Ways You Can Boost Your Sperm Count

This article will offer easy ways to increase low sperm count naturally.

Dealing With Low Sperm Count

For having a healthy baby it is very important for the men to produce and ejaculate very good quality and volume of sperms. Low sperm count can cause trouble for the people for having a baby and this can be one of the reasons of trouble in paradise or resentment of the partners. Low sperm count can really low the self-confidence of the people and it can even break down a relationship no matter how stable it was.

There are many reasons behind the lower sperm quantity of a person. One of the factors starts right from their lifestyle and kitchen. Consumption of unhealthy foods, excessive smoking, consuming alcohol etc can be prime reasons for low sperm count of the people. There are also many factors which affect the sperm count of the person such as sperm blockage, erectile dysfunction, infections, genetics disorder, obesity, consumption of illegal drugs etc.

LifeStyle Factors

There are also many ways to which people can increase their semen volume. First of all, people should follow a healthy diet and they should stop consuming foods which are a rich source of fats and cholesterol (junk foods), they should consume lots of vegetables and fruits every day which will help the people to improve their hormones and nourish their reproductive cycle.

People should start performing regular exercises as it will help the people to stay fit and healthy. Stopping the consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarettes are the major factors behind the reduction in the male fertility. A simple lifestyle change can really help the people to improve their fertility.

People can also try out some natural vitamin supplements as they can be effective enough to enhance the quality and quantity of the sperms. People should make sure that they do not wear underwear which is very tight. Having early morning sex is also advisable as at this time sperm levels of the male are the highest. Learn how to naturally increase low sperm count.

Diets To Increase Sperm Count

A change in your diet is one of the easiest ways to increase semen volume naturally. First and foremost, cut processed foods from your diet. Second, avoid spicy and citric foods as both decrease sperm count. It is also advisable to eat organic whenever possible. Conventionally-grown foods contain pesticides that can contribute to decreased sperm count and quality.

There are plenty of foods to increase your sperm naturally. Here are four:


Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts decrease damaging inflammation in your body, which can increase sperm count. Walnuts also help increase circulation.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac. It also contains a powerful amino acid called L-Arginine HCL that increases circulation and relaxes sex organ muscles.

Pumpkin Seeds

Men with an enlarged prostate should snack on pumpkin seeds to decrease inflammation and increase sperm count. The secret ingredients are compounds called phytosterols, which help increase testosterone production.


This savory fruit is rich in vitamin E and C. Both these nutrients naturally increase sperm count and motility.

Less Sex

Men who have sexual intercourse or masturbate each day may experience a decreased volume of sperm. It is best to limit sex to 3 times per week maximum. Also, have sex in the morning if possible when trying to conceive. Sperm counts are higher in the morning.


Exercise is good for your health and your sperm count. Working out at least 3 times per week will increase your blood circulation and improve your sperm count. Avoid cycling, however. Research has shown that cyclists often have a much lower sperm amount than most men. This is due to the chronic impounding damage to the testes and scrotum.

Stop Smoking

Smoking reduces the count and quality of sperm. If you smoke, quit.


Poor nutrition is a common cause of decreased sperm production. Adding supplements like Semenax to your can help increase sperm count naturally.

Vitamin C – This powerful antioxidant protects sperm and its DNA

Selenium – This natural supplement increases sperm quantity and motility

Zinc – Studies show zinc supplements increase sperm count dramatically

Folate – Folate not only increases production but lessens the chances of abnormal sperm

Herbs to Raise Sperm Count

Ashwagandha – This herb increases testosterone production and sperm count

Kapikacchu – This herb controls the oxidative damage done to sperm and increases testosterone

Raspberry Leaf – This herb Increases the longevity of sperm Other

Excessive heat can damage sperm. Avoid saunas and putting a laptop on your lap. Also, wear loose-fitting underwear and pants to allow for better circulation. Studies show men who sit for long periods of time have a lower sperm count. If your job demands you sit for long durations, take breaks and get up and walk around.

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