Penis Enlargement with The Campo Method

In the 1980s. Peripatetic, self-proclaimed “metaphysician” Dr. C. Ralph Campo offered a penis enlargement to those willing to part with $25. What I received was a jumbled, incohesive potpourri of Xeroxed material that was difficult to understand and even harder to logically accept. Dr. Campo claims that he is one of the ten best psychics in the U.S. in addition to being a clairvoyant.

His penis enlargement course consists of isometric contractions, acupressure contact points, breathing exercises, and self-conditioning.

The first step consists of performing “buttock contractions” which are the rhythmic contraction of the pubococcygeal muscle-the same one you use to stop the flow of urine. The second phase involves the application of pressure against specific points in the neck, feet, legs, groin, perineum, and chest. Breathing exercises are taught to help focus one’s energy. The “magnetization of water” is needless hocus pocus.

The instruction manual says that “everything is very simple to follow.” Understanding thermonuclear physics is easy compared to this manual. The booklet is so cluttered, incohesive, and replete with spelling errors that the reader is left scratching his head in wonderment. Xeroxed photos of well-endowed models clipped from old gay magazines are used as examples, but curious, none are provided from men who actually completed the course.

Conclusion: This course is representative of the sleazy, tawdry courses offered in the back of men’s magazines. This is not to say that the course is not without its good points. Indeed, visualization, penile manipulation, and isometric contractions of the pubococcygeal “doctors” with dubious degrees expound on bizarre, cosmic concepts such as “water magnetization” and “alpha wave conditioning”, then I have problems.

The “V” Method

Several years ago, New Jersey resident Eugene Viscione developed on intractable case of “Peyronie’s Diseases” (an abnormal curvature of the penis). This syndrome can develop at any time in life and is usually attributed to penile trauma, especially during sex. Imagine that you’re thrusting into your partner with gusto. On the out stroke, your penis slips out. As you drill it back in you miss the hole and come down heavily on your partner’s pelvis. This can literally “break” the penis and the resulting scarring can cause the organ to bend to the right, to the left, up, or down. If the curvature is severe, it can cause painful erections, and may make intercourse impossible.

All “cures” for Peyronie’s diseases are either experimental or anecdotal. Many times, the condition resolves spontaneously without further action. Other men opt for surgery, in which a nick is taken out of the opposite side of the scar to straighten the penis out. This can shorten the penis, however, and there is no guarantee that the condition won’t return.

Mr. Viscione’s vexing curvature caused his erections to shrink several inches. His doctors were at a loss as to how to treat his case. Surgery was out of the question, lest he lose even more length. In the face of this obstacle, he began experimenting with penile manipulation in an attempt to dissolve the scar tissue and straighten the shaft. The result was a series of specific penile massages using nothing more than mineral oil and vitamin E. Mr. Viscione claims that he not only straighten out his penis, but he gained in both length and girth. Although this all sounds incredible, he provides photos showing his severely bent penis (before) and the newly-enlarged straightened organ (after).

Personal letters from several physicians also attest to his pre and post Peyronies condition.

Conclusion: Many of the exercises presented in the “V” method are similar to the milking exercises mentioned previously. These do have benefit to the vascularity of the penis, and although the author is not totally convinced that genuine enlargement is achieved through this method, the exercises certainly will help for men with Peyronie’s disease, this method is to be recommended as a first or last therapy for penile curvature.

Project P

In 1994, I received a letter from a gentleman in South Africa who claimed to have developed a protocol for increasing the size of the penis. In my years of research, I had heard this many times before, so was understandably skeptical. Yet there was something about his sincerity which intrigued me enough to investigate further.

During the next few months, the developer of the program, Wilhelm Lotter and I carried on a lively intercontinental correspondence via fax. Several hundred men in his country had participated in his regimen and he provided several unsolicited letters from satisfied men as proof of their gain in penis size. Word about this unique program swept through South Africa, landing him on the covers of several magazines with the headline “This man can turn your willy into a whoppers.” Since that time, his phone has been ringing off the hook and mail is now delivered by the sacksful. This course consists of six exercises which must be performed 15-20 minutes daily for a period of three months. Mr. Lotter claims that one can expect eventually increases of 2-8 cm.

As a researcher, I’ve been trained to never accept allegations on face value, so I asked if I might conduct trials of my own. N the July 1994 issue of PPQ, I requested a dozen volunteers to participate in a three month of trial of “Project”. To my amazement, I received over 200 requests. Due to the overwhelming response, I expanded the participant base to 75 individuals, including 6 physicians and the trials began in August, 1994.

After three months, I received follow-up reports from 69 of the 75 original participants. The results were disappointing. Only 2 of the 69 noticed any change at all. I called Mr. Lotter, who expressed utter amazement at the lack of results. He responded: “You are not doing the exercises right.” He sent me a videotape which precisely demonstrated the exercises. I made copies for the participants who wanted to give it another shot and contacted them a couple of months later. Again, no significant improvement.

Mr. Lotter was dumbfounded to learn of the lack of success. He was utterly sincere in his disappointment and promptly sent me an envelope full of testimonials from delighted men in South Africa who had achieved phenomenal growth. Frankly, I was confused. The letters all looked original – and obviously written by different individuals. Each claimed to have gained between ½” and 2”. Yet. My readers followed the instructions precisely as demonstrated on the video. No such gains were achieved.

Conclusion: Lotter demonstrates all six exercises of Project P on video. What does make me suspicious is that his penis is very modest in size. Shouldn’t he be a “poster boy” for his own program? It seems to me that if it were so successful, we’d see a man with at least 7”, yet his penis appears only around 5”. I had high hope for this program, but it just didn’t pan out, at least on this side of the Atlantic.

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