Penis Pumps That Work [UPDATED]

Erectile dysfunction or ED affects anywhere between 15 and 25 percent of the men aged 65 or older, National Institute of Health reports. The issue could also affect younger men for certain periods of time because of stress, relationship issues, the use of medications, blood circulation problems and certain chronic illnesses.

Finding a non-invasive ED solution has become a major goal for many men who suffer because of the problem. Penis pumps are a great possibility for such individuals. They are simple to use and the results are highly satisfactory.

What is a Penis Pump?
A penis pump or a vacuum constriction device has a cylinder, cylinder rings and a pump. The cylinder is placed on the penis and the pump is used to create vacuum.

The device itself is quite simple and relatively easy to use. There are many stores and websites selling penis pumps and the technology is slightly different for each of the models. Reading product reviews and learning more about the technology is the best way to choose the right one.

Apart from being used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, a penis pump could also be suitable for men who are unhappy with their size. Here is a detailed explanation about the manner in which the penis pump works.

How does It Work?
As the vacuum is applied, the penis is pulled towards the sides of the cylinder. It gets filled with blood, which results in an erection. As a result of the pumping, the suspensory ligament will be stretched, as well. This stretching will result in bigger penis size during erection.

As the tissue is pulled and stretched, the penis size itself will increase gradually. The results achieved through the use of a penis pump will be permanent. In the beginning, the growth will be temporary but if the pump is used consistently over the long-term, penis size will increase permanently.

A penis pump is simple to use, as long as you are following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. The risk of injuries or unpleasant side effects is minimal, which makes penis pumps a much more popular option than other ED treatment possibilities.

Benefits of Using Penis Pumps
Penis pumps are really effective. Clinical studies show that most men who used such devices to treat erectile dysfunction or to experience penis growth were happy with the results.

The device is very simple to use. The risk of problems or complications is negligible in comparison to the side effects that other treatment possibilities produce. A penis pump can be used at home, right before enjoying intimacy. There is no need to take pills or to visit a physician’s office for a more invasive treatment.

Purchasing a penis pump is affordable. Once the device is bought, it will require no additional parts or supplies. As a result, the cost of treating erectile dysfunction with a penis pump is much lower than opting for another treatment possibility.

Men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease – unusual curvature of the penis due to scar tissue formation – can also use a penis pump to achieve sustainable erection.

Clinical Studies and Results
According to a report by Cornell Medical College Department of Urology, satisfaction with the use of penis pumps for the treatment of erectile dysfunction exceeds 80 percent. Men who used penis pumps reported better erections, capability of enjoying intimacy more frequently and an overall increase in sexual satisfaction.

Another study examined the ability of penis pumps to treat issues like Peyronie’s disease. The results of the experiment were published in BJU International. Patients used a penis pump over a period of 12 weeks. At the end of the experiment, the men had significant improvement in penile length. The angle of unusual curvature had decreased, as well.

Urologists have confirmed that blood flow returns to normal after the usage of the penis pump. Since it produces no abnormalities, the device has been declared safe for usage, unless a physician has specific recommendations for a patient on the basis of a particular condition.

Penis pumps can be used for the treatment of several sexual issues including erectile dysfunction, insufficient penis length and Peyronie’s disease. The principle that the device utilizes is very simple, which guarantees the satisfactory results. Choosing the right penis pump brand and sticking to the manufacturer’s instructions are both essential for making the most of the device and decreasing the risk of side effects occurring.

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