Seattle Sutton Diet Review 2018

Each year we spend billions of dollars on weight loss products. It is a huge industry fueled by expanding waistlines. In today’s business matters, we visit the kitchen of Seattle Sutton’s healthy eating in new hope making nutritious meals is big business. Step inside the Seattle Sutton commercials kitchen and imagine what it would be like to cook for the masses.

Really, it’s no different than what you’re doing at your house except that it’s for about, you know, several hundred customers. 21,000 fresh meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner fully prepared are made here in new hope for about a thousand Seattle Sutton customers own private little recipe.

What Is The Seattle Sutton Diet?

The program is really just food. They feed you and make sure you’re getting the right nutrition in the right portion size and you will see results. Started in Illinois by a registered nurse named Seattle Sutton, Stephanie and Jim Keagan brought the franchise to Minnesota twelve years ago. They started from the ground up and have 26 locations now in Minnesota.

We can control the freshness and the quality. Each 1200 calorie meal is made fresh here, packaged up and delivered to stores where customers buy one week’s worth of meals at about $6 a piece. We have the vegetable Fajitas a lunch, there’s fresh Zucchini in their guacamole, Munster cheese, black beans, and a whole wheat tortilla. While this multimillion-dollar business has grown waistlines have shrunk.

Most customers buy the meals to lose weight. Others do it for health reasons or for sheer convenience, but the takeaway for all is learning how to eat healthily. While we’re cooking for them they’re learning and it’s sort of imprinting in their brain what they’re going to be doing in the future. If you follow this advice you will achieve excellent results with the Seattle Sutton program |¬†

Why I Decided to Do It

How do I feel about my weight? I’ve actually weighed a little bit more, not much more, but a 255 pounds is about the most. I’ve been steady at that weight for seven or eight years now. I’ve always felt comfortable. I haven’t felt like I’ve needed to lose a whole bunch of weight. I knew I would benefit from doing it, but he didn’t feel like I needed to.

As I get older and see how health comes into play and see what really happens in real life my opinion changed. As you get older it becomes a much bigger factor. You have to control your weight.It’s the first step to taking control of your health. And, and this was a big part of why we decided to do it.


I think the biggest reason why Seattle Sutton’s is the right partner for us in this journey is that we wanted to eat real food. It didn’t need to be a bar or a shake or something that you only did for 30 days and then you did something else. We needed something that was real, that we could keep up with, that we could share with our kids and that is going to lead us somewhere after six months of doing this. And that, that fit into our lifestyle and our lifestyle was crazy. Between work, daycare, school, work for you, all kinds of after school events. We need something that is quick and healthy and real. And that’s, that’s why we like Seattle Sutton’s.

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