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The fact that you are reading this tells me that you are either just a bit curious about penis extenders or else you’ve reached a point in your life where you are seriously looking for an effective way to increase the size of your penis. Now, I would almost be willing to bet my life on the fact that your penis is already big enough, but yes, I know, men are men, and many wouldn’t say No to a bit of extra length and/or girth.

The good news is that penis extenders have indeed been proven to work, despite all the reports claiming otherwise. However, I am not here to mislead you, I’ll tell you right now that they cannot and will not add inches to the size of your penis. If the thought of a modest increase in length appeals to you, then you might want to consider using one of these devices. I should also add that the studies I have looked at only recorded an increase in flaccid penis length, while none of the participants experienced any gains in terms of girth.


To begin with, it is worth noting that the x4Labs penis extender has been manufactured by a company that has been making male enhancement products like penis extenders for more than a decade already. During this time they have invested a considerable amount of money into research and etc. so that they can offer men all over the world a high-quality device that has been designed and manufactured based on intensive research.

X4 Labs must be doing something right because more than 1 million men from all around the world are currently using, or they have already finished using the X4 Extender. Astonishingly enough, X4 Labs are currently even offering men the opportunity to double their money: if you purchase one of their penis extenders and after using it as per their instructions you don’t notice a notable increase in length and girth, the company will refund you double the amount you paid.

Enhanced Product Design

While most modern penis extenders all work on the same principal, in that they are all designed to gradually stretch the penis over a prolonged period of time, there are nonetheless significant variations in design. For example, the X4 Extender features a unique “comfort strap” which you generally won’t find with other brands.

Because penis extenders are designed to be worn for several hours per day, this added focus on comfort can make a huge difference, and to a large extent, it can spell the difference between success and failure. After all, not many men want to have their penises in traction all day, and particularly not if it involves high levels of discomfort as well.

Participate In a Study for a Free Extender

Currently, X4 Labs is looking for willing participants to take part in a private study in exchange for a free X4 Labs extender. In order to claim your free device, you simply order the product; you use it for a period of 6 months as per the included instructions, and while doing to, you record your progress or lack of progress. At the end of the six months you submit the data to the company, and in turn, they issue you a full refund and you get to keep the extender free of charge.


Proven Results – According to an article that appeared in Science Daily, a controlled study found that all participants experienced a permanent increase in penis length after a period of 3 months.
One Size Fits All – The X4 Labs extender is designed to accommodate all penis sizes.
Enhanced Comfort – A unique comfort strap guarantees maximum comfort.

Price – Unfortunately, many men may find the price of these extenders a bit prohibitive with the cheapest version retailing for just below $90, while the Gold Edition is a whopping $249.00.

Official Site: X4Labs.com

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