Women Become Bored With Men


In the end you can try and be the most perfect man or woman. But long lasting relationships don’t work without selflessness. Because in the end no ones perfect, even if they have everything (looks, wealth, romance, personality), they’ll always have something you don’t like about them. Could be as simple as a man leaving the toilet seat up, or a woman tidying the house, putting things away (and he hates it, because he can’t find anything). If you can’t put up with the small things like that, and I know women who will go mental about every little thing until the man has no soul left, and there are men who will go mental or beat their women over small things. Then it doesn’t matter how perfect or imperfect the other person is, you’ll always lose without selflessness in a relationship.

I heard girls define this as ‘conquering cocks’, guys are interesting until you ‘conquered their cock’ and then they need new cocks to conquer.

Easy Fix= David Deida always follow your path/goal, never make your woman your goal. This fits the conquering the cock thing. Also it is highly dangerous and even illogical to generalize something. Just because you or someone else has experienced some negative experiences with some women doesn’t make a belief about the experience necessarily true. The belief is only related to the specific situations. I know of beautiful women who like settled guys, and are not mentally unhealthy women who are seeking to get revenge on their unknown father. Most girls looking to conquer are immature, same goes with men.

Yeah, worst thing to do is to get paranoid about this. Ultimately worrying about whether or not women get bored is rooted in fear of abandonment.

How does being with someone good looking, intelligent, signal “good to breed with” versus the societal loser who is unemployed, dumb, has no job, criminal record, etc.. Why is a woman’s attraction/love/devotion stronger in the loser than her husband? Why does her attraction override her affection when it comes to love? Why is it that because the husband/provider is not sexually suitable that he gets treated in the most heinous of manners- being cuckolded and himself used like a tool. What did he do to deserve that punishment? Does the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude these guys exhibit really make sense from an evolutionary perspective that would make women want to breed with them? Why, because he gives her a “feels rollercoaster/gina tingles?”

I understand much better how relationship dynamics work, but this is the one thing that has stumped me for a long time.

These girls have no choice. They are emotional beings, not logical. You remove sexual restrictions, and what you have is 80/20 compounded in the world. It’s easy to see. Out of every 1000 men, there are 8 who have fucked over 512 girls, and the remaining 992 have to contend with 488. Even amongst those 8, there are like 2 who have fucked 200 each, and the other 6 choose from 112 girls.

The more restrictions you remove, the more 80/20 the world gets. Top 20% get 80%, the top 4% get 64%, and the top 0.8% get 51.2%

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