What Are The Top Pheromones?

As soon as you start talking about pheromones it conjures up all sorts of ideas of sex and excitement. In this article, I compare the top-rated pheromone colognes for men of 2017.

Alfa Maschio

Let’s talk a bit about why Alfa Maschio Pheromone was created.

I consider myself to be a nice guy. It was hard growing up as one of the only ethnic guys in the neighborhood. I always stood out in the crowd, and I only had a few close friends. As a result, I had issues when it came to my confidence level.

Basically, I had low self-esteem, which created problems in the dating world. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have my first date until I was close to adulthood. Yes, my self-confidence was that low.

When I became an adult, I figured out what my issues were and tried to fix them. I begin this process about 3 years ago, and I’m still working on my issues. Honestly, I had this problem up until just a few years ago. I’ve become a player.

More Self-Confidence

What changed? I attribute the change to my discovery of pheromones. They’ve helped me to seduce plenty of women. As a matter of fact, Alfa Maschio helped turned me into the type of man that I’ve always wanted to be. I wanted more self-confidence and a better personality. I also wanted to become more sexual in nature. But all in all, since that time, this is what I’ve learned about living the “bad boy” lifestyle. I also know why Alfa Maschio works so well.

Full Review: http://infospeak.org/alfa-maschio/
Available at: Alpha-Dream.com

Aqua Vitae

This product is one of the best pheromones in existence. But it is also believed to be one of the hardest to use. Why is this true? If you are not comfortable with turning into an alpha male, then your opportunities to score will dwindle. This is why this is a good product if you are an alpha male looking for a way to get more women…fast.

With Aqua Vitae, you will have no problems luring in women. But you must act fast if you want true success.

No one can deny that Aqua Vitae creates a magnetic aura. Women will just want to be around you and find out more about you. It kind of hits them in the head, and they don’t understand what is happening to them.

More Stares from Women

Women will stare, intensely. When you walk past them, they will stare, but look away. Then they will uncontrollably continue staring out the corner of their eyes. Or they will try to take little sneak a peek to see if you are still looking at them. This may sound childish, but it’s kind of fun, especially when you pass them and keep walking. It’s a punch in the face that you might not be interested in them.

Women may seem completely lost or dumbfounded when you are around. This happens a lot during conversations.

No one can explain why this takes places. It could be that women are just so glad that you are talking to them. Other little signs of attraction. You will notice plenty of eye contact, hair flipping, blatant touching or just physical contact in general. A lot of guys are familiar with these signs, but you can expect more of them when you wear Aqua Vitae.

Full Review:
Available at: Pheromonesperfumeandcologne.com

New Pheromone Additive

NNPA (New, New Pheromone Additive) Yes, this is a strange name. That’s because the formula changed in 2014, and now people call it NNPA. The new version isn’t as strong as the original one.

In fact, most guys couldn’t use it unless they combined it with something softer. NNPA is the version that I’m reviewing, and it is sold as Lacroy NNPA. However, I’m just calling it NPA since it is still the same product, but with an adjusted formula.

NPA Touch

This is still NPA, but it comes in a spray bottle. This means that it affects women differently than NNPA. Since it is sprayed, it covers a larger distance around you. Also, spraying is more convenient than opening the bottle and dabbing drops of the formula on your pulse spots.

I’m going to show you the difference between NPA Touch and NNPA later in the review. Be advised that NPA Touch is sold by Love-Scent. I’ve provided a link because I think that NPA Touch is one of my best options. Also, be advised that the NPA concentrate sold by Lacroy is basically the same thing.

Full Review: http://infospeak.org/new-pheromone-additive/
Available at: Love-Scent.com

Human Pheromones Research

Description of the pheromone reaction: Von Frisch (1938, 1941a,b) confirmed repeatedly his casual observations both in field and laboratory experiments with the top pheromones. In the field, a small feeding table with a tube through which chopped earthworm could be dropped onto the table was placed near the shore of a lake. The minnows soon learned of this source of food. A school of fish was first enticed to the feeding tray and five minutes later test substances were introduced through the tube. An active test substance induced a pheromone reaction in 30-60 sec. Fish which had assembled at the feeding tray seemed terrified and fled a short distance in confusion; they then crowded together and retreated.

Confidence returned after variable intervals of many minutes, hours or days. In the laboratory, an aquarium was furnished with a hiding place, a food tube, a wire for the introduction of food into the tube, and usually ten minnows. When first placed in such an environment, minnows are timid and flee into the hiding place.

They must be conditioned to the experimental pheromones until they no longer flee when a person approaches the tank but remain near the food tube. The conditioning time varies from three days to three weeks.

The pheromone behavioral changes during conditioning and the subsequent fright reaction during the experiments are quantified and the tests made objective by recording the number of minnows in the feeding area at intervals of 15 seconds for five minute periods after each feeding or the introduction of test materials. In the aquarium the fright reaction is similar to that observed in field experiments. An excellent docu-mentation of the fright reaction in the minnow and the experimental procedure has been recorded on film by Von Frisch (1955).

The intensity of the pheromone reaction varies. Von Frisch (1941b) distinguished seven different pheromonal situations. These are arbitrary stages and many intermediate phases may be observed ranging from the most intense reaction where all fish are suddenly frightened to a scarcely visible intimidation. These categories permit useful quantitative evaluations and have been used by Von Frisch and his students Schutz and Pfeiffer in their many human pheromones experiments:

Most intense pheromone reaction with sudden fright and rapid swimming into the hiding place, but immediately coming out and rapidly swimming around the tank, avoiding the feeding place for a long time. 2) Intense pheromone reaction as above, but fish do not leave the hiding place. Sometimes, after several minutes, some fish return to the feeding place and timidly snatch bits of food before quickly retreating. 3) Clearly frightened; the school retreats toward or more often into the hiding place but quietens down within 5-10 minutes and then approaches the feeding area more or less confidently.

Sometimes fish may remain longer in the hiding place, but without showing extremely timid movements while there.

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