Pheromones For Women 2017

By now, surely most everyone has heard of pheromones. However, many people likely only have a passing knowledge of pheromones, if that, and many are still unsure about what roles they play with respect to human beings and attraction. In the last decade or so, more and more research studies have been conducted at reputable universities that have strongly suggested that pheromones are a very real phenomenon.

You see, up until 1998 or so, science had widely accepted that pheromones affect both animals and also insects. In fact, pheromones play a role in how both animals and insects communicate with one another from everything from territorial issues and food to sex, according to an article from CNN. Now, applying this well-accepted fact in animals and insects to human beings had been quite controversial to say the least, yet that all changed when scientists at the University of Chicago announced, back in 1998, that they discovered the first, real proof that human beings not only made, but also reacted to, pheromones.

Sexual attraction to the opposite sex where men are concerned can be initiated and encouraged with the use ofpheromones for women. Keep in mind that humans may have a less powerful sense of smell than other animals, but our sense of smell still plays an important part in sexual attraction.

You can see proof of this by the fact that women spray on their favorite perfumes in the hopes of attracting men in a bar, restaurant and in the office. It can also be that women use their favorite scents just before a romantic session in bed to heighten the anticipation in men. Learn more about pheromones for women |

Copulins as a Sexual Attractant

As previously mentioned, the primary pheromone released by females is known as copulins. These chemical substances are secreted by the female’s reproductive organ particularly through vaginal discharges. Thus, women will notice a certain inoffensive smell emanating from their nether regions especially when their ovulation period is imminent.

The composition of copulins consists mainly of fatty acids that, as individual substances, serve little to no purpose. In combination pheromones for women, however, copulins has been proven to boost testosterone levels in men by as much as 150%. With such high testosterone levels, men can easily be aroused in a sexual manner by the women secreting said chemical substances.

The results can then be summarized as higher sexual attraction for the women in the eyes of men, more dates and more sex. Of course, other factors like physical features, personal hygiene and personality traits also come into the picture. With the addition of pheromones for women in perfumes, colognes and body sprays, however, the females of the species have greater opportunities to attract the males.

For example, a woman may spray on the pheromone-enriched perfume on her wrists, nape and elbows with the aim of smelling good to the man of her dreams. Her efforts will be for naught when she fails to dress up nicely, to highlight her features with skillful application of makeup and to practice good personal hygiene including brushing her teeth, combing her hair and trimming her fingernails. We cannot overemphasize that pheromones for women enhance one’s sexual attractiveness, not be the be-all and end-all of the sexual attraction process.


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