Penis Enlargement Is Not A Scam – It Does Really Work!

For years, I thought that it was a scam. After all, much of the SPAM you get in your email inbox is trying to get you to buy something to “increase your dick by 6 inches” or similar. Actually, there are some scams out there. Don’t buy any so-called penis enlargement pills or lotions. You cannot just pop a pill or rub something on and magically grow your penis. That IS impossible. But, there are other ways that you can definitely increase the size of your penis so please read on to find out more.

How Penis Enlargement Works

Ever seen those people who get their ears pierced and then slowly over time enlarge the holes in their ears until they can stick a cork in their earlobe or some kind of tribal stick? Or how about people who have their legs extended slowly over time by a stretching rig? Or even more common – kids who wear braces that are periodically tightened and adjusted to straighten out the teeth? The human body is malleable and can be changed, albeit slowly, over a period of time. Your penis is no different.

Penile Anatomy

Your penis contains two large chambers that run down the left and right and along the length of it. These are called the “corpus cavernosa”. Think of it as like a spongy, flexible material that can expand and contract easily. When you get an erection, these chambers become fully engorged with blood and expand to their maximum volume. When you lose your erection, the blood flows out and returns to your body. Just like your earlobes, the teeth in your gums or any other part of the body, you can slowly stretch these chambers so that, over time, they will hold more blood and therefore you will have more length and more girth (thickness) in your penis. This is not science fiction but science FACT. By the way, you may be wondering what kind of gains you may be able to achieve. Typically, you can expect to gain somewhere between one and two inches on your erect penis. That may not sound much but visualise those changes on your current penis and you will know that this is a significant change. There are two main ways to achieve this and the most popular is known as “jelqing”.

Unlike with jelqing, the V-stretch involves NO lubrication and you should do it when your penis is flaccid. Some people like to use baby powder or latex gloves to make sure that their hands are dry. First, grab the head of your penis using the OK-grip and stretch it out in front of you. Then take the thumb of your other hand and slowly press down on the top of your penis from the base to behind the head and then back to the base again. You want the motion to be around 10 seconds to move out from the base and another 10 seconds to move back to the base.

The V-stretch is not just good for length but also for girth.


Penis enlargement by jelqing is very safe. However, you may find yourself in unusual situations so I’d just like to put you at ease. “Donut” Effect – This is a temporary build-up of fluids near the top of the penis before the head. It will disappear within a few hours. Next time, you may wish to make sure that you are warmed up properly and also do less intense or less jelqing. Spots on Penis Head – This is the bursting of small capillaries on your penis, basically a bruise. Your penis will recover but you should use less force in your jelqing next time. Another cause is that you were too erect. Remember, never be more than 80% erect when doing jelqing. 1.Hot Compress (5 minutes)or shower 2.Stretching Exercise (25-30 minutes) 3.Growth and Circulation Exercises (1 minute) 4.Jelqing Exercise (10 to 20 minutes) 5.PC (Kegel) Exercises (5 minutes) 6.Delay and Harden Technique(10 minutes) 7.Glute Flexes(10 minutes) 8.Massage and Hot Application (5 to 10 minutes) 9. Porn star Routine before starting *Hot Compress (5 minutes) Soak a wash cloth in hot-warm water, wringing out the excess water. Wrap the cloth around the shaft of your penis(either flacid or erect). Hold it there a minute, then repeat a couple of times. Dry off your penis well.

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