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In this article, I review Alfa Maschio by Alpha Dream. It has become one of my top pheromones for 2018.

About Alpha Dream Maschio

Alfa MaschioThis pheromone is less well know that a lot of other pheromones we talk about here on the blog and this post is here to let you know whether this outside contender can stand up to other well-known pheromones such as Chikara or Pherazone.

Alfa Maschio has been given the code name ‘Bad Boy’ by its creators over at Paradox Delta Technologies. They say it is designed for the man who loves women. It is supposed to be a no-nonsense formula to help men get the ladies and nothing more. Don’t be expecting to find your future wife but you can expect a wild night full of satisfaction.

Now you don’t only have to take my word for it this pheromone spray is designed to pick up one type of lady more than any other and that is the confident, sexy, ‘alpha female’ type. Why is this good for you? Well, this type of woman is normally the one you see dressed in sexy clothes, looking absolutely stunning that every other woman in the room is staring at her in envy.

These type of woman is, in my opinion, one of the most adventurous beneath the sheets if you know what I mean. The pheromone also helps you by making you look confident and strong. It projects an aura of an alpha male to others and this fits in perfectly to pick up the type of women you are after.

First Impressions

I used Alfa Maschio and the world changed for me. I feel confident and attractive enough to talk to beautiful women. I’m no longer shy. It gives me a whole new attitude and outlook when it comes to women. In addition, I see myself as a totally different person. It was as if I walked into a parallel universe or something. I see myself as an attractive man that all women should and must love.

Because of Alfa Maschio, I now have big steel balls. I am a man filled with charisma, charm and sex appeal. I totally dominate everything that I come into contact with. Later on, I’ll continue talking about how Alfa Maschio changed my life, but let’s talk about something else for now.

It’s possible to get women to fall for you, but it isn’t easy. Listen to me. I know from experience. It isn’t hard to be a “bad boy.” Don’t think that you have to be a jerk or go around starting arguments with people. Also, although it did it, this doesn’t give you a license to treat women badly.

To be quite honest, being a bad boy just means that you’re more aggressive. You aren’t afraid to act upon your good intentions. Your confidence level is high. In addition, you don’t feel forced to put a woman up on a pedestal just to get her attention. Sure, bad boys have a certain vibe, but anyone can get the same swagger. This is why you need Alfa Maschio.

Women See You Positively

I loved how this pheromone transformed me and instantly gave me a taste of the bad boy lifestyle. I cannot lie. It is a powerful feeling that you won’t want to lose.

I was finally living the life. Women all of a sudden wanted to be with me. Most importantly, I didn’t feel like I had to bow down to any particular woman. Because you know what? If someone didn’t want to be with me, I did not give a darn. There were plenty of other women who found me attractive.

Alfa Maschio gave me a huge boost of confidence. I have never had this feeling before. I am a sexually confident man because of this powerful pheromone. Compare it to learning how to drive cars. You can read about it. You can see yourself in the coolest car on the road. You can even feel a sense of what it’s like to drive on your favorite stretch of highway. However, until you actually get in that car and drive, dreaming and imagining it really doesn’t matter. This is why Alfa Maschio pheromone cologne is so popular.

Highly Effective

The minute that you put it on, you can see the changes. Women instantly flock to you. They love and respect you. Most importantly, you’ll become a more confident person who wants to conquer as many women possible. You’ll turn into “that” bad boy that women dream about.

Sounds awesome, right? Surprisingly, this is only a small part of what you can expect. I will talk more about these things later, but Alfa Maschio is a popular product for one main reason.

Popular and Sexy

Use this product and you will attract some of the sexiest women in the room. The hottest women in the nightclub will instantly be at your side. I’m talking about women who are wild and ready to go. Yes, this means high-quality women who are models and actresses. They walk around in lingerie, dude. You can honestly pull these types of girls.

But depending on what you’re looking for, there may be a slight problem. Understand that although these women are very attractive, many of them are not girlfriend or wife material.

These women just want to party and have fun. Most of them are wild and immature. Maybe this is why they are looking for bad boys, and Alfa Maschio will give you the swagger that they want. Now, if this is what you’re looking for, then you are going to be one of the happiest men alive. Alfa Maschio will give you the playboy lifestyle.

But then again, because you’ll be seen as a confident and masculine male, a lot of women will want to be with you. Basically, these are all of the things you can expect if you wear Alfa Maschio. I hope that you find my review interesting. I know that it is long, but I didn’t want you to think that this product is just a trend in the making.

Final Words

As a matter of fact, this is one of the first products that I used when testing pheromones. It worked very well for me.  I never thought in a million years that I could transform into a bad boy. I thought this lifestyle was just available for certain types of guys.

Yes, I could have found other ways to attract women, but I got better results with Alfa Maschio. I saw what I needed to do to get the types of women that I wanted. But enough about my great results. Understand that you can live the same lifestyle. I know that you’re really interested if you’re still reading this review. You want to get the same results that I did.

Is It Worth It?

Now, just a small thing to consider. If you like women that aren’t on the wild side, then this may not be the right product for you. Alfa Maschio tends to intimidate some women. Consider using a product such as Nude Alpha or XiSt instead. They are softer and generally make women more romantic.

But back to Alpha Maschio pheromones. Once I started using this product, I saw how pheromones worked for dating. I am a total player now. I know the right way to talk and flirt with women. I’ve turned into a seduction professional, and it comes naturally to me these days.

All in all, Alpha Maschio works for both beginners and men who have used other pheromones. It works for just about everyone, and it gets wonderful results. I have to say, that this product did more than just make me better in the dating game. Yes, I now get more women. But this product has helped me to be a better man. It can do the same thing for you. Stop trying to figure out how to attract women. Just buy Alpha Maschio and experience great results. Start living the bad boy lifestyle and be happy.

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