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I have the Seattle Sutton program but I have never been able con consistently follow it for the whole 5 weeks. Maybe psychological reversla kicking in. I have gotten to around week 3-4 then I just stop, something comes up ever day and a week goes by. If you miss too many days you’re supposed to start over from the beginning.

Don’t over complicate weight loss. It’s not as hard as you think if you take your time!! Don’t treat it as a science experiment with controls, hypervigor and all of the other stuff that come with it. The only time you really need that is when you get to a more advanced state. If your flabby, overweight or obese, (And thus have not that great physical conditioning) your not advanced. Try this:


My advice:

– DONT BE AN IDIOT!! DON’T GORGE YOURSELF ON JUNK FOOD, eat your vegetables! Take the common sense advice! Gorging on a box of mandarin oranges will do you no harm and will do you much good! Gorging on a bucket of ice cream or gross KFC chicken w/ gravy will do you harm!
– Eat vegetables, lean meats, minimize starches and eat in moderation.
– Don’t eat when your eating for emotional or compulsive reasons. Eat when your hungry.
– If you’ve forgotten how it is to be hungry (some people with weight problems do) try this challenge for a few days:
– From sunrise to sunset you may not drink no liquid and eat no food. At night you may eat. Throw caution to the wind during the night time. The point of this exercise is to remind you how it feels to be hungry, not to loose weight.

(This is especially for guys who read all of the stuff out there and petered out because the really pushed themselves too hard, or don’t like the gym like i did)

– To loose body fat (not body weight necessarily)
– To gain physical conditioning (get stronger, go longer, get limber)

– DO NOT WORRY about:
– gym memberships, the gym, or bothering to go to the gym


Muscle Exercises:
– Crunches
– With crunches your goal is to get up to 50. You’ll split it up by doing 25 crunches with a 10 second break and then another 25 continuous crunches. You may not be able to do this at first. Do whatever you can push yourself to. Try 20 to start (10 crunches, 10 second break, 10 crunches). Do 10 crunches if you can’t do 20. Add more as time goes on and the crunches become easier. If you don’t know how to do a cruch properly, search youtube.
Cardio Exercises:
– A half an hour walk
– Your main goal is to find a nice enjoyable circuit around your neighborhood that’s reasonably flat and nice to be around. If you live somewhere that is hard to walk around find a park or something similar.

Go to the next level after about a week unless you find the walking pretty difficult (30 minutes of relatively flat ground walking, not mountain hiking) . If that is the case, then stay at the starting level until walking is comfortable for you. If your follow this advice you will achieve excellent results with the Seattle Sutton program |

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