Sizegenetics vs Bathmate … Which is Better?

In this article we are are going to discuss how it compares to the Bathmate. Bathmate has several different models. I have been using it since 2009 and the first thing that comes to mind between Sizegenetics and Bathmate is the comparison isn’t necessarily airtight. It is kind of apples to oranges although they are both male enhancement devices you are comparing two different things.

Bathmate is mainly going to be used for girth. You will get some length if you have never done male enhancement before. You could gain an inch after your first 8-10 months. Sizegenetics on the other hand is entirely used for length and considered by many to be the very best device.

If you use the Bathmate everyday (or let’s say 5 days per week) for 8 – 10 months your looking at about an inch in gains. If you use Sizegenetics for 8 hours a day you may gain that inch in only 6 months.

The second aspect that divides these two products is how fun they are. Bathmate is fun and easy to use and you will get results right away because your dick will be pumped up. In just 10 -12 minutes of your dick sporting a full erection you will be slightly thicker and longer than it’s ever been before. You can take your increased size into the bedroom. It’s fun and easy to use and that is one of the reasons I recommend it.

Sizegenetics on the other hand is not as fun to use. Unlike Bathmate which you only need to use for 10-12 minutes, Sizegenetics you have to wear for 7 to 8 hours six days a week if not more. You don’t get the immediate pump like you do with a Bathmate. Your flaccid size may be a little longer (1/4 of an inch) but it’s not something like “whoah, holy shit” like the Bathmate is when you use a full erection. You don’t get that shock factor and frankly speaking, the Sizegenetics is as comfortable as it gets for penis extenders. That is why people ultimately succeed with it as long as they stick to the program.

It’s comfortable but it’s not fun. It’s a hassle to be in public sometimes because you have to go pee and take it off which becomes an inconvenience.

My biggest issue is that it does not give immediate gains.

With Bathmate, you’re big and pumped for the remained for the day (in some cases).

At the end of the day we are back to what we started talking about …. Bathmate is mainly for girth and Sizegenetics is for length. So, you can gain about an inch with the Bathmate and about two inches with the Sizegenetics extender. That’s why it’s like comparing apples to oranges. If you want to gain over an inch in length then you want to use Sizegenetics. In the long run, it is the better device for length. Those are the differences. There is not a better one so to speak. Each one has it owns advantages and uses.

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