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Liquid Trust Pheromones

Liquid Trust is not a pheromone spray but it is marketed as if it was. While pheromones are present in everyone, not everyone is lucky enough to be very attractive. This is where Liquid Trust comes in which is basically a product that contains artificial pheromones that will make the users more attractive. The company behind this product also claims that users can finally engage in relationships with people that they previously found incompatible with. Liquid Trust is also very easy to use.

How Liquid Trust Works

All you have to do is apply some Liquid Trust all over your body. For best results, you should do it in the morning after you take a shower and while you are just getting dressed. The idea is to only use it if there is an important meeting or social gathering so you can take advantage of the positive effects that Liquid trust brings.

Next, you basically just meet these people and observe the positive reactions made by other people. These people should notice something different immediately thanks to the presence of Oxytocin which is one of the natural elements of liquid Trust.

People will get that sense of trust as they go near you. These people won’t be able to explain why either. That is actually the magic that Liquid Trust can bring to you.

Benefits of Liquid Trust

Oxytocin is a very important chemical that makes up the Liquid Trust product because it is naturally found in the human brain. Oxytocin gets produced whenever you get stimulated so activities like breastfeeding or sex can produce Oxytocin as a result.


Scientists are also investigating the role of oxytocin in other aspects of human behavior. Its actions on maternal behavior including the following peripheral actions are well established in most respects:

During the second and third stages of labor, oxytocin causes the uterus to contract and the cervix to dilate. Both are obviously important for successful delivery.  In lactating mothers, oxytocin stimulates the passage of milk from the mammary glands into the nipples. This hastens the breastfeeding process while also strengthening the maternal bond between mother and child.

Love Hormone

Indeed, oxytocin has been called the “love hormone” and the “tribe hormone” because of its role in encouraging feelings of love, trust, and empathy between the parties. Lest you start thinking that oxytocin is useful in maternal situations only, think again. Among all the known hormones, it appears to have the strongest effect on social behavior and, consequently, on sexual behavior. In many studies, for example, both men and women have exhibited increased levels of plasma oxytocin during and after orgasm. This is true even during self-stimulated arousal and orgasm.


One such practical application of oxytocin is its addition to personal hygiene products like colognes, perfumes and body sprays (i.e., Liquid Trust). Basically, the chemical factors are added to the usual ingredients of the grooming products that, in turn, can be used like any other product of its kind.

Spray on your hot spots like behind the ears, for example, and let it works its magic, so to speak.
Since the body spray is infused with oxytocin, whoever detects it will feel increased levels of trust in the wearer – you, for that matter. Keep in mind that, like all pheromones, oxytocin is detected on a subconscious level specified by the vomeronasal organ in the nose but the effects can be experienced.

Social Connections

This chemical plays an important role in developing social ties. It also controls who you prefer to be with even if you find multiple people attractive. This is why some people refer to Oxytocin as a “love hormone”.

Even if the person does not know the other person, the Oxytocin can serve as the reason behind that urge to get in a solid and trusting relationship. When the brain produces more oxytocin, situations become less risky as a result and confidence are developed.

Vero Labs, the company behind Liquid Trust, combines Oxytocin with a special odorless spray that is said to enhance the atmosphere. This is basically how Liquid Trust got its name since Oxytocin has those “Trust” properties.

Unlike other colognes, Liquid Trust has no fragrance whatsoever. This means that you won’t suffer from any serious side effects since some people can be sensitive to certain fragrances. It can be used discreetly and there is a time release effect so you can use Liquid Trust to create an effect that can last several hours.

Oxytocin Affects Behavior

This the hormone which triggers affectionate behavior is released during orgasm – the more sex a couple has the more affectionate they become with each other. Women, in particular, release large quantities of oxytocin when intercourse is accompanied by affectionate behavior. Women in love experience a beneficial loop.

The higher oxytocin levels generated by the experience of love give rise to stronger orgasms, these, in turn, produce more oxytocin which increases her loving feelings. The beneficial effects of oxytocin depend on the sensitivity of its receptors.

Bonding and Trust

Oxytocin works as an interweaving bond that creates a strong family structure allowing lovers to care for each other and their children.

The man in love (motivated by Testosterone) is the key that unlocks the Oxytocin in a woman and in doing so he will feel the ultimate pleasure of his pursuit as he is rewarded with Oxytocin himself.

When the man and woman both feel the effects of “Oxytocin” they feel complete and are ready to nurture each other. Since Oxytocin triggers nurturing effects in the body, the moment where a man receives his portion of Oxytocin he too becomes a nurturer and the symbiotic circle of Oxytocin is created.

Oxytocin lies ‘low’ in our brain, which means the effects produced by oxytocin are not immediately apparent, as they don’t become conscious.

It is, therefore, important to get to know oxytocin and its effects (and naturally its cousin, vasopressin which is more associated with aggression and stress) for us to be able to understand ourselves and others better and also perhaps to learn to handle oxytocin in a good way.

With each study on oxytocin, scientists are learning more about these pheromones including its effects on human behavior in both the social and sexual aspects. These effects are being used for a wide variety of practical applications that can benefit both men and women seeking better personal and professional relationships.

User Results

While the company promises a 60-day money back guarantee, it is still best to see what the users have to say about the product. A lot of users claim that Liquid Trust is more effective in getting others to trust them which means that it lives up to the name. You just need to keep it refrigerated so the effect lasts longer.

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