Does Penis Size Matter?

After the “looks matter” debate (they matter, but there are more important things then a pretty face that make a man attractive. ‘Charisma’ and masculine traits are more important then a pretty face!)

There comes a time to start a new debate. This time though, we will not discuss whether or not penis size matters. Of course it matters. My current girl made this statement in a discussion with a friend of mine about penis size.

“Size is more important then experience.” In short, if a woman had to choose between:

A man with a small dick, but allot of experience vs. A man with a really big dick, and a bit less experience

Every girl should choose the latter.

Personally; Being a member of the big boys club, (shameless bragging for real) I agree with my girl. I’m asking around to some other girls and right now the consensus seems to be MOSTLY agreeing (asking all kinds of girls, but mostly girls that have been around), with a few exceptions (possibly girls with smaller pussies / less experienced / never had a really big dick going in hard and deep ? )

It should be that much easier for a man with a big D to satisfy a woman, especially considering that “experience” really isn’t that big of a deal. There aren’t that many extravagant techniques, or things to “do” (its more about feeling, confidence, dominance, variance, as David shade etc. pointed out, which are traits that are largely independent of experience). I’m 100% sure that women also associate confidence and dominance with a big D, so in their minds having sex with a man with a big D means more aggressive/dominant sex, while sex with a man with a small D probably gets them thinking of a “try hard” (techniques to make up for what he lacks ? ). Learn about the X4 Labs extender at

I wonder if u would be agreeing with them if u had a small penis. Of course it matters but in the long run not so much. There are many ways u can make up for that but first we’ve to be secure in ourselves and accept ourselves and be okay with it than they’ll be too. Width is consistently said to be more important than length. All the most sensitive areas are closer to outside of the vagina, so somebody with a wider but shorter dick is valued more than somebody with a longer, thinner penis.

On top of that, It may be easier to please a woman, but if your technique sucks, it sucks. That’s putting a huge size difference against a very small experience difference. That’s simply choosing the best value regardless of how much you desire either one of them. Sex happens between the ears of a woman. A guy with huge status and a powerful connection can bring her to screaming multiple orgasm with just his little pinky. I don’t know what she counts as ‘experience’ but eventually ‘attraction’ trumps all.

I choose big size difference because I don’t assume there will be much difference in feeling between 4 inch or 6 inch, but 4 inch to 8 inch should make allot of difference (same for width, with big is mean here big in both length and width). I do agree with this though. Attraction and emotion plays the biggest part. However, I think she is reasoning from a detached perspective. Given same attraction, same variables, size trumps experience(technique).

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