How Penis Stretchers Work

Penis Traction is the method used by penis extenders to safely and effectively enlarge your penis. Below is a detailed explanation outlining the process and stages your body will go through during the penile enlargement program.

Imagine a weight trainer lifting a weight. As he does so, with progressively heavier weights, he stretches and trains the muscles he is lifting with. This causes small micro tears and cell duplications to occur along the muscle. As the muscle heals, it becomes larger, firmer and holds more blood as it gets bigger. Penis traction devices work in a similar way

Key Points of How The Penis Stretchers:

  • Based on the Science of Penis Traction
  • Promotes Cellular Growth
  • Proportional growth in both length and girth
  • Painless natural gains

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The Enlargement Process Works in 3 Simple and Easy Steps

STEP 1 Wear your Penile Traction Device

A penis extender works by applying a constant light stretch to your penis on a daily basis.

This stretching action is a type of tension applied to the penis called “penis traction” which is the very basis behind the science of the Quick Extender Pro device.

The process is painless and does not interfere with the normal functions of your penis.

STEP 2 Microscopic Tears

Exposing the penis to a constant traction (Using the Quick Extender Pro’s specially calibrated tension system) microscopic tears will begin to form along the shaft. The process is completely pain free.

The tears will not be visible to the naked eye and can only be seen through magnification.

As these tears occur regularly along the course of the treatment, your body will recognize the gaps created in the penis tissue. As a form of healing, your penis will begin to repair itself by going through a process known as “mitosis” followed by “cytokenesis”.

STEP 3 Healing Process: Mitosis & Cytokenesis

Mitosis occurs when cells within the existing penis tissue begin to divide, known as cellular division, where one cell divides into two. The penis tissue cells will divide over and over again to fill in the gaps (tears) caused by the penile traction process. Enlargement can be noticed in both length and girth (thickness).

In the simplest sense, the nucleus of a cell divides within itself then splits in two, each containing a mirror image of the original nucleus. The splitting of the two cells, once the nucleus has divided, is called cytokinesis, the final stages of cell division and tissue growth.

The cells will rapidly divide over the course of the treatment and will create new tissue for a longer and larger penis.

FINAL RESULT Natural Penis Enlargement

The penile traction process is not painful by any means because it consists of a slight gentle tension applied over time. As a Quick Extender Pro user, you get to chose how much traction/tension you want to apply to your penis and how many hours you would like to use it.

We offer a selection of recommended programs in the instructions manual, but you may chose to modify the program to accommodate your needs.

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