What are Pheromones?

If you’ve been trying to attract the perfect women into your life and you feel like you’re always striking out, it may not be for the reasons you think. Have you ever wondered why shorter, skinnier, less attractive men than you have beautiful bombshells on their arms but you don’t?

Do you feel like no matter what you wear, say or how much money you make, girls just seem to give you the cold shoulder? Learn how pheromones for men can turn all that around and have them go from not noticing to hanging on your every word!

Who Discovered Pheromones?

In 1959, Martin Luscher and Peter Karlson stumbled upon pheromones. They believed that they were chemicals released by animals to attract the opposite sex of the same species. Other scientists actually identified the first pheromone when studying silk moths. As a result, scientists also believe that pheromones impact humans as well.

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical signals which affect the behavior or development of other members of the same species. The first forms of life were simple unicellular creatures. They developed pheromones as a means of communication. An example of this in action is quorum sensing, a process whereby bacteria detect pheromones emitted by their neighbors to detect the presence of a sufficient number of conspecifics to perform a collective action.

Pheromones in Humans

Pheromones are only one thing that affects humans when they are looking for a partner. In fact, it often plays a much smaller role than in the animal kingdom. In the animal kingdom, pheromones may be all that attracts a particular species to procreate.

Humans need quite a bit more. Humans use their sight, touch, and then need to get to know the person before settling on a mate. Pheromones play their part in the initial attraction and still play an important role in attracting a mate. The question arises is how to pheromones work when dealing with homosexual individuals.

If pheromones are hormones secreted for the purpose of attracting a mate for procreation would pheromones work for people who are attracted to the same sex since procreation is not an option between same-sex couples? Recent studies have shown that pheromones do work on members of the same sex.

Sex drive in both men and women is triggered by pheromones. A woman will be more likely to accept an advance from you if it is well calibrated and done with confidence. If you are hesitant or roundabout when asking a woman for her number, then you are communicating to the woman that you are unsure if you are good enough for her. Since actions speak louder than words, a woman will defer to the message that you are sub-communicating. Your personal doubts compounding with a woman’s own uncertainty will make her less inclined to want to meet with you.

Pheromones are powerful chemical attractants that influence sexual behavior and bonding. Since the dawn of time, animals have used these odorless hormones to influence behaviors such as mating, nursing, bonding, warning of danger, the location of food and defense of territory.

Pheromones in Nature

There are ten major types of pheromones used in the animal kingdom:

1. Aggregation- Aggregation pheromones are used primarily by insects and are designed to defend territory.

2. Alarm – Alarm pheromones are designed to discourage attackers by releasing an unpleasant taste or odor that sends predators running.

3. Epideictic – Epideictic pheromones are used by female insects. When releasing their clutch, they also release a chemical scent that tells other mothers to clutch elsewhere.

4. Releaser – Releaser pheromones are designed to influence the behavior of other animals. For example, some use these pheromones as a sexual attractant across miles while others use them to influence feeding behaviors in young.

5. Signal – Signal pheromones are used as a warning to device to signal others of impending danger.

6. Primer – Primer pheromones trigger a change in developmental events in members of the same species. For example, male rats exposed to the primer pheromones in female rats will begin exhibiting mating behaviors.

7. Territorial – Territorial pheromones are produced by the male of the species to indicate territory.

8. Trail – Trail pheromones are used by social insects like ants or bees to mark trails toward food.

9. Information – Information pheromones are also used to announce and defend territory.

10. Sex – Sex pheromones are used by nearly every species in the animal kingdom, including humans. In the animal kingdom, sex pheromones released by females indicate readiness to mate. Sex pheromones released by males give interested females information about his genetic makeup so she knows if he’ll be a fit mate to carry on the species.

Startling new evidence suggests that human beings use these very same pheromones and have since the dawn of time. That’s good news for you!

How do Pheromones Work?

Pheromones work by triggering unconscious social and behavioral responses in others. For example, when a woman is ovulating, she releases a specific type of pheromone that lets available men around her know it. He may not know what it is that’s drawing him to her, but it’s there, just under the surface. Learn about the top pheromones to get laid.

Can You Increase Pheromones?

Pheromones are used for attraction, and not all women release the same amounts of pheromones. Since we already know that not all women have the same pheromone output, is it possible to increase certain pheromone levels?

Yes, it’s possible. Use the following tips as a guide.

Exercise Frequently. During exercise, the body releases toxins via sweat. When toxins are removed from the body, this makes it easier to smell your natural pheromones. In addition, exercising boosts testosterone levels, which greatly boosts pheromone levels.

Take Zinc Supplements. Zinc naturally enhances testosterone production, and this results in higher pheromone levels. Just take about 30 to 45 milligrams daily.

Take Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). This is a natural substance produced by the body, but you can take synthetic versions and get great results. DHEA is essential because it is a precursor for female and male sex hormones. So, take 10 milligrams daily to boost sexual hormones and pheromone levels.

Take Baths in Soap Free Bath Water. Pheromones are naturally released from your skin. Although everyone is concerned about their daily hygiene, this covers up your natural pheromones. Try taking baths in hot water with fragrance-free products. Natural pheromones linger on your skin. If you want to boost natural pheromone levels, don’t hide or remove them.

Types of Pheromones in Colognes

Below are the known types of pheromones.


Androsterone is a steroid hormone made in the liver from the metabolism of testosterone. Men who wear a pheromone cologne product containing androsterone report feelings of increased strength, confidence and masculinity without the feelings of aggressiveness associated with the hormone androstenone. When women come in contact with a man using an androsterone product, she feels she is in the presence of a peaceful alpha male who wants to protect and be there for her.


Androstenol has been called the “ice-breaker” pheromone because it causes feelings of relaxed sociability in the wearer and those around him. Friends, business associates, and love interests feel instantly comfortable around the wearer and want to get to know him better. Women exposed to men wearing a pheromone cologne product containing androstenol report feeling more socially comfortable, relaxed, trusting and even romantic.


This hormone is found in both males and females and acts as a powerful sexual attractant. Men wearing a pheromone cologne spray containing androstenone will feel a sense of animal sexuality and desire. Women exposed to this intense pheromone feel stimulated and aroused, drawn with an almost magnetic attraction. This stuff needs to be used with caution or you may even up with more dates than you can handle!


This is the “visual beautifier” pheromone. What does that mean? It has the ability to airbrush your flaws and make people see you as very attractive. It makes others seem very attractive to you as well. It intensifies your emotions, creates euphoric experiences and magical memories. This pheromone has a superglue effect where women are compelled to touch or make body contact with you. It brings out many affectionate feelings in women.

Attract Women with Powerful Pheromone Spray

As you can see, pheromones are pretty powerful stuff. Learn what other men around you already know; that pheromones are a new revolution in a sexual attraction that’s leveling the playing field for all the guys who’ve been down on their luck. If you’ve had your eye on a gorgeous girl you can never seem to get to notice you or just want to be the spark back into your existing relationship, pheromones may be just what you need!

Imagine walking into that bar or club and ordering a drink, sitting nonchalantly down at the table and she approaches you! She’s smiling, tossing her hair, tipping forward a little to show you her cleavage. She doesn’t know what it is about you that’s drawing her in but to her, you’re the only guy in the room.

If you’re ready to stop going home alone every night, give pheromone colognes a chance and get her right where you want her

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