Most Powerful Pheromones For Seduction

Are you looking to seduce more women? What you NEED to do is use more powerful pheromones. Because we all know the next step to our development. – Which is what you were saying earlier (You can always get better). And to stay true to that is golden with true pheromones.

Synthetic pheromone oils can be highly effective at attracting women as long as the potency is high.

I’m really happy using Pherazone Ultra Freaking awesome pheromone. Helped me through these pheromone attraction stages A LOT. As you develop yourself.. You will reach points where you have overcome past beliefs that did not work for what/who you want to have/be.

Pherazone pheromones is perhaps one of the most effective pheromone colognes on the market with 7 different pheromones.

Attraction happens at a primordial level. Most of this stuff is not necessarily women related, but it shows in your relationships with them and other people in your body language, your sense of achievement. Etc

Most people think confidence is a mental thing but in my opinion is a physical thing. At the end of the day if your goal is really women and sex, you have to figure out sex is a physical, animalist thing, and sex is not only having coitus, there is a sexual relationship in most of the things we do as humans.

I have had consistent results with Pherazone pheromone oils. Does that mean they don’t work? Absolutely! I have used other pheromones and noticed a change after a few weeks but then life got in the way. For me I think most of these pheromone colognes work to some degree, some better than others or some a better fit for you compared to others, but the main thing that has really screwed me is not staying CONSISTENT. So whatever you choose make sure you stay CONSISTENT and make a habit out of it. 99% of any program is really dependent on staying CONSISTENT.

This is the secret to being congruent. By getting rid of all your masks, you are truly authentic 100% of the time and never have to worry about “Did I just fucked up?” But by putting up a front, you are always going to have to work hard at keeping up that image you are projecting. True security is no need for protection.

Understanding Pheromone Attraction

Yes the goal is to express yourself without any state friction. And the only way to do that is two fold – Have a purpose that is beyond women (all needy guys suffer from aimlessness and women sense it) and being 100% authentic.

The women I am usually attracted to are not just intelligent and passionate but they also invest quite some time for appearing more attractive which often is enough drives us guys more crazy then many of them believe or care. These women influence many of us powerfully with a lot of things, sexy make-up, push-ups, beautiful hair style, sexy high heels, gorgeous nail polish, the way they move, the way they use their voices and many other things. Women’s key stimuli can sometimes drive you insane, so insane that you cannot focus anymore I had that a lot during exam seasons.

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