Androstenone Pheromone Effects

Androstenone is the name of one of the human pheromones used in colognes. As in other animal species, pheromones are hormone-like neurotransmitter chemicals secreted by some glands (believed to be apocrine sweat glands in humans) that send encouraging chemical signals to the opposite sex. These communication signals on being picked up by a member of the opposite sex spark off a physiological response in the form of instant attraction and positive sexual vibes between the two.

Androstenone boosts sexual attraction

Pheromones are found in both men and women, but androstenone is primarily known as a male pheromone. This is so because it characteristically produces an alpha image type of an aura, associated with self-confidence dominance, power, and aggressiveness – qualities in a man that most women feel strongly attracted to.

How androstenone works

Though androstenone pheromones are secreted inside the body, supposedly by apocrine sweat glands, their range of action extends far beyond the body of the secreting individual. These silent chemical signals can impact the behavior of a member of the opposite sex at the receiving end. It is believed that a tiny organ, called the vomeronasal organ (VNO), is the receptor organ of pheromones. The VNO sends the received signals to the brain, which interprets them and dictates the response of the body, which gets translated into a behavioral response.

Androstenone in pheromone colognes

The general notion that alpha aggressiveness is linked to sexual attraction and good mate selection has been put to commercial use by the perfume industry to produce a number of androstenone-containing products such as colognes and shaving lotions for men.

These androstenone products are supposed to enhance sexual pheromone attraction to members of the opposite sex by producing a somewhat intimidating and aggressive male aura around them. It is said that androstenone also makes people behave more respectfully and courteously towards the wearer.

Androstenone in perfumes

Some androstenone products are available for women too. They have a similar effect on men when used by a woman. Androstenone will make a woman radiate the aura of a strong, assertive woman who knows what she wants.

Androstenone does not have a pleasant smell; in fact, this pheromone has a very disagreeable stale sweat and urine-like smell in concentrated form. So, one must take care to do a sufficient amount of cover fragrance near or over areas where androstenone has been applied.

Another note of precaution: If used in excess, androstenone can cause a headache, a highly aggressive mood, foul smell, and aggression from other members of the same sex. Moreover, an overtly intimidating aura can completely put off members of the opposite sex.

Benefits of androstenone pheromones

Using androstenone-containing products in parties and get-togethers can provide the following benefits that give an extra edge over other competing males:

  • Increased attention from the opposite sex
  • Greater prospects of attracting a suitable mate
  • Better chances of turning on someone special for a special date
  • Boosted confidence to simply flirt with the opposite sex and have a good time


All said and done, though all such androstenone-containing and other pheromone products do play a positive role in triggering human attraction between the opposite sexes, they can only serve to enhance a person’s initial instant attraction power. For sustained attraction between the opposite sexes, obviously, many more factors and qualities will come into play, such as hygiene, good looks, dress sense, social status, education, intelligence, sense of humor, financial status, and, most importantly, the character of the person.

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