The Secret About Pheromone Sprays

Is there a hotter topic for men than the secrets of attracting women? There are books, websites, newsletters and “secret” formulas circling the internet that all claim to assist you in this very pursuit. Just watch a few minutes of television, sooner rather than later there is bound to be a commercial depicting an average guy drawing women in droves, all thanks to his cologne or body spray! Is this just clever advertising? Perhaps the cologne manufactures are on to something, and that little something is the ability to harness a very powerful attractant, pheromones for men. Did you ever think the nose could be considered a sex organ?

What are pheromones?

First, it is important that you understand what a pheromone actually is. Pheromones are actually a chemical released by different species to elicit a response in others of their same species. Wow, that sounds super technical doesn’t it? These chemical hormones can cause a variety of responses, depending on the type of pheromone released. Different pheromones result in different actions.

Pheromones in the Animal Kingdom

Here are a few examples of the different types of pheromones in the animal and insect world.

  • Alarm pheromone- can warn others of your species that danger is near. Bees make use of this particular pheromone quite effectively.
  • Aggregate- boll weevils are prone to releasing an aggregate pheromone, which is, like an all call. Other boll weevils will flock to the area, sometimes to overcome a foe by sheer numbers.
  • Trails- if you have ever dealt with ants in your home, you have seen trail pheromones in action. Ants leave this chemical behind marking the most direct route to sustenance. (Your cabinets?)
  • Scent Marking and Mating- animals of all species utilize sex pheromones to attract a mate. Dogs, cats, deer and even elephants will “mark” an area with urine, which contains pheromones.

How do they work in humans?

People do not generally use pheromone sprays to mark a trail or call others together for defense. Instead pheromones for menand women are generally limited to social interaction up to and including finding that significant someone. It has been suggested that pheromones are what connects us to others in friendship and familial settings. Mothers and children bond in part due to pheromones and they may also be the reason we are drawn to some people and repulsed by others.

  • Synchronizing- pheromones for men and women are also thought to be the reason women who are in close proximity to one another will find their menstrual cycles synchronized.
  • Mating- the chemical hormone most humans are interested in is the mating or sex pheromone. It is believed that men and women secrete these hormones through the skin and they are received by others through a specific gland in the nose.

Scientific Studies

If you are like many people, you may find all of this information to be a bit fantastical or even outlandish. How could odorless excretions have any of these effects on human behavior? Scientists and researchers have asked these same questions about pheromones for men and women, leading to some scientific studies and not so scientific studies.

One study performed by the Sonoma State Hospital Brain Behavior Center looked into how pheromones for men and women could affect menstrual cycles, specifically pheromones released by women they considered pace setters. Cotton pads were placed under the arms of these women for a 24-hour period; the pads were then used to transfer pheromones to the upper lip of five women three times weekly over five months. At the end of the study four women were perfectly synchronized with the pace setting woman.

The popular television news broadcast 20/20 also wanted to study the effects of pheromones for men and women, particularly how they function as an attractant. To do this they chose several sets of twins and sent them into a speed-dating scenario. One of each twin was sprayed with cologne containing pheromones, while the other was not. The twins did not know who had the pheromone and who did not to avoid a placebo effect.

At the end of the study, cards were compared and the twin with the pheromone had nearly twice as many people who would like to see them again, 9-5 for the females and 10-6 for the males. This does tend to indicate that pheromones have at least some effect on sexual attraction.

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