Pheromone Reviews 2017 “Exposed”

Are you interested in pheromone reviews? What type of pheromone cologne do you use and when? The difference between pheromone perfume is strength and scent.  Perfumes will last about 3-5 years because the oils which contain the scent start to break down. You need to use them daily, and always apply right out of the shower, but they totally control the strength of your body odor without masking or interfering with your natural scent/pheromones.

When you’re going for long term seduction avoid ALL popular colognes and use something completely unique (personal essential oil blend for example). Scent is an enormous trigger and once you’ve created the association between what you do to her and a particular scent… do you really want loads of other guys wearing the same scent setting off those unconscious triggers?

How To Use Pheromones

Wait an hour after application and ask a number of girls whether you’re wearing too much, too little, or have got it just right. Use the one you like. A good fragrance is not going to get you laid and girls could care less about what fragrance you use. It’s the pheromones concentration that matters.

Every scent when used fuses with the oils on your skin. Pherazone will NOT smell the same on me, as it will on you. You have to actually apply the scent before you can know what happens. Also stay away from the mainstream fragrances like Acqua di Gio, Cool Water, Calvin Klein, Gucci, D&G etc etc. everyone buys those so unless you want to smell like them and not be original, get something that’s not super popular.

Well obviously a good fragrance is not going to get you laid, but neither is a good pickup line, a set of white teeth, great style, good breath etc. etc.

But everything does help. Smell is one of the senses and if you stimulate it properly it can go a long way. Besides, since when has perfume become about getting laid? Forgive the OP if he just wants to smell great. I have about 40 bottles of pheromone cologne, and Pherazone is definitely one of my favorites. Any pheromone cologne that is worn in a way that does not cross a personal space is fine. But I find some guys walk around like they have stood in a stream of Axe for 5 minutes that’s an absolute turnoff. Also its totally masks the pheromones from a guy’s body which is naturally attractive.

I was thinking about what cologne to wear, and I remember 4 years ago I used to select Le Male if I wanted one that would be masculine and sexually attractive to women, it seemed to be the reaction I got back then, and the sheer vast number of women who told me how they like it, and there reactions when I gave it to a friend to wear etc. told me hmm I think Pherazone is a good cologne, its masculine, and is sexually suggestive to women I think. They also have the highest concentration of any pheromone brand.

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