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Have you ever tried figuring out the secret of the most attractive and sensual women around? You may feel it’s something about their bodies or the way they dress, or maybe just the way they behave and talk; while everything about a woman can indeed be an instrument of seduction, there is actually a secret weapon that girls can use to greatly boost their ability to seduce any guy they want: that secret is called pheromones for women. There are now special perfumes created using these special chemicals, which you can use to substantially multiply your sensuality.

Pheromones for Women, the Secret of Sex-Appeal

If you would like to know what it feels like being a sex symbol, you should try using a special perfume with pheromones for women. You will notice a huge difference in your ability to draw the attention of the opposite sex; all men will feel strangely enticed by your presence, and if you give them some attention they will get completely crazy and hopelessly attracted to you. That is the power of pheromones for women, and the most interesting thing is how it works subliminally. They won’t be able to tell exactly what makes them feel so interested in you, but all the while they won’t be able to help but feel attracted.

If you are looking for a way to improve your love life and boost your seduction skills, you don’t have to obsess about your body and wardrobe. Nothing else will provide you with such striking results as pheromones; there really is no reason to have a low self-esteem anymore. Try using one of these special perfumes, and you will feel as though your sex appeal suddenly gets magnified.

Pheromones are used in a wide variety of perfumes on the market today and are also sold by themselves as a sexual attractant. It can be rubbed or sprayed on the skin or clothing, but most commonly found in perfumes.

It’s not always easy for a woman to get the attention of the guy they are interested in. Often times, there are other ladies vying for his affections as well. Aside from being friendly, attentive and pretty, many women have no other weapons in their arsenal. That’s too bad, there is an additional one that can make the difference between getting the date with that special guy (or anyone for that matter) and being stuck at home by oneself. This weapon is pheromones, not the ones that are naturally occurring but those in the form of perfumes, oils and body sprays. It doesn’t take a lot, just a few squirts.

Primal Instinct for Women

Primal For HerBecause Primal Instinct for Women has 5 times more androstenol than Pheromax and 2 times more than Scent of Eros, this says a lot about this cologne. The makers want to be “the” social pheromone cologne. So, if you want men to be comfortable around you and want to talk all night long, Primal Instinct for Women is the best choice for you. Primal Instinct for Women contains copulins and androstenol.

Copulins are female pheromones that are secreted from the vagina during ovulation. Their main goal is to encourage men to mate with females. Copulins are mainly fatty acids that don’t serve a purpose individually, but when they are combined, they can increase male testosterone levels by as much as 150 percent. When you wear Primal Instinct for Women, men are exposed to the copulins, which makes you more attractive to them.

When copulins are combined with the human pheromones in Primal Instinct for Women, the effect is mesmerizing. Just dream about the different things that can happen when you wear this powerful cologne. Now, Primal Instinct for Women has a lot of copulins that make you more sexual to men. But it also has more androstenol, which means they become more comfortable, friendlier and chatty around you. So, if you want to be even more sexual, add another cologne with copulins to the mix such as Pheromax or Essence of Women. But then again, Primal Instinct for Women does a fine job on its own of putting sexual tension in the air.

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New Pheromone Additive for Women

new pheromone addtiveNPA for Women contains androstenone, which makes it a volatile cologne. You must take the right dosages if you want it to work properly. You’ll still attract plenty of men, but when you use too much of it, men may find you intimidating because of your strong sexual vibe. This is especially when you don’t balance it with other softer pheromone products.

Why does this happen? Androstenone is known as a sexually based human pheromone. It makes the wearer appear to be competitive, aggressive, dominant and very sexual.

But you can avoid this by doing either of two things. First, you can be extremely nice to men exposed to NPA for Women. Or, you can balance it by using another pheromone product such as Scent of Eros for Women. This is a cover scent and sociable pheromone product. Remain sexual, but provide a sociable vibe as well.

Honestly, I’ll admit this cologne is very intense. Be forewarned that you should only use one drop of it in professional or social settings. Also, expect men to be more aggressive towards you. They’ll talk, flirt and beg for your attention.

If you use NPA as a standalone product, expect your boyfriend or husband to be intimidated and keep his distance. But don’t take it seriously, because he still wants to make mad love to you.

I’ve used this product about 31 times in various locations, but my favorite experiments involved my boyfriend. When I put on two drops behind each ear, we end up making love 3 to 5 times in one night. Yeah, NPA works for me.

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Alter Ego For Women

Our number 5 pick of best pheromone colognes for womAlter Ego For Womenen is Alter Ego for Women. It is a classic cologne that is still very popular in the pheromone community. It has proven to be a versatile pheromone product because it brings about many different effects.

Alter Ego for Woman presents an aura that makes people comfortable, friendlier, relaxed and talkative around you. But most importantly, it has a slight amount of sexual attraction and an appealing smell. You become a true alpha female when wearing Alter Ego for Women.

This cologne contains the three most common human pheromones:

  • Androstenol, 2mgs
  • Androsterone, 1.5 mgs
  • Androstenone, 1mg

Yes, this is a powerful blend of pheromone, but it doesn’t include female copulins. This is surprising because copulins are known to create a hot and bothered sexual response from men. So, the pheromone oils in Alter Ego for Women are strong, but they are much softer than the ones in Essence of a Woman and other female pheromone products.

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What Are Pheromone Perfumes?

There’s a simple explanation why pheromone perfumes are getting increasingly popular. Have you ever noticed that some people seem to just go through life on a romantic lucky streak, while others sometimes have problems finding one mate? Some people think it’s all about the looks, or the attitude and confidence of a man that makes him seem attractive. Those aspects are just a part of it though… in fact, they’re just the surface of the huge iceberg of attraction. And the biggest part of attraction is usually lurking under the surface, where the effects of pheromones act discreetly but also quite powerfully.

In case you’re drawn to the whole concept of pheromone perfumes, there’s something you should keep in mind: pheromones are a natural part of the human body; these chemicals are released mostly through sweat, but also through other body fluids… and their effects have been thoroughly researched by scientists, the conclusion being unanimous: people who release higher levels of pheromones have higher odds of success with members of the opposite sex, while people lacking pheromones generally don’t do so well in the game of attraction. Fortunately, through extensive research, scientists can now make pheromone perfumes; if you ever wondered why you’re never that lucky with romance, you should try wearing one of these perfumes and your odds will change for the best.

Some people still believe in “having chemistry” or just being “lucky at love”. Well, some people also believe in the Easter bunny, and that doesn’t make it real! Great advances have been made in the past few years that allowed the creation of pheromone perfumes. You can now use these unique perfumes as an invisible weapon that will make you feel more powerful and more in control than you’ve ever felt.

 Natural Aphrodiacs

Some of the most seductive and sensual scents that men go for are the ones that already contain natural aphrodisiac properties. Cinnamon is a scent that men are very attracted to, so to add a few drops of the essential oil into a nice bath might prove to be beneficial. Another great one is vanilla. Vanilla is very popular in more than just ice cream. Now it is commonly found in lotions and body creams. Vanilla is also known to heighten sexual desires. Be careful not to over do it unless you want to become the ice cream. Sandalwood is also known to be used for boosting sexual energy and attracting men.

So, if you are looking to make yourself irresistible to men, the way to do it without flaunting all of your goods is to smell good. Increase the amount of pheromones that you are bringing to the table. Many perfumes are made with pheromones and are designed to subconsciously make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Pheromone based products are easily obtainable and you can even purchase an unscented pheromone product if you wish to be a little more discreet and just want to be a bit more subtle.

If nature made this the key to us being wanted, then why shouldn’t we enhance the possibilities of being so irresistible that no one would not want us. So, to accent yourself with scents, only seems to make perfect sense.

What Are Pheromones

Pheromones are the chemicals produced by the body that are released usually through sweat glands and are designed to be attractive to the opposite sex. A new study however, shows that these pheromones work for homosexuals as well. It helps to support the theory many scientists believe in, that homosexuality is something that a person is born to versus something that a person chooses

When a person identifies as a homosexual they find the pheromones produced by their own sex to be attractive. Women will find the pheromones produced by women attractive; men will find the ones produced by men attractive. These pheromones work the same way as they do for heterosexual people

The first step to understanding how they work is understanding exactly what pheromones are and how they work. Pheromones are chemicals released by the body that create social responses within a group. Most animals use pheromones for a variety of purposes including flight and fight response. These chemicals are also used by insects such as ants to leave food trails.

The most commonly known pheromones in humans however, are the sex pheromones. These pheromones are designed to attract a mate. It comes across as a natural scent that is picked up but is not like perfume or cologne. It is more a unconsciously recognized scent that attracts members of the opposite or in the case of gay pheromones same sex.

Pheromones and Sexual Attraction

You see, up until 1998 or so, science had widely accepted that pheromones affect both animals and also insects. In fact, pheromones play a role in how both animals and insects communicate with one another from everything from territorial issues and food to sex, according to an article from CNN. Now, applying this well-accepted fact in animals and insects to human beings had been quite controversial to say the least, yet that all changed when scientists at the University of Chicago announced, back in 1998, that they discovered the first, real proof that human beings not only made, but also reacted to, pheromones.

Sexual attraction to the opposite sex where men are concerned can be initiated and encouraged with the use ofpheromones for women. Keep in mind that humans may have a less powerful sense of smell than other animals, but our sense of smell still plays an important part in sexual attraction.

You can see proof of this by the fact that women spray on their favorite perfumes in the hopes of attracting men in a bar, restaurant and in the office. It can also be that women use their favorite scents just before a romantic session in bed to heighten the anticipation in men. Learn more about pheromones for women |

Improving Your Love Life With Pheromones

Pheromones aren’t something you can consciously perceive in a smell. They are normally associated with subtle fragrances, which usually go by unnoticed, except for the strong emotional response they evoke. This goes to say that when you wear pheromone scents, people won’t necessarily be able to tell you’re wearing a special kind of perfume; but they will get a strange feeling, like they have suddenly noticed you exude a unique quality. something they can’t really put into words. And this elusive quality will make all the difference with members of the opposite sex, many of whom will experience arousal just by your presence.

There are many things you can focus on if you want to feel more desired. You can get more exercise and shape up, you can get some creams and improve your skin, and you can use good cologne with a nice smell. But all those things combined won’t work as effectively as wearing pheromone scents. If you would like to get a powerful secret weapon that makes you irresistible to the opposite sex, you will be quite happy when you start using pheromone scents.

Copulins as a Sexual Attractant

As previously mentioned, the primary pheromone released by females is known as copulins. These chemical substances are secreted by the female’s reproductive organ particularly through vaginal discharges. Thus, women will notice a certain inoffensive smell emanating from their nether regions especially when their ovulation period is imminent.

The composition of copulins consists mainly of fatty acids that, as individual substances, serve little to no purpose. In combination pheromones for women, however, copulins has been proven to boost testosterone levels in men by as much as 150%. With such high testosterone levels, men can easily be aroused in a sexual manner by the women secreting said chemical substances.

The results can then be summarized as higher sexual attraction for the women in the eyes of men, more dates and more sex. Of course, other factors like physical features, personal hygiene and personality traits also come into the picture. With the addition of pheromones for women in perfumes, colognes and body sprays, however, the females of the species have greater opportunities to attract the males.

For example, a woman may spray on the pheromone-enriched perfume on her wrists, nape and elbows with the aim of smelling good to the man of her dreams. Her efforts will be for naught when she fails to dress up nicely, to highlight her features with skillful application of makeup and to practice good personal hygiene including brushing her teeth, combing her hair and trimming her fingernails. We cannot overemphasize that pheromones for women enhance one’s sexual attractiveness, not be the be-all and end-all of the sexual attraction process.


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