Best Penis Enlargement Devices UK

We tested the best penis enlargement devices of 2020 and the results will surprise you…

Imagine if you could have a longer, thicker, and harder penis? Well, I’m here to tell you that you *CAN* … and it’s MUCH EASIER THAN YOU THINK.

The answer is … PENIS STRETCHERS. They’re safe, effective, and produce permanent results without the dangerous side effects of pills or surgery.

Best Penis Enlargement Devices of 2020

We’ve dedicated over a decade researching and studying penis enlargement products from around the world. After spending literally thousands of hours field testing and doing variable studies, we finally determined which products will give you the best performance.

1. Quick Extender Pro Rating: A – Quick Extender Pro is our #1 recommendation for several reasons. First, it’s the only penis extender with a double strap support system to give you maximum comfort while maximizing your gains. Second, they have the widest variety of packages to fit everyones budget. Third, It represents the best value for your money and the potential to reach your enlargement goals faster than competing systems. – 

2. SizeGenetics Rating: B – Sizegenetics is one of the best selling penis extenders on the market and is our second choice. Although the device is of excellent quality, the Sizegenetics system can still be considered somewhat costly. In addition, the lower end packages do not include significant value to justify the price.

3. Jes Extender Rating: B The Jes Extender is well made and sturdy but also bulky and heavy. We rated it as our third choice because even though the Jes Extender is effective, the original design but has not been updated in over 10 years. Extra items can be purchased from the Jes website as needed. 

The Advantage of Using a Penis Extender

  • Increase the length of your penis and achieve a powerful and irresistible size
  • The easiest and fastest way to create IMPRESSIVE erections that will make your partner drool
  • The fastest and most effective way to STRAIGHTEN that ugly curvature of the penis
  • Finally have the kind of sex you have always wanted
  • You don’t need supplements
  • Neither pills nor chemicals
  • And you don’t even need risky surgeries

Choose The Stretcher Right For You

Quick Extender Pro



Best Seller




Jes Extender



Here’s a short review of the top penis stretchers.

Quick Extender Pro

Our #1 recommendation if you are considering a penis stretcher is the Quick Extender Pro. It is a well made device that is extremely comfortable and also simple to use. When selecting a penis stretcher your top priority should be comfort. Your level of comfort when wearing the device leads directly to the best results.

When pitted against other devices, the Quick Extender Pro comes out ahead in the comfort department every time. In addition, all the packages by the company offered provide exceptional value and represent a sound investment.

What Makes It Number One

The Quick Extender Pro system is all about comfort – a detail that is lacking in many of the penis stretchers currently available. In addition to being lightweight, it employs the exclusive double strap support (DSS) system to provide even more comfort when you are wearing the stretcher.

The company that produces the Quick Extender Pro stands behind their product. They are available 24 hours a day to address any concerns or answer any questions you might have. There is a lifetime guarantee included with your purchase should the device ever malfunction. They also include a 6 month money back guarantee if you are ever dissatisfied with your purchase within the first few months of purchase.

The Quick Extender Pro is our #1 choice for anyone considering a penis stretcher. It represents the best value for your money and the potential to reach your enlargement goals faster than competing systems. It is definitely worth consideration if you are seeking a true affordable alternative to expensive, dangerous and painful surgery.


  • The design of the Quick Extender Pro is based on proven technology in the field of penis enlargement.
  • The exclusive Double Strap Support (DSS) system makes it more versatile and allows for longer wearing than any other penis extender on the market.
  • The Quick Extender Pro is manufactured using high quality, medical grade materials.
  • Constructed of medical grade aluminum, the system is lightweight (weighing in at only 43 grams) and comfortable.
  • It effectively corrects curvature of the penis.
  • The product line is diverse and there is a price point ($119.99 – $349.99) to suit even the most budget conscious customer.
  • No matter which package you choose, you can be assured of receiving an excellent product offering great value for your money.
  • The system is manufactured in the US and ships quickly.
  • The Quick Extender Pro arrives in discrete packaging allowing you to avoid embarrassment.
  • Standard shipping is reasonably priced at $9.99 and comes with a tracking number so that you know where your product is at all times.
  • A 6 month money back guarantee is included with your purchase.
  • A lifetime guarantee on workmanship is included so if your device is damaged, you receive another at no charge.


  • Since the system requires 2 straps as opposed to one, you will need to purchase double the amount in case of replacement. However, the straps are relatively inexpensive to replace and last a long time.
  • The tension springs are not the same across the range of devices.


Size Genetics is one of the best selling penis stretchers on the market and is our #2 choice if you are considering a penis stretching device. The Size Genetics system, manufactured and shipped from Denmark, is crafted from quality materials. Considerable thought has been taken with everything from the design of the device to the packaging of the product itself.

It comes with the ultimate comfort system technology that features a thick strap around the penis and highly adjustable angle so the penis is always in the most comfortable position. The complete system ranges in price from $199-$389.


  • The Size Genetics “Ultimate System” is a top quality system that provides excellent value for your investment.
  • Only the highest quality materials are used in construction of the device.
  • It includes the exclusive 16 way comfort strap system. Of all the penis extenders reviewed, Size Genetics’ support strap system is ranked second best.
  • It is actually endorsed by doctors and as well as penile enhancement surgeons around the world.
  • It has a 16 year track record of success in the penis enlargement industry.


  • In order to receive a warranty, you must invest an additional $40
  • Though free shipping is included, estimated arrival time is between 30 and 35 days with no system in place for tracking your shipment
  • The system is relatively expensive in relation to value provided. Only the “Ultimate System” provides value in relation to cost.

Jes Extender

It’s worth pointing out that the SizeGenetics and Jes Extender come from the same company with a few slight differences that I will point out. While the components are the same, the main difference is in the comfort systems and bonuses. The SizeGenetics offers the 16-way comfort system for greater support and comfort whereas Jes Extender uses a contoured rubber strap.

SizeGenetics basically gives you more options to find what more comfortable for you whereas the Jes Extender only gives you silicon harness.

Other differences, you get a locking case with the SizeGenetics system and an instructional DVD along with traction powder, moisturizer, and travel bag. In terms of bonuses and packages, SizeGenetics gives you more. Cost wise they are around the same price. As long as you use them correctly and stick to the program they will work exactly the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Penis Extender Increase Length and Girth?

Yes. It can Increase both length and girth by effectively inducing cellular division and increasing the size of internal cavities of the penis. * Please note that results may vary

How Many Hours Should You Wear A Penis Extender?

It is recommended you wear it 4-6 hours a day for 5-6 days a week. However, some guys are putting in 8 or 9 hours a day for even faster results.

Can Penis Extenders Correct Penile Curvature?

Yes, penis extenders were originally invented to treat curvature.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, our penis extenders are backed by a money back guarantee! If for any reason you are not satisfied after this period, please email our support staff or place a return ticket to return the extender for a full refund, minus shipping charges and bank processing fees.

Is Shipping Discreet?

Yes. All orders are discreetly shipped with variable length extension bars, comfort straps, comfort padding, an instructional manual, video tutorial and a lifetime warranty. Depending on the model various additional spare parts, accessories, and bonus products are included.

Final Thoughts

Of all the systems we have reviewed, the Quick Extender Pro provides the best value for your money overall. From the outstanding craftsmanship of the device to the stellar customer service, the folks at Quick Extender Pro make your satisfaction a priority. Unlike some other companies, there are no hidden fees. Your purchase is simple and straightforward. You will be hard pressed to find a better quality penis extender on the market.

If you are considering purchasing the Quick Extender Pro, our recommendation is that you choose either the Deluxe Standard Edition or the Deluxe Limited Edition to achieve more impressive gains as well as to receive the best return on your investment.

Disclosure: some of the links on this website are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase an item following one of the links, I may receive a commission. Regardless of that, I only recommend the products or services, that I strongly believe will benefit our readers

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