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Male Extra

Since I started my blog, a lot of guys have written to me asking me why I chose Male Extra over all the over dick pills around.  The answer is pretty simple: I chose the one that worked.  What’s not so simple is finding what works among all these cheap scam pills.  I needed penis enlargement and so I needed a product that was really going to make a difference to my small dick.  I couldn’t afford to waste time and money on some worthless product.  So I did my research carefully.

How I Discovered Male Extra

When I started researching dick pills, I found that many of them were making really extravagant claims.  Most of them said they would give you spectacular results, but contained only two or three ingredients, most of them common botanicals which are available at the health food store for a tenth of the price.

I could easily eliminate all of those.  Then there were the ones that claimed to have a lot of exotic ingredients, but which were sold at a price that didn’t reflect that.  I knew that if they contained what they claimed, they would have to be more expensive.  So this was another category of pills I could eliminate immediately.

Once I’d eliminated those two categories I’d got rid of the most obvious scams among penis enhancement pills and I was down to just a small handful of contenders, among which was Male Extra.

I then started examining the testimonials on all of the sites, to see what actual customers had said about them and what their experiences had been.  Now I discovered another scam: once I started reading testimonials properly, I realized that on some sites all of them had the same style and sometimes exactly the same wording.  So that, in fact, it appeared that most of them had been written by the same two or three people and these were not genuine testimonials at all.

It Worked For Me

PomegranateWhen I’d finished eliminating those products whose sites carried fake testimonials, I was left with only one product: Male Extra.  This was the only male enhancement product to tick all the boxes in my research of dick pills available on the internet.  I was pretty sure that this was the product that would boost my libido.

And that’s the big advantage I’m hoping to give all you guys who are reading my blog, because not only have I done all the homework for you, but you’ll also be able to read my first-hand account of how Male Extra worked for me.  After that, you’ll feel perfectly secure in choosing Male Extra as the penis enlargement method for you.

Lots of guys also ask me about other penis enlargement methods.  I’m happy to talk about them because I’ve tried them all.  In fact, I covered some of this in my last post, but I’m happy to give you the benefit of my experiences in a little more detail.


The only male enlargement method I haven’t tried first hand is surgery.  But if you do a little research for yourself around the Net, I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion as I did: this surgery, wherever it’s performed, is at best highly experimental.

Even the clinics that advertise it are sure to say there’s no guarantee that it will work.  And worse still, there seems to be a very high proportion of botched cases, where guys end up with a totally deformed penis and that’s the end of their sex life forever.  On top of that, this surgery is extremely expensive, running to tens of thousands of dollars.

Before finally deciding to use Male Extra I’d also used a penis pump.  This didn’t work for me because it left my dick sore and swollen and the effect is only temporary.  Also, you need to pump up and put on a cock ring immediately before starting sex, which is definitely a mood killer.

I’d also tried traction devices to stretch the length of the dick, but this was even more painful than the pump and left me with red rashes from where it had chafed my dick.  After my experience with both these methods, it was obvious that these physical stretching devices are not any kind of solution to the problem of a small dick.

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