Peyronie’s Treatment

How Does a Penis Stretcher Correct Penile Curvature?

A stretcher can correct the curvature of a penis by applying Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion; For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The opposing force applied by the device to your penis will gradually reverse the curvature until it becomes straight.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a recent survey of 105 women has demonstrated that women consider a curved penis to be less attractive both aesthetically and sexually. The findings reveal that along with the unattractive aspects of a curved penis, sexual intercourse becomes less pleasurable for both partners and can sometimes results in a painful experience.

Women who’ve experienced sexual intercourse with men possessing a curved penis have reported difficulties making contact with the g-spot as identified in 1950 by the famed Dr. Grafenberg in the US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health which lowered their chances even further of achieving orgasm. A straight penis is ideal for penetration. A woman’s G spot consists of a small patch inside the vagina and can easily be missed by the slightest curvature of your penis.

With the introduction of modern penile traction systems, correcting penile curvature is now possible without surgical intervention as outlined in a study published in The Journal Of Sexual Medicine with the use of the Quick Extender Pro Curvature Correction Edition extender.

First Step

Once you receive your stretcher, get familiar with the device and read the instructions thoroughly.

Second Step

The device is worn in a flaccid state and will put slight tension on your penis, pulling it forward.

Third Step

As you continue to wear the device, your penile curvature will gradually be corrected. (*Individual results may vary.)

Fourth Step

Once you are satisfied with the results gained by using the system, you can stop using the device.

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A penis stretcher is designed to correct the curvature and aesthetic aspects accompanied by this condition. The specially calibrated tension springs are designed to provide the correct amount of pressure to correct the penile curvature left behind by Peyronie’s disease.