Proshape RX can speed up fat loss

Does Proshape RX work? Generally the traditional view is that you are either losing fat or gaining muscle – and so its not possible to do both at the same time. Alternative approaches such as Intermittent Fasting (IF) ‘Lean Gains’ and so on assert you can do both…A calorie surplus is required to gain muscle but only to a certain point above which excess calories will be added as fat. Using supplements like Proshape RX can speed up fat loss.

This also depends on BMR, activity levels, type of training, diet particularly macro ratio and intake of sufficient protein (1.8g and higher), of course genetics etc. If you’re getting enough protein and training (including recovery) appropriately for your goals, then bumping carb calories will usually create the conditions for growth. Personally, its easier for me to gain muscle at circa 10%BF then at 6%BF or less.

People often think low net carbs is actually minimizing ALL veggies which is sort of stupid.
I can eat a ton of radishes, endives, lettuce, chard, broccoli and other highly nutritional veggies under 50 grams of net carbs/day. It’s probably even more that anyone of a regular diet – the trick is just eat nutritious veggies with low carb value.

+1 MyFitnessPal…its a great app that keeps you on track. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Learn more about Proshape RX |

My personal experience is that calorie restriction is not as important as what food you are eating for weight loss. When I was 28 or 29, I lost over 40 pounds using a low carb diet over about 3.5 months (1 month low carb, then 1 week off x 3). I ate until I was full every meal, including some very high calorie foods (e.g. whipped cream for dessert. There are surprisingly few carbs in a bottle of whipped cream). I understand that eating more fats in my diet could have suppressed my appetite and caused me to eat fewer total calories, but I don’t think that was it. Tim Ferris cites a study in the intro of the 4hour body in which subjects fed the same calories lost different amounts of weight depending on whether their diet was 90% fat, protein, or carbs. The people eating 90% fat lost the most, followed by the protein group, and the carb group actually gained weight. This demolishes the notion that weight loss is only about restricting calories. See the section “why a calorie isn’t a calorie: the hormonal response to carb, protein, and fat are different” in 4HB for more info.

A decade later, I find it difficult to do hardcore low carb dieting, mostly for social reasons (it also doesn’t seem to work as fast as it used to for me). I’ve heard a lot of positive information about Intermittent Fasting from, so for the past month, I’ve been trying somewhat of a blend between low carb and IF. What I’ve been doing is I’ve replaced my breakfast meal with my own version of “Bulletproof coffee”. I brew coffee and add a half teaspoon of pure chocolate powder, a few dashes of cinnamon, and 2 tablespoons of either grass-fed organic butter or organic coconut oil. Either version tastes great and surprisingly keeps me from getting hungry between 8 am and about 3 pm. I usually try to hold out a few more hours until I’m home to eat a late lunch then another meal in the evening. Having 2 meals+ fatty coffee is helping me lose ~2-3 pounds per week for the last 3 weeks.

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