My Review of the Bathmate Hydromax

In this article, I review the Bathmate penis pump.

Aside from the Hercules, new additions to the Bathmate line has been added, namely the Bathmate Hydromax and Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme. This review will soon be updated to include the newest addition, the Hydromax x50. The Hydromax x50 will serve as Bathmate’s replacement to its old Goliath pump for porn stars. The new Hydromax offerings have several improvements compared to the Hercules pump. These are listed below:

  • The new pumps have new gaiter systems which give 35 % more power.
  • The gaiters can now be rotated 360 degrees while using.
  • No more leaking since it is employed with super flow lock valve
  • An additional hand grip pump and optional use tube for the Xtreme only

What are the benefits of the Bathmate?

  • Temporarily increases penis size
  • Boosts your self-confidence
  • Intensify orgasm
  • Increase sexual stamina
  • Straightens out that curve
  • Helps in erectile dysfunction
  • Helps premature ejaculation

All throughout this review, I will cover my own experiences with the Bathmate. This does not necessarily mean that others are having the same experience as I am. The first Bathmate pump I used was the Hercules and I upgraded to the x30. Now I just started using the Xtreme x40. The usual reviews I encounter from guys using any enhancement products usually leave out the cons which are not very helpful.

That’s why I have the pleasure of sharing unbiased and real reviews with other guys so I can help them. I also like helping people out in the comments section. There is also information on the before and after usage of the product towards the end of my reviews.

What differentiates Bathmate from other penis pumps in the market?

Unlike regular pumps, the Bathmate is water based specifically created for use in the shower or while bathing. Compared to regular pumps, water-based pumps or hydro pumps are proven to be more effective and results can be seen faster. Bathmate has been creating their products for a long time now and has been proven to be effective by most of its users.

The Bathmate Hydropumps have been featured in Tosh.0 and this exposure enabled knock of manufacturers to create imitations of Bathmate. You can find these knock-offs on Amazon and eBay but they are easily broken. Bathmate has been the first to introduce water-based pumps and it is very popular everywhere on the internet.

The different sizes of Bathmate products

There are different sizes available for the Bathmate pumps. These are the Hercules, x30, x40, Xtreme x30, Xtreme x40, and the Goliath. Goliath is so far the largest size but its gaiter is obsolete compared to the others. The Hydromax x30 and x40 both already employ the new, no leak gaiter system.

My thoughts and results after an 18-month use of the Bathmate

My overall opinion is that Bathmate hydro pump is really good, it works just like it claims and it’s awesome. Plus it does not have small and different parts which make it a pleasure to use. The first time I used it, my girth was temporarily thicker and it lasted for just about 4 hours. After a few more times of daily usage, my penis thickness lasted longer for about 8 hours.

For a better result, it is better to kegel while pumping. This action makes more blood flow into your penis and improves your PC muscles. After 18 months of usage, my erections have been comparatively stronger. My girth increases didn’t start showing up until I started to do kegeling every morning while pumping. The Bathmate is offered in several different variants as mentioned above but the focus of my review is the Bathmate Hydromax which for me is the best bang for your buck.

How does it work?

Since the Hydromax is a bath pump, you should be using it while in the shower. The first thing you have to do is to push slightly on the side latch to turn it to the central position. Then you must select the comfort pad you decide to use and insert it so that it will align with the markings. You can adjust the pressure gauge as required by turning the gaiter and the vessel. Next, you have to fill the Hydromax with hot water and insert penis into it.

You must form a tight seal between the pump and your body. Then you have to pump in order to create a vacuum and expel the water. The recommended use for the Hydromax is approximately 15 minutes daily. You can watch the video below for more details.

An Overview of what the Bathmate Hydromax X30

Bathmate X30Bathmate’s Hydromax X30 is the latest addition to its hydro pump line. It is for me the best one they have since the suction in this one is better than all the others. The manufacturers claim that this particular variant is 30 % stronger than the others but I think it’s much stronger than that.

But the amount of suction you put into it and the strength strongly influences your results, therefore possibly increasing the thickness and length. This is because the more suction there is, the more blood is pushed towards the penis walls which causes the increase in size.

The silicon gaiter on this one is very soft and is flexible towards the contours of your body. The effect of the pump on the Hydromax x30 is very strong that it is possible to use it without water but using it with hot water is far more effective. So make sure to use it in a hot water bath when you use it for the first time to clearly see the results.

But this model is somewhat smaller so if you have a penis of 8.5 inches or longer when erected you should choose the Goliath model. However, its suction is not as powerful as the Hydromax x30 but you can’t fit into it either.

The price of the Hydromax x30 is at $160 excluding taxes and shipping fee. And with that price tag, I think it’s a great deal. Even my girlfriend has noticed how much bigger my penis is. Every guy would love their woman to be able to notice that and it’s even better because she doesn’t know that I’m using a Hydro Pump.

Difference between the Goliath and Hercules

Goliath vs HerculesThe Goliath model is made for the porn stars since it fits dicks with up to 9 inches long and 2.8 inches thickness. But it will soon be replaced by the Hydromax x50 which is the newest model for big penises. The Hercules, on the other hand, is the oldest one but is still well renowned.

It is also the cheapest so it is a good steal. I actually used the Hercules first and just upgraded to other models as my penis got bigger. The Hercules has first introduced to the market about 6 years ago and with over 200,000 people have already purchased it since then. And since it’s a little out of date, the price is much lower at around $100.

This review is all about the Hydromax x30 but if you do not have enough cash, you can go for the Hercules for now.

My Experience Using the HydroMax X30

This is the part where I tell why I love the Hydromax X30 so much. Among the many types of penis pumps, only those water based pumps proved the result of expanding the girth with hot water and vacuum. What’s good about Bathmate is that it does not leak or squeak like the cheap ones I’ve used before. Plus it’s very easy to clean and even more comfortable to use. If you don’t need to hide it from anyone in your house, you could just leave it in the shower with the shower strap still attached and use it every morning.

The vacuum pressure on the Hydromax x30 can be easily adjusted by the clear button at the top and can also be easily removed using this button. But what I think is the less convenient part of using this product is having to shave regularly.

Using the Bathmate, I do not have any water retention in my penis even after 15 minutes of usage. My penis was even longer and thicker after the first time that I tried it. This is a good thing because you don’t have to wait for a long time to see some results.  However, pumping won’t result in much length increase. What I use to increase the length is Phallosan.

I can assure you that Bathmate is one of the products that are so simple and you just can’t stop using.

Some common questions…

Question: Does it really increase the stamina and result in harder erections?

Answer: After several months of using the Hydromax, I can officially say that this product is again right with its claim. My head sensitivity has increased in a good way and using the Bathmate twice a day has really contributed to an increase in my stamina. My erections have also been harder. My erections have been usually hard enough but they’re not so straight. After using Bathmate for months and doing Kegel exercises while at it, my erections are at a 90-degree angle. The blood flow to my penis has actually doubled over that period of time and my penis always looks like I have a 70 % erection. I get erections faster which is a good thing and a bad thing for me at the same time.

Product Warranty and Guarantee

The warranty for the Bathmate is for 12 months from cracks, breaks and the like. If there is anything wrong with the product, they will replace it with a new one free of charge. But so far, I have not had any issues with my own Bathmate. But you must always keep them clean since not keeping them clean would mean a shorter lifespan for the product.guarantee

This is what the product guarantee says:

“Quite simply if, after using the device for the 4 week period you can demonstrate that you haven’t made any progress at all in either length or girth, we’ll give you your money back. All we ask to validate this guarantee is that you send your warranty form back within 1 week of receiving the device complete with your current measurements.”

That is actually a great guarantee. But you have to provide proof that you have not seen any progress at all. That is why I took pictures of before and after I used Bathmate. But since I have proven it myself that the product really works, you have nothing to worry about. But for those of you out there who are still skeptical, be sure to take pictures before starting to use it.

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