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Nantucket Portrait Photography

Consider a Nantucket portrait photographer’s working environment before hiring him. Is he working on location or in a studio? Taking photographs in natural light is entirely different from taking them in a studio. The photography environment has a huge effect on how your photos will look.

Thus, your choice to hire either a location or studio photographer will greatly depend on what you’re trying to accomplish. Do you want to be creative, but also professional? Are you trying to develop a portfolio that is both beautiful and diverse? If you’re trying to achieve these things, then maybe you should opt for a studio photographer. But on the other hand, if you’re an author who wants to show your love for nature, or an architect who wants to display your work, then choose a location photographer.

Basically, think about the message that you want to convey and choose the best Nantucket photographer based on your message.

A Team or Single Photographer?

Constructing a great home requires more than just one type of skill set. The same thing can be said when it comes to taking beautiful photographs. Usually, a good photo shoot requires the following 4 types of skill sets:

  • Photographer- He operates the camera, makes sure models are positioned correctly, ensures accurate lighting and directs the photo shoot.
  • Hair & Makeup Artist- Most photo shoots don’t require models to have fancy makeup and hair, but it’s good to have a professional hair & makeup artist on the set when needed.
  • Stylist- Photo shoot stylists are needed for various reasons. Generally, they make sure the model’s clothing is a right fit for the shoot.
  • Photographer’s Assistant- This person works as the right-hand man for the photographer. He holds wind machines and reflectors for the photo shoot. He also changes memory cards and makes things easier for the photographer and model.

Pay Flat Rate or Per Image?

Nantucket portrait photographer How should you pay for photos? Some photographers charge an upfront flat rate for their portraits. Others charge an appointment fee and allow you to pay for individual photos on the backend. This is known as a viewing session. Which one is best for you?

  • Flat rates are more affordable because there are no nasty surprises on the backends. Flat rates could also be disastrous if you’re forced to pay for and keep photos that you hate.
  • There’s flexibility in pricing when you pay per image. You aren’t forced to pay for images you don’t like. But then again, you may end up paying more overall for that luxury. You’re paying for each photo separately. They aren’t bundled for a fixed price.

Basically, which one is more important to you? Affordability or flexibility?

Male or Female Photographer

Nantucket Portrait PhotographyFor some people, they don’t care if the photographer is male or female. But for others, they feel more comfortable working with a particular gender. For instance, this is extremely important if close and intimate photos are requested. Learn more about Nantucket portrait photographer | Pommettphotography.com

Portrait photography on Nantucket can be a very rewarding experience. The island is a popular destination for tourists in the summer and the scenic landscape makes it absolutely gorgeous for taking portraits. A lot of people like to have their portraits taken at Brant Point lighthouse during the magic hour of the day. This yields the best image possible and really captures the heart of the island.

One of the most popular and artistic portrait photographers is Terry Pommett. He has been taking portraits for more than 40 years and has really perfected the craft. Many consider him to be the best photographer on the island.

Some people feel safer when working with female photographers. However, the bottom line is that you should choose whichever gender makes you feel comfortable. It can be quite intimidating to pose for someone who is totally focused on you.

Thus, make the right decision. It really doesn’t matter if a male or female is chosen, but make sure you research the person’s reputation and credibility first. It’s easy to search online for pertinent information. But if you’re still worried about your safety, do not go to a photo shoot alone. All in all, which would you feel more comfortable with, a male or female?

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