Male Pheromones To Attract Females

Close up of a womans nose and lips

As can be deduced from the abovementioned discussion, the strongest male pheromones known to science appear to come from the males of the species. There are three known male pheromones, namely:

• Androstenol – This pheromone comes in alpha and beta forms, each one producing slightly different effects. Both, nonetheless, create an approachable, friendly and youthful impression, which explains its reputation as the icebreaker pheromone, while also encouraging an aura of virility and fertility. Many users also attest to its ability to stimulate feelings of romance, passion and empathy albeit in lesser degrees than the two other pheromones.

• Androstenone – This is arguably the strongest pheromones among all three types and for good reasons, too. Although it is also secreted by women, men secrete it in significantly higher amounts, thus, its moniker as the male pheromone. It is well-known to encourage feelings of intimidation, aggression and dominance in men, which can create sexual tensions and sexual vibes between the opposite sexes. It has also the effect of encouraging assertiveness in males such that being the center of attention becomes desirable.

• Androsterone – This pheromone stimulates masculinity – or at least, the impression of masculinity where women are concerned. It is, however, tempered by feelings of safety and security in females, which counteracts the aura of aggressions brought by androstenone.

These pheromones are added to colognes for men obviously to increase their desirability in women’s eyes. When the cologne is sprayed on the so-called hot spots, men become more sexually attractive, more assertive in flirting with women, and yet more emphatic in their seduction methods.

In the end, the strongest pheromones added to men’s colognes will up the ante in the dating game but these should be complemented by other ways like good grooming, good personality and good manners.

How the Strongest Pheromones Work

The strongest pheromones can be highly beneficial for humans, which are typically used for communication purposes. These remarkable chemical signals can make the attraction between people incredibly strong. All of the pheromones within your body are used for different purposes; however, sexual attraction is the most common.

The secret to instant sexual attraction can be explained by the strongest pheromones within your body, which does dismiss the theory that people fall for love at first sight. These pheromones are nature’s way of helping you to attract the perfect mate to breed. You will be unaware of what your body is doing, and how it is attracting other people.

The chemicals, which are released will trigger a significant response within your body, and attract the opposite sex. In the animal world, these pheromones are used to communicate between one another, and mark territories. They can also be used to leave trails and mark where there is potential food for other members of the pack.

You will be unaware of the pheromones being released; however, your acute sense of smell will detect the chemicals. The aroma, which your body detects, will affect the way that you act and feel around other people. Aromas are incredibly important, and are considered to be extremely powerful, as they can make you react differently in seconds.

The sensations and feelings that you are experiencing are triggered by the vomeronasal organs, which are found in your nose. These will be able to detect the strongest pheromones and sends signals to the brain, which causes a reaction. This reaction can either be one of delight and attraction, or detest and repulsion.

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