New Pheromone Additive

NPA (New, New Pheromone Additive) Yes, this is a strange name for a pheromone. That’s because the formula changed in 2014, and now people call it NNPA. The new version isn’t as strong as the original one. In fact, most guys couldn’t use it unless they combined it with something softer. NNPA is the version that I’m reviewing, and it is sold as Lacroy NNPA. However, I’m just calling it NPA since it is still the same product, but with an adjusted formula.

NPA Touch

This is still NPA, but it comes in a spray bottle. This means that it affects women differently than NNPA. Since it is sprayed, it covers a larger distance around you. Also, spraying is more convenient than opening the bottle and dabbing drops of the formula on your pulse spots. I’m going to show you the difference between NPA Touch and NNPA later in the review. Be advised that NPA Touch is sold by Love-Scent. I’ve provided a link because I think that NPA Touch is one of my best options. Also, be advised that the NPA concentrate sold by Lacroy is basically the same thing.

Two Different Formulas

Now that I’ve cleared that up, be advised that the formula that Lacroy sells is alcohol based. The Love-Scent formula is oil based. Yes, this means that the two formulas affect women differently.

Also, keep in mind that the formulas probably have different ingredients as well. This is because the two labs probably don’t synthesize them in the same way. Sometimes when companies adjust products, consumers hate the new versions. (Think about A314) But that did not happen with NPA, based on my experience and other consumer chatter.

Soft and Sensual

Also, the new version is not as difficult to use as the original one. It is not as harsh and is easier to apply. New pheromone additive still gets the job done, but it is softer in its sexual nature. A few buffering pheromones were added to make it work better.

The original version of NPA made women act meaner because the pheromones gave off such a strong masculine vibe. It intimidated most women. When men wore the original version of NPA, this resulted in men becoming more aggressive because of the negative reactions they received from women. Although the original product worked, the average guy had to do more to ensure success. This was also the outcome when they tried to balance the product with softer pheromones.

But this does not mean that NNPA is no longer a strong product. Be advised that you must still heed all warnings.

Magnetic Attraction

With that being said, let’s talk about a few other things. NPA works like a sexual magnet. It automatically attracts wild women who crave sex. NPA was formulated with one thing in mind, and that is to quickly get sexually aroused women into bed. But if you don’t follow the instructions, you’ll have major problems. I’ve made mistakes, so pay attention to this New Pheromone Additive Pheromone review. First things first. If you don’t remember anything else, remember this. NPA works to seduce women, but the product isn’t balanced.

Love-Scent vs Lacroy

  • Love-Scent sells the oil-based version, and it works slower. But you can make it work faster by putting it on top of your regular cologne when it’s still wet. It’s no secret that oil doesn’t diffuse as fast as alcohol. So, once you mix Love-Scent’s NPA with your regular cologne, it pretty much works as quickly as Lacroy’s alcohol based version. Amazingly, Love-Scent’s version of NPA works slower, but women react more to it than Lacroy’s version. Strange how that works.
  • Love-Scent’s version of NPA appears to be more natural than Lacroy’s. It has a softer vibe; however, it still works very well. I am in my 20’s, and I have a high level of testosterone. What does this mean? I had to find pheromones that could balance my high level of masculinity without intimidating women. Oils work slower, but they work better. Yes, it takes longer, but you will get plenty of women in the end. Be patient.
  • Love-Scent’s oil-based version doesn’t give you blatant sex appeal, but it is very effective once time goes by and it starts to work. It is said that this version is effective with women that you’re already familiar with. On the flip side, Lacroy’s NPA works much faster. Women don’t have to know you in order for you to get them into bed.
  • If the woman already knows you, then she is more comfortable with you. If you use Lacroy’s alcohol based version with this type of woman, it’ll probably repulse her. But Love-Scent’s oil-based version will just make her think that “she’s getting caught up in a moment.” She won’t be able to explain what is happening, but she’ll like it.
  • It appears that Love-Scent’s oil version is more balanced when it comes to getting women aroused. In addition, it’s much easier to use than alcohol-based pheromones. Personally, I have gotten more women to pay attention to me when I’ve used oil based pheromones. Alcohol works faster, and the hits are quick. But reactions were just too much.

Why do women react differently? Why are some reactions very powerful? This could be because different labs synthesize pheromone molecules differently. Love-Scent and Lacroy are two separate labs. They probably mix their products differently, and this determines how each product works. But then again, the differences could be attributed to one simple thing. One product is oil based, and the other product is alcohol based.

Why I Like It

All in all, Love-Scent has an NPA version that women react to more. It makes them extremely friendly, approachable and touchy-feely. It is slower, which probably gives most women more time to warm up to me. Once you put on NPA and are in the presence of many women, it’s easy to tell when the pheromones have kicked in. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes. They start talking slowly, which makes them more seductive. That’s when I know that it’s time to make my move. Compare NPA to our best-rated pheromones and see for yourself.

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