Semenax Boosts Your Cum

Nothing is better than amazing, long lasting sex with an orgasm lasting twice or thrice longer than ever experienced. While this is every male’s desire, not all men naturally experience longer orgasms. However Semenex, one of the best semen pills in the market offers hope for these men.

Semenex increases both the quantity and quality of your sperm to help you please your partner. This is a unique pill as it has no dangerous chemical substances which can lead to unexpected side effects. There’s even no need of having a medical prescription for it.

How Semenex works

During an orgasm, the series of contractions of a specific muscle pumps out semen where the amount of semen ejaculated is proportional to the number of contractions. So the fewer semen produced, the shorter the orgasm.

Logically, you can have a longer and mind-blowing orgasm if your body produces more semen, which can be possible with Semenex. Semenex can increase your semen volume by 100% to 500% depending on how long you take the pills. Semenex also helps enhance the semen quality so that you blast out thicker fluid.

Main ingredients

All ingredients used for manufacturing Semenex are completely natural, so there’s no worry about suffering from dangerous side effects like with other penile supplements. Some of them are:

· L-Lysine, an amino acid increases semen volume and testosterone levels.

· Horny goat weed and Maca improves testosterone levels.

· Hawthorne, cranberry extract and pumpkin seeds help regularize prostrate health while strengthening the sexual system

· Tribulus increases testosterone levels and is also used in male fertility medicine.

· Zinc helps improve sexual energy and sperm quality

· Vitamin E helps improve health and keep sexual organs active.

· L-Arginine a synthesized compound which practically doubles sperm production.


· The main advantage is the increase in semen production which in turn improves your sexual confidence giving you much more fun in bed.

· There are no side effects as the sperm pills are made using natural ingredients.

· The money back guarantee is another great benefit. You receive a 60 day money back guarantee where you receive a full refund if you are not happy with results within that time span. Just send in empty containers in a week and you get your money back.


Supplementing Semenex to your daily routine will help add more depth and excitement to your sex with rather quick results. Most men notice results within a few weeks of taking the supplement while some have even reported instant results.

Besides an increase in the amount of semen ejaculated, you will also notice that your ejaculation or shooting ability grows much stronger. In fact, the distance increases more as you take more of Semenex.

The increased semen production leads to more intense, longer lasting orgasms as your body builds towards climax. This leads to a very intense and forceful eruption. Most men also experience increased stamina along with their improved libido and sex drive.

Semenex is safe, and gives great results on men of all ages, from all walks of life be it young guys, men in their forty or fifties, studs or ordinary guys. So start taking Semenex if you need to improve the quality of your sexual health for better ejaculations and mind-blowing orgasms!

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