20 Best Pheromones For Men 2018

Are you looking for pheromones for men? Amazingly, there are average Joe Blow guys who can attract women, and they aren’t rich or muscular. However, they can still walk into a room and leave with attractive women. They have an unexplainable sex appeal that no one can see. How are they able to do this?

20 Best Pheromones For Men

The following is a list of the best pheromones for men.


I like this scent because it was soft and non-threatening. I put it on the other day when I went to the mall. I passed by the women’s perfume department and saw a pretty girl passing out free samples. Although I thought I be shot down, I talked to her anyway. Yes, she was somewhat hesitant, she didn’t ignore me.

So, when I went back to the mall a couple of days later, I talked to her again. For the next two weeks I put on my pheromone spray and talked to the girl at the mall. Finally, I asked her to go hiking with me on her next day off. I thought this was a good idea since she was outdoorsy like me. She said yes, and I was totally blown away.

Great to Use Every Day

That was two years ago, and we’ve been together ever since. When we went hiking, she said that I smelled awesome. It totally shocked me because this seemed like a strange comment to make.  I responded by saying that it was my new cologne. She said she smelled it while we were talking at the mall, but didn’t want to say anything at the time. I told her she might like wearing it because it was made for both men and women.

Now, both of us use this cologne. But I’ve asked her in a joking tone not to wear it when I’m not around. Pherazone contains 7 different pheromones but these are the ones that I think have the biggest effect.


This pheromone is naturally produced in both humans and pigs. Although it is considered the ultimate male pheromone, women have it too. It gives off an aggressive vibe. Products with this pheromone are known to provide a dominant aura. If women like aggressive men, this pheromone makes them very sexually aroused. Because they are very intense, combine androstenone products with other subtle colognes.


This pheromone is found in human sweat. It smells musky and makes users appear more sociable. This doesn’t happen with androstenone products. Androstenol creates a romantic vibe and makes you seem humorous and talkative. Women see you as an alpha male who is very virile. These are all qualities that make it easier for you to approach and impress women.


Humans are the only ones that produce this pheromone. It makes men more masculine, but not as intimidating as with Androstenone. With this pheromone, women feel protected and secure. They trust you. It has also been known to put users in a good mood.

Why I Like It

Just as androstenone is considered to be the best type of pheromone for men, Pherazone is considered to be one of the top pheromone colognes for men, and it is for the following reasons:

  • It has a risk free, 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, you can return it within 30 days. This is a necessity because there are many factors that can decrease the effectiveness of pheromones such as heat.
  • It has a higher concentration of pheromones than other pheromone colognes. The regular formula has 36 mg of pheromones per ounce. The super concentrated formula has 72mg per ounce, which is 10 times more than other colognes such as Scent of Eros, Alpha-7 and Chikara.
  • It has a great smell. Unlike many other pheromone colognes on the market that have a smell that slightly smells like urine or sweat, Pherazone has a pleasant scent that many women find irresistible.
  • It has high ratings and great customer feedback. Websites such as ABCnews, CNN and WebMd provide glowing reviews of Pherazone. On Amazon.com where Pherazone is available in both regular and super concentrated strength, Amazon customers give it a minimum of 3 out of 5 stars.

All in all, men like wearing pheromones because they work. It is believed that you can easily become the center of attention and enjoy more sex and intimacy when wearing products that contain pheromones. They are a great way to not only gain instant sex appeal, but they can also give you a boost of confidence that will make life better in the long run.

Learn More: Official Pherazone Site

For a Romantic Vibe

Everyone has probably been ignored by a beautiful woman. Or maybe you have an interest in someone who wants to keep you in the friend zone. Pheromones make women start to see you as prince charming instead.

Romantic pheromones give rise to intense feelings. Women feel connected to the wearer. It makes them think of you constantly. In addition, they start to see you as more than just a friend.


This is one of the best pheromones to use when you’ve been placed in the friend zone. Wear it and you will linger in the mind of your target. She’ll see you in an attractive and dreamy way that makes her think about you consistently. It leaves an imprint on her mind. Works great for rekindling long-relationships as well as breaking the ice. I have used it at clubs to strike up conversations with young women and the results were not what I expected.

Girls were hugging me, getting touchy-feely, and even kissing me. It’s an excellent choice for both novices and seasoned pros. This product is amazing and the results were blatant. Far better than your run of-the-mill pheromone cologne.

Learn More: PheromoneXS.com

2.Nude Alpha Gel

This pheromone is designed to create romance in your life. Not only will women view you as an attractive man, but it’ll make you look at women and see them as more attractive too. This is because Nude Alpha Gel has beautifying self effects. However, be forewarned that this pheromone makes women clingy too.

This pheromone cologne gives you a magnetic aura that fascinates women. It provides a mysterious vibe that makes women want to be around you longer. Wear this product and break down the average woman’s resistance. Nude Alpha Gel can transform you into the prince charming that most women are looking for.

Nude Alpha Gel contains androstenetrione, which amplifies your attractiveness. It is known to get plenty of attention for the wearer, even if your target is a long distance away. Androstenetrione helps to provide Nude Alpha Gel’s the dreamy magical effect.


Use this pheromone product if you want women to obsess over you. It convinces her via her memories that you are Mr. Right. She’ll want to be with you forever. But, there’s a learning curve with Voodoo. It may take a while to learn how to use it correctly.

This pheromone cologne triggers a subconscious imprint, which means when women are exposed to it, they can’t stop thinking about you. They think there is something special about you, even when they’ve never talked to you. They sense this during eye contact, and they want to pursue you as a romantic partner.

Yes, it makes them behave as if you’re already in a relationship. They automatically want to test you out as a potential mate. If you want the same, act quickly. She will follow your lead because VooDoo puts women into a suggestive trance. It doesn’t matter if its emotionally or sexually, make sure you steer her in the direction you want her to go.

4. Certo

Certo gives off a warm and mystifying vibe that piques a woman’s interest. It has a magnetic quality that transforms interest into romantic feelings. It makes women want to learn more about you. It’s said that it works well on women that are reserved and timid.

This pheromone cologne has the same pheromones found in Alfa Maschio. This includes both androstenol and androstenone. However, there are differences between the two colognes. Certo for Men has a higher concentration of androstenol, which makes it more of an icebreaker cologne with a subtle hint of sexuality.

Certo for men is also similar to Scent of Eros for Men and NPA for Men, but it is clearly much more sociable than sexual.

5. Swoon

Swoon is different from other romantic pheromones because it does not provide an immediate romantic effect. It is playful, fun and attracts more attention. Women will feel comfortable with you. It works really well on younger women.

This pheromone cologne makes it easy to talk to and connect to women. This is due to the social engineering properties of the manufacturer, Pheromone Treasures. Swoon makes the communication process flow smoothly because it takes romance to a happy level.

The wearer will also seek the benefits of high status and respect, but this cologne isn’t overbearing at all. It makes you appear very charismatic and awesome. When you are approachable to women, they want to swoon because of your wit and charm. Women pay attention to your conversations and like the way you speak. Also, they are impressed by your mannerisms and behavior. Enjoy the spotlight that Swoon puts on your life.

For Pure and Raw Sexuality

Sometimes you want to get straight to the point. Have you ever been sexually aroused by a woman, but she isn’t attracted to you at all? Or maybe you’ve been in a relationship for a while, but she doesn’t seem to be as sexually interested in you anymore.

What’s the problem? Maybe you aren’t radiating enough raw sexuality. The truth may hurt, but wearing the right pheromone could change this. Did you know that pheromones are designed to produce sexual feelings in women? This is incredible if those feelings are about you.

6. L2K

Wear this pheromone and you’ll have a bad guy vibe that makes it easier to seduce women. It intrigues women and makes them feel comfortable around you. L2K gives you a brooding quality and this makes women pay attention to you. They want to know what you’re thinking and feeling. This pheromone is ideal for attracting hot women.

What happens when you wear L2k? How would you love more eye contact, flirting, stares and boobs rubbing against you? This wonderful cologne triggers a “deer in the headlight” response in women. Personally, I’ve seen this happen with high school aged girls and women in their early 20s. This means that they are really attracted to me. If she isn’t jailbait, you should act quickly.

L2k works on all types of women. It doesn’t matter if they are models, actresses or the girl next door. It works on them emotionally. This makes it easier to seduce them because they react to you instinctively. They don’t have to brush off weird men who hit on them. They naturally feel attracted to you and feel comfortable enough to approach you. Then you should swoop in quickly to make the magic happen.

7. Aqua Vitae

This cologne formula was designed to make it easier for men to seduce and attract women. It gets her attention, but its up to you to show that you’re an alpha male. Once you learn how to do this, talking to women turns into a breeze. This is a great pheromone to wear when you’re going to the local bar or nightclub.

8. Alfa Maschio

This pheromone makes men seem like they are sexual experts. It makes men so confident that they aren’t afraid to approach women, even if they’re rejected. Communicate better and flirt harder. Turn into the bad boy that you want to be.

9. Evolve-XS

This pheromone has been changed and redesigned numerous times. It is a very intense product that gives you a sociable vibe. They have no problems talking to you and exposing their inner self. Believe it or not, casual conversations lead to sex in only a few hours. Most importantly, this transformation takes place naturally. It isn’t forced, which does not happen during many social interactions.

10. Dirty Primitive

This product isn’t as well known as other pheromone products, but there are benefits of using it. It doesn’t claim to attract tons of women. It is advantageous because it relies on “how much” women are attracted to you. What is the level of intensity. You won’t have to do much if its high.

Become the Envied Alpha Male

Surely there’ve been times when you didn’t feel confident or charismatic. This could have been during social, love or even professional interactions. Alpha products are designed to enhance body language and make you more charming.

Wear alpha products and she’ll believe everything that you say and do. They give you the true power of persuasion. Women will feel lost without your personal input. Use it during love or even professional scenarios.

11. Corporativo

This is a product that brings out your sexuality. It gives you a high-status reputation in both social and professional settings. You become the confident and charming man that everyone wants to talk to. Even though you are seen as a man with power, it still makes you seem like a humble person.

12. Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf transforms you into a sociable man with loads of confidence, sexuality and charisma. It pushes you to think and move outside of the box. It lifts your mental and emotional inhibitions.

13. Alpha Treasures

Unlike other alpha pheromone products, Alpha Treasures doesn’t have an intimidating vibe. People aren’t afraid of you. They actually admire you and feel comfortable in your presence. Not only are they interested in what you have to say and do, but they also trust you. If you want to find and solidify a long-term relationship, try Alpha Treasures.

14. APi

This pheromone product makes people respect you. It also gives you a reliable, mysterious and persuasive vibe. People see you as a leader who is easy to approach and trust.

15. WOLF

This pheromone attracts women, but it also helps you achieve professional and social goals. It boosts your reputation in both social and professional environments. In addition, it brings out your sexuality. WOLF works exceptionally well on younger women.

Boost Social Interactions

Have you ever gone somewhere where you felt socially incompetent? You didn’t know what to say and do. Unfortunately, this may have repulsed some of the women there.

Social pheromone products make others like and want to be around you. They give off a magnetic and alluring vibe that makes women want to bond with you. When social standalone products are combined with other social products, this could totally transform you into the king of the ball.

16. X22

This pheromone makes you an attention grabber. You become a sociable man with a very cool vibe. Not only does it make you a sociable person, but it also energizes you. This is great for people who suffer from mood swings.

17. Hypnotica

This pheromone turns you into a fascinating man. Wear it and people will be mesmerized by your actions and words. Not only does it make you a sociable person, but makes you persuasive as well. You’ll see that women are more willing to talk to you and be themselves.

18. Nude

Nude isn’t really a social pheromone product; however, it is good to wear if you hate talking to strangers, especially if they are female. Wear it and you’ll have no problems flirting and talking to women.

19. ConnectionsXS

This pheromone product works almost like a truth serum. Not only does it make women comfortable around you, but they have no problem sharing their deepest and darkest secrets. This is good for initiating serious conversations with a special lady.

20. Glace

This pheromone product has the ability to make you the life of the party. But do not use it in professional settings. Glace provides a fun and friendly vibe that is great for casual social settings, such as when you’re with family and friends. This product is also used in mixed formulas to tone down other aggressive pheromone products.

For a Romantic Vibe

Everyone has probably been ignored by a beautiful woman. Or maybe you have an interest in someone who wants to keep you in the friend zone. Pheromones make women start to see you as prince charming instead.

Romantic pheromones give rise to intense feelings. Women feel connected to the wearer. It makes them think of you constantly. In addition, they start to see you as more than just a friend.

Advice on Pheromones

I’ve tried a lot of pheromone products and a lot of them sucked so bad that they are downright terrible. Some sites even claim these crap products are the best pheromones. They are highly marketed also which means websites that promote them get a lot of money.

People are getting scammed out of their money because of this. These products claim to be the best pheromones and just don’t work for me. I sprayed, tested, experimented and drained the whole pheromone bottle in each one of these. So please check the amount of pheromone each product has and what pheromones they have. Always check for the 3 main pheromones – androstenone, androsterone and androstenol.

Buying Pheromones For Men

Everyone wants to look attractive these days and people are going to great lengths to purchase those products and use those techniques which make them look like one in a million. These products claim to make you look more attractive. But being attractive and looking attractive are both different things. A thing of beauty may not be essentially attractive. To satisfy the customer demands companies are coming out with new products each day and are making them believe that by using their products one would become more attractive. Pheromone is a chemical which is released by beings to attract individuals from their own species. These pheromones it is claimed have been artificially produced in the labs and are now sold with perfumes.

Since the pheromones are sold as perfumes, they can be easily bought and used. By buying them, you can use it as a tool to attract the opposite partner. It might be possible that your body does not release sufficient amount of pheromones and hence buying these can be useful to you. There are a number of ways and places where you can buy pheromone perfumes but the best place considered for the purchase is the internet. Here a number of brands are on display and you can compare between various sites as to who is offering the best deal.

While comparing the products one should be careful because it is easy to be misguided by the various reviews and articles that are posted on the sites from where you are thinking about buying the pheromone perfumes. There are number of sites that are selling these pheromones but many of them are fake. They could even lead to fraud. Some of the perfumes that are sold have diluted content and do not have the correct amount of pheromones that is required for getting the attention. Such sites should be stayed away from.

If possible get the details regarding a particular perfume from a friend or someone who has used a particular perfume before. Finding such people would be difficult because many would not be willing to admit that they use such perfumes but if you can get some information regarding which pheromone to buy it would be useful.

There are different types of pheromones that are available and a perfume bottle should ideally be showing which pheromone is present and therefore it is necessary that you buy the perfume bottle after you know the kind of pheromone present to get the desired results. Buy smart to become smart and attractive.

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