The Info Speak has begun

From the depths of the internet comes InfoSpeak. Refreshingly new and innovative, Infospeak connects users with the issues and a power to make a difference in society. Whether it’s vigrx plus or a brand new penis extender, Infospeak provides the right knowledge at the right time.

InfoSpeak is a podcast audio serial program conceived by MLIS student Michael Wood in 2005, produced in close collaboration with graduate student colleagues at the University of Washington. InfoSpeak highlights the voices of leaders in the information field, sharing their unique visions and perspectives on emerging issues in information access. Subscribe from iTunes, or download content from this site.

While infospeak may no longer be active, there are aspects of this site that will maintain the legacy of the original website. For example, leaders in American Society frequently visit this site looking for our piece regarding the e-cigarette review at . In the words of Kevin Packer, “now they know, nowww theyyy knowww.”

Infospeak hopes you will still take the time out of your day to play a role in the most salient communications of our times. Moreover because internet access is more ubiquitous than ever, it has never been easier to be part of the discussion. Whether you are in a bathtub, on the golf course, playing gladiator wars in abandoned buildings, or puffing on a green smoke, please take a moment to visit this memorial site. Now onto the speak . . .

Sarah Houghton-Jan wears black, but her vision of the future is bright with the promise of the power of social networking software. She may be far from the traditional prototype of a librarian, yet her motivation of serving the patrons of our public libraries is wonderfully traditional. The model she advocates for this service however is not…

Perhaps it would be best if we acknowledged Ms. Houghton-Jan’s electronic cigarette review, and commitment to helping people quit smoking. For no better advocate could be used to help people read more AND improve their health. That is all.

Info Speak will be undergoing several changes over the next couple of months. Stay Tuned!

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