Is it possible to make your own pheromones?


Is it possible to make your own pheromones?

I always wanted to try making my own pheromones. But thought I would never be able to as synthesizing raw pheromone has always been very expensive to do. Well one day my luck changed when I was given this make your own pheromone kit by a friend as a present.

Here I was with a kit that was about to make one of my dreams come true. A day later when I was off work I cleared a large area in my workshop and set off to create my own scented pheromone spray.

In the end what I decided to do was to blend my favorite cologne with the pure pheromone contained in the kit. It came with full instructions and I was surprised when I was finished so soon after starting.  The next matter at hand was testing the final product.

Unfortunately you are not gonna find out just yet what happened because it hasn’t happened yet.

Don’t fret though you will be the first to know as soon as I get a chance to try this bad boy out on the ladies.

This is a excerpt of a BBC documentary into sexual selection. In the experiment the subject is genetically tested and then he is compared to the genetic profile of 6 women, who kindly donate their sweaty shirts.

The subject then sniffs the shirts and then ranks them in order of pleasant to unpleasant. It turns out that the smell corresponds with the genetics, the more pleasant smells being the ones which are less genetically similar. This is how I’ve always understood pheromones to work, ie as a genetic selector, this is also what I got taught in my psych major at university. Pheromones are just a way to get your foot in the door . When I used a mix of Athenainstitute pheromones and Pherazone , I did get more attention and compliments from black women , and I am vice president of the really white guys club.

I bet that it works like this:

1. people use pheromones.
2. they become actively conscious of any and all signals people give them.
3. they attribute the signs they think they are receiving from others… to the pheromones, and not themselves (notice how that’s harmful perception to have to begin with?)

Does it actually make a significant impact on a girls attraction to you? I think so. My first guess would be that it simply makes you more receptive to the nonverbal signals around you, since you will actively be looking for them, and also it will probably make you more likely to interpret signs that may not be signs at all, as attraction cues in and of themselves. In other words, it’s probably just a placebo. More than likely, nothing is changing externally.. only internally. Although I guess it can make you more confident, and that can make you more interesting to others?

Why be reliant on a product like this (which has a limited supply).. when you can attract women just as easy, simply by being an awesome, well-likeable person?

That way you get the added bonus of attributing your success to yourself, and not to some chemicals you put on yourself. Get what I’m saying?

Another theory would be that it’s useless to try to make your own pheromones since as Centurion said that’s when you become relaxed, loving and good in your shoes that you attract women. To go further, I would say that this by itself makes you produce the pheromones women are so fond of. But it’s just another theory. I’m saying this because when I read the theory behind pheromones, the scientists said that pheromones were playing a role 24/7 and were either attracting women or repulsing them. So being relaxed should definitely have an effect on pheromones.

I’m taking the analogy further of an alpha male, he doesn’t give a shit about making a mixture of pheromones, as he produces them naturally. So yes, I should just focus on becoming that man so that I don’t have to worry about doing a trick to have them, as the pheromones method is inspired to make you become an alpha male anyway.

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