that transport signals between cells and hormones. Forskolin is thus used to not only increase testosterone production but generally maintain normal hormone levels within one’s body. Forskolin has been shown to be a potent testosterone booster, as in one study it was shown to increase testosterone by 200% in isolated rat leydig cells. In another study 1 group of obese men took 250 mg of 10% Forskolin while another group took nothing. After 12 weeks, the group that took Forskolin had 33% increase in testosterone levels.


A commonly found mineral in everyday multivitamin supplements which is almost never credited in increasing testosterone. Magnesium works by blocking SHBG levels which in essence frees up bound testosterone molecules from the protein. In a study, group of athletes took 1g of Magnesium which resulted in a whopping 24% increase in free testosterone. Normal magnesium levels have also been shown to correlate strongly with higher testosterone levels. The supplement ZMA contains both Zinc and Magnesium.

Torrgkat Ali

Also known as Long Jack, is an Indonesian herb known for its testosterone boosting abilities. Tongkat Ali works much the same way as Magnesium as it reduces SHBG levels thus increasing free testosterone which would have been bound to SHBG. Tongkat Ali is considered a very potent natural testosterone booster as some studies have shown to increase testosterone as much as 46% in male subjects.

Stinging Nettle Root

A commonly found plant in everyday gardens, the Stinging Nettle Root works in the same way as Tongkat Ali in that it acts on the SHBG. Studies have shown that Stinging Nettle Root reduces the affinity between testosterone and SHBG and thus resulting in more free testosterone within one’s body. This stuff is very easy and cheap to obtain and perhaps can be grown in one’s backyard.


Perhaps the most overlooked supplement/mineral to increase one‘s testosterone levels. Boron is another mineral that acts on SHBG in that it significantly lowers SHBG levels within one’s body and thus increasing free testosterone. Studies have shown increase in testosterone by as much as 28% and decrease in estrogen by as much as 39%. Boron is an absolute must for an everyday male as it is an absolute potent testosterone booster.


A herbal supplement that originated in India, known for its stress reducing properties. However, recent research suggests that it may be a quite potent testosterone booster. Studies suggest that testosterone production of Ashwagandha is a side effect of its stress reducing properties, as one is able to experience better sleep quality and lower cortisol levels — both of which help the body generate more testosterone. Studies have shown Ashwagandha to increase testosterone by as much as 40%. Ashwagandha is also a great supplement to enhance one’s sleep and lower stress levels.

Increasing Blood Flow to Boost Erection Size, Quality & Duration

Increasing one’s libido and testosterone is half the battle when it comes to strong sexual confidence. To increase erection size and quality, one needs proper blood flow to the penis when all is over and done. This is the primary mechanism in many prescription ED drugs out there. Below are some of the potent natural supplements which have been shown to increase blood flow to one’s penis and enhance erection quality and length.

Yohimbine I-ICl

Perhaps the most potent natural treatment for erectile dysfrmction and general blood tlow problems. It is derived from a tree called Yohimbe. Yohimbine’s mechanism of action is thought to be its ability to enhance smooth muscle relaxation, and thus promote penile erection. It does this by blocking the effects of neurotransmitter receptors called alpha—2 adrenergic receptors, which promote smooth muscle contraction. It is effective in more than 80% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Whether you suffer from ED or just want to impress your partner, Yohimbine is the sure natural way to go in obtaining rock hard erections and increasing general blood flow to the penis.


Arginine is an amino acid which happens to be the precursor to nitric oxide in one’s body. Nitric oxide has been shown to aid in dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the penis. This is in fact how Viagra works, by generating more nitric oxide and dilating one’s blood vessels. Arginine is well known in bodybuilding world to enhance blood flow prior to workout and is included in many pre-workout supplements.


A patented extract of the bark of a certain maritime pine tree. It contains 65- 75% procyanidin a compound known to stimulate nitric oxide production and thus dilate blood vessels. Studies have shown that 180mg of pycnogenol was able to increase arterial expansion in young males by 4296.

Garlic extract + Vitamin C

Garlic and Vitamin C have always been used for their ability to reduce blood pressure. Together this duo help reduce blood pressure by dilating one’s blood vessels and as a side effect men experience better erections. When combined together garlic extract and vitamin C, one can expect a potent blood flow enhancer which acts on nitric oxide production. These 2 are rarely taken in combination and thus are overlooked when it comes to blood flow and erectile dysfunction.

Horse Chestnut Extract

Is a natural compound with its active ingredient of escin. Horse Chestnut Extract works by increasing one’s natural nitric oxide production and it also appears to help maintain healthy vascular valves.


You may have heard of Horny Goat Weed before, well icariin is the active ingredient of that. Icariin is an interesting blood flow enhancer in that it is a PDE-inhibitor much like Viagra. However it is not as potent as Viagra but is very cheap to obtain and is 100% natural. It is shown to increase nitric oxide and enhance blood flow to the penis and thus enhancing one’s erection.


Often called “natural Viagra” due to its ability to enhance blood flow to the penis. Ginseng is at best a mild testosterone boosters, however its effects on blood flow are widely known. It is known as an adaptogen, meaning it calms the body in stressful situations. The mechanism of enhancing blood flow is generally unknown but it may be due to the fact that it lowers stress and relaxes the body and thus blood vessels in the time of sexual intercourse.

In one study, patients with ED who took 900mg of Ginseng 3x a day for 8 weeks experienced significant increase in erection quality compared to a group who took nothing.

Increase Testosterone & Libido by Changing Natural Habits

Whether we like it or not, the way we live our lives has a great impact on our health and more specifically our sexual health. As a male it is important to obtain optimum testosterone levels for not just sexual performance but also for energy, metabolism and overall well being. Testosterone in males decrease with age and even so with an unhealthy lifestyle. In fact the average male today in America has lower testosterone levels than their fathers and grandfathers did at the same age. This can be explained in many ways such as poor diet consisting of meats from animals that have been fed all kinds of garbage with honnones and antibiotics.

This can also be explained by the ever evolving plastic world that we live in. Everywhere you look around you there are plastics. Chances are you drank from a plastic bottle within a week, chances are you have used plastic forks/spoons recently and not to mention almost everything you use and consume today comes in a plastic. So why all the hate against plastic? Plastics contain compound known as BPA which are linked to lowering one’s testosterone levels. Below are several no nonsense ways to alter your personal life to combat this trend.


Chances are that you consume less water than your body needs on a daily basis. Water is essential for proper body function and proper hormone production. Your body is not nearly as optimal as it is fully hydrated. In fact you are 19% more stronger fully hydrated vs dehydrated and thus you will be able to lift more weight and as a side effect increase testosterone production. Generally 3-4 liters a day is ideal and recommended.


As mentioned above, plastics contain BPA which have been shown to decrease testosterone in men. Try to avoid plastics as much as possible. Consume water and other liquids from a glass cup/bottle. Purchase a water bottle that is BPA free which are readily available today. Try to avoid the water jugs that are made up of plastic material. Do not use plastic plates/forks etc. The less you are exposed to plastics the better you are as a man.

Lose weight

Having extra weight means that you have more fat cells that contain the enzyme aromatase which is responsible for converting testosterone to estrogen. Everybody has this enzyme in their body. however overweight men have much more of this enzyme and are more prone to high estrogen levels. This does not mean however to cut out fat from your diet completely as we will see soon that fat is an absolute essential to building testosterone in one’s body. Eat normally and hit the gym. Do not get into radical diets that drastically limit carb and fat intake which are essential to testosterone building.


I know this one may be a hard one to cut out completely but we must understand what beer consists of. The hops in beer mimic estrogen in your body and thus if you drink too much beer you will soon not only have lower testosterone (as alcohol depletes Zinc and Zinc increases androgen receptors and overall testosterone levels), beer will also increase your estrogen levels. Now I am not saying to cut out alcohol completely, however if you can live without beer — please do. You’d be doing yourself a huge favor as a man to avoid beer and instead drink vodka for example.


Alcohol has a detrimental effect on one‘s testosterone levels. Alcohol is known to deplete Zinc in one’s body, which is a huge factor in testosterone production. If you like to drink, I highly recommend supplementing with Zinc on a regular basis along with a B- complex vitamin. My recommendation would be to try and avoid alcohol on weekdays and drink twice at most on weekends. Consume drinks like vodka and avoid beer at all costs.


Soy is a big enemy to testosterone production. A man should always try to stay away from soy. With veganism on the rise, many turn to soy based products such as tofu. Soy contain phytoestrogens which again act as body’s estrogen. With all these factors against the modern man’s ability to produce testosterone, why consume something that you can live without?


Sleep is perhaps the most important factor in testosterone production. Most of your hormone production and by extension testosterone production happens during REM(rapid eye movement) sleep. If you’re not sleeping well and are sleep deprived, you are not letting your body experience REM sleep and produce testosterone at its peak production time. If you continue to wake up in the middle of the night due to noise reasons, invest in some earplugs and they will do wonders. I know its nearly impossible to sleep 8 hours a night these days but try to get at least 6 hours,


Do not believe in the hysteria around cholesterol being bad and needing to avoid it as much as possible. The reality is the compound of cholesterol is the base for testosterone molecule. Cholesterol is a natural precursor to testosterone and your body is much more efficient in converting it to testosterone than other compounds. Eat your morning eggs with butter and possibly avocados and observe how in few weeks you’ll feel more vigorous with higher libido.

Common Sense Ideas for Better Sexual Health

  • Walk home/work/store instead of driving — to lose weight (less aromatase enzymes), get more sun exposure (vitamin D production — strongly correlated to testosterone levels).
  • Go out and explore the city along with its attractions — research suggests that men who look at attractive women more so than others tend to have higher testosterone levels.
  • AVOID PORN: Cannot stress this enough. Porn should be avoided at all costs. Firstly the time you use to watch porn can be added up and used to build something successfiil such as a business. Secondly it is like a drug to your brain. With unlimited porn at your disposal you feed your brain this constant high. Use this time to get out and meet people. Theres currently an epidemic of young men with erectile dysfunction due to having constant porn induced minds.
  • Do not neglect vegetables: Broccoli especially contain a compound called diindolylmethane — responsible for metabolizing estrogen in your body. Add in some broccoli on your morning omelet — it won’t taste that bad.. trust me.
  • Cut sugar: Sugar needs to be eliminated from your diet i_’fyou’re serious about increasing your testosterone and losing some weight. More and more studies are coming out daily showing the true dangers of sugar. Just cut it out completely. Don’t add creamers and all kinds of garbage to your coffee and that alone will have a huge impact on your health.

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