Does Pherlure Work or Not?

Do you love wearing cologne? Pheromones have become very popular in recent years. I would like to tell you of what has happened to me over the past few months using Pherlure. I have been using a Pheromone spray that was reviewed in FHM etc.. I considered that its a safe bet as they are offering a full refund……well…..much to my surprise…lots of attention from females at work…flirting up 300%….my mate at work (a small fat guy)..could not believe what was going on one woman (married + fit) stood next to me, running her fingers through my hair saying ‘your just a slut aren’t you’ needless to say, I was gob smacked……she really had nothing much to do with me before that encounter!

I have never used pheromone sprays before although I have seen advertisements for them. I have listened to Archer Sloans Natural Pheromone CD and noticed a difference in my game and the attraction I had on woman, it was actually funny because I had woman who looked allot older than me checking me out in public places.

Pherlure Controversy

Well, if you like Mystery’s philosophy of going back to the caveman days and being the fucking tribal leader and being alpha male, they didn’t wear clothes and they sweated a lot back then.

I mean I take a shower everyday, I wash my clothes, I put on deodorant, tribal leaders didn’t do any of that. I mean if I am putting out pheromones, then I am totally destroying them.

Well you don’t want to stink because that is not socially acceptable, but if you take away the stink but then somehow leave the pheromones, there you go.

Androstenone may not even be the most effective pheromone and there are probably more out there that are undiscovered but hey if it compliments your game just like having some nice jeans or shoes, why not try it?

So attractant is basically 3mg Androstenone per 100ml bottle mixed with water and ISOPROPYL alcohol base SPRAY. If it works for you, maybe it is also a little bit the effect that you think it works, so you show to be more confident because you think it works.

Pherlure Alternatives

I’ve been starting to have a lot of success with Pherazone products. I’ll post some more info if it continues. Obviously, though, everyone has a different body chemistry so what is working for me might not work for anyone else. I started by ODing on one of the products that doesn’t produce a negative effect if you overdose on it so that I could see blatant hits and become a believer, then I started toning it down from there. I’ve been using Pherazone Ultra, too. I’ve been seeing positive results with Pherazone.

They offer the most powerful pheromone product on the market for men, women, and gay.

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