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In this article, I review the SizeGenetics penis extender.


Having a small dick really sucks. I was only about thirteen when I discovered this basic fact of life. Before that, I’d never even thought about it, but suddenly I found myself being laughed at in the locker room. It didn’t take long to get quite a complex about it to the point where I just wouldn’t get naked in front of anyone. That’s not a good recipe for a sex life.

I’m writing this blog because, fifteen years later, I’ve finally found the only solution to my problem. SizeGenetics is simply amazing.

I’d tried everything else before: dick pills, creams, and oils, exercises, nothing worked at all. But with SizeGenetics things changed for the better. In fact, it is one of the highest rated penis extenders online.

How Sizegenetics Works

SizeGenetics works by exploiting the ability of the body’s cells to grow and other tissues to expand and reproduce when they’re under tension. This is the principle behind modern skin grafts and has long been used in various cultures to expand various other parts of the body for a decorative effect. So it was inevitable that someone would eventually apply this principle to get to an extender, but it took SizeGenetics to come along and actually do it.

Why I Used Sizegenetics

I spent about fifteen years in hell before I finally discovered SizeGenetics.  I’d never even been out with a girl until I was 28 because I was so ashamed of my small dick and thought that any girl would be really turned off and laugh at me. And of course it was embarrassing not to have a girlfriend and everyone wondered what was wrong with me.  So, in the end, it was easier not to have any friends at all and I just sort of retreated into myself.

It seemed to me that I was going to spend my whole life in an asexual, antisocial mode.  I didn’t much like that prospects but I didn’t really have any choice, or so I thought.  In the end, it was quite by accident that I came across an ad for SizeGenetics and read the material on their website.

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My Sizegenetics Results

SizeGenetic ResultsAs I continued on with my SizeGenetics penis enlargement program, things only got better.  I wasn’t too worried because I was already happy with the size of my penis and anything extra from now on would be a bonus.

Eventually, after about ten months, I stopped using the traction device and I was happy what I accomplished.

* It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis

I continued on for a while with the exercises that SizeGenetics provide with their device. My dick had already got much harder while using the traction device, but it seemed to me that these exercises were making it harder still, although that almost seemed impossible.

They were certainly improving my orgasms and, although at this point I was still a 28-year-old virgin, when I masturbated I really enjoyed the feel of my dick in my hand.  For the first time in my life, I needed my whole hand to masturbate and the pleasure of my orgasms was much more intense.

At this time I started concentrating on the free DVDs and Lovecentria access that SizeGenetics provide as bonuses with the penis enhancement kit.  Now I was starting to catch up, in theory at least, with all the sexual education I had missed out on for the past ten or fifteen years. I studied all this stuff pretty carefully because I wanted to make sure that the first woman I slept would never guess that I had never done it before.  And she didn’t!  But I’ll get to that in another post.

What You Get With Sizegenetics

SizegeneticsI’ve already told you about all the components of the SizeGenetics penis enlargement program.  But, incredibly, the company gives you a few bonus extras which are very handy. Put yourself in my position.  I was a 28-year-old virgin when I first started the SizeGenetics program.

So not only did I have a really small dick, but I was also completely naive about sex.  Sure, I knew all the theory, but I’d never even had my hands on a woman’s body.  I was really worried about making a total fool of myself the first time I had sex after I finally had my new, bigger penis.

SizeGenetics have thought about that.  When you buy the SizeGenetics program, they give you, totally free, a Better Sex Guide DVD.  This is exactly what you need to bring you up to speed if, like me, you haven’t had all those usual years of exploring sex since you were a teenager.  There are an incredible 87 different techniques presented in this DVD, everything from how to enjoy multiple orgasms to how to give women the maximum pleasure.

Sizegenetics vs Other Extenders

It can be confusing comparing all the various extenders. The biggest consideration I had was the cost and results. I knew that it had to be comfortable but what about the price? Like anyone else, I wanted to get the best bang for my buck. After looking at what’s available, there were a couple of reasons why I went with Sizegenetics.

  1. I needed extra wide comfort pads for maximum comfort. Cheap extenders still rely on a noose which can cause pain to the penis.
  2. Proven track record. I didn’t want to waste my money on something that might not work or be right for me. Their six-month return policy and responsive customer support made me feel more secure.
  3. Value. This was a big consideration of mine since this is a high-ticket item. After looking at all the options, it was Sizegenetics and X4 Labs that offered the most bonuses and useful accessories. Besides X4 labs, none of the extenders I researched offered as much for the price. I decided to go with the Ultimate System because it came with everything I could ever need to keep me busy for the next 6 months.

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Is It Worth It?

nice assSize doesn’t matter, as long as you’ve got a big one.  But if your penis is too small, it’s the most important thing in the world.  It dominates every area of your life, eating away at you and undermining everything you do.  And most of the time, if you’re anything like I was, you’ll be suffering in secret, unable to talk to anyone about your problem.

That’s why I wanted to start this write-up so that other guys like me will know that there is a way out of the hell of having a small penis.

And that way out is SizeGenetics.  There’s nothing else to say about it.  It takes time and you need to be pretty disciplined about keeping going on the program every day. But all of this is a very small price to pay to escape from the despairing feeling that you’re stuck with an inadequate dick for the rest of your life.

I’ve had lots of mail from guys who are in this situation, and all of them say the same thing.  They’re all relieved that someone’s finally talking about this in a genuine way, from the point of view of someone who’s been through it and come out of it.  But all of them tell me about dick pills and creams and oils that they’ve tried, that have all promised instant results.  And of course, none of them keep that promise.


SizegeneticsI’m very glad to say that quite a few of these guys have taken my advice and ordered a SizeGenetics penis enlargement system.  And they’ve been giving me feedback about it.  And every single one of them is reporting exactly the same kind of results as I had.

Of course, it varies a bit in the details, but the bottom line is the same. Compared it to the alternatives, extenders are one of the safest ways to enlarge your penis.

If you use the SizeGenetics system as instructed, they guarantee you’ll get the results you’re looking for or your money back.

*Individual results will vary.

Price: $199.95 – $299.95
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 2800 grams
Overall Score: A
Sold By:

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