Does Pherlure Work or Not?

Pherlure. What more can I say? After publishing my initial field test results I quickly found myself at the receiving end of a variety of nasty emails, primarily from online marketers who have apparently made a pretty penny from pimping this Pherlure stuff to unsuspecting consumers.

I have pretty thick skin folks, and I do not really mind receiving nasty emails at all, I find it rather amusing actually in many cases, but this time I did allow for the simple “possibility” that I was somehow wrong, or off base in the publishing of my first review concerning Pherlure. Since the purpose of this blog is to try to put out real and reliable information derived from actual field testing on various pheromone products I felt it was appropriate in this particular case to re-evaluate Pherlure. I usually do not re-test pheromone colognes at all, as I only publish my evaluations after I’m fairly convinced that I have a handle on what any pheromone cologne does, or does not do.

That being said, I opted to re-evaluate Pherlure “only” because apparently so many folks out there are making money from selling or marketing the stuff, and because some of those folks were so hostile towards my last review of Pherlure, so before I dig in on the Pherlure issue, I decided for my own piece of mind I should re-test the stuff and be sure I was in fact correct…Make sense?

About Pherlure

PherlureIn my effort to identify, purchase, field test, and review the most effective quality pheromones for men, I have been repeatedly distracted via email, folks have been curious about other pheromone products, including the ever popular Pherlure. It may be long overdue, my apologies, but I will now start what I call the “Dubious Pheromones” category, in which I will try to shed some light on which pheromone products seem to fall into the underperforming category.

My Pherlure Review and Test Results

In total, I decided to 12 additional field tests with Pherlure used as my standalone sole pheromone cologne product. Specifically, I opted to conduct 4 field tests primarily among folks a work (professional setting), followed by 4 more field tests in social settings (outside of work – but among friends or acquaintances), and then capped off with the final 4 field tests among complete strangers (ie.,.at a mall, store, club, and bar). In short, I wanted to expose myself to folks that know me well, know me a little, and to those who don’t know me at all so as I could observe how Pherlure would or would not influence others behavior towards me.

As a final note about my field testing methodology, as I’ve done with every other pheromone cologne that I have field tested, I use a variety of application levels as well. In other words, I usually start with 2 applications, or sprays – usually to the neck – and then work my way up to higher levels, 2,4, then 5 or 6 applications in order to determine what dosage level will actually work, or not work for me.

Using Pherlure in a Professional Setting

My first (2nd set of field tests) I conducted in the workplace, these are some of the easiest tests to conduct actually, I started with low levels of Pherlure applied and then as usual worked my way up to higher level applications.

So what occurred after 4 days of using Pherlure in the office, among many of the same folks who I observed “did” in fact respond to other pheromone colognes I have tested in the past, well, not much to report really…Once again! The only notable “change” in co-worker behavior I can report is that over those four days three young ladies briefly commented that my cologne “smelled nice.” The comments were more of an afterthought, followed by them quickly walking away to their workstations and not giving me a second look for the rest of the day? I’m actually not used to being ignored like that these days, but it was a Pherlure day so I documented those reactions.

Using Pherlure in a Social Setting

My second round of testing with Pherlure in various social settings occurred over two different weekends, primarily among friends, and friends of friends, in which we were out relaxing on both Friday and Saturday nights.

Out of the 4 separate nights I tested Pherlure socially, I received only two documentable reactions, that was it, too! The first response worthy of being documented, or attributable to Pherlure, was a comment from a young lady I was sitting next to in a bar/restaurant with my other friends. She looked over at me and smiled in a shy sort of way, and eventually apologized and asked me softly if I just left the gym before going out with everyone, as she thought I kind of needed a “shower.”

Needless to say, I did not need a shower, but I was testing higher dosage levels that night, so I’m guessing she was detecting high levels of Androstenone contained in Pherlure, which can in high levels be perceived as “body odor.” This was a documentable reaction to Pherlure, just not a positive one.

Second Test

The second Pherlure generated reaction I was able to document while field testing in social settings was on the following weekend, and last weekend of my testing. I was out at a dance club, filled with the early to the mid-twenty-something crowd that usually frequent these sort of establishments. I quickly got tired of dancing, rather badly, if I may say so myself and went to the bar to order a mixed drink.

While I was standing at the bar, waiting for a truly untalented bartender to prepare my overpriced drink, a cute young lady squeezed in next to me started yelling to get the bartenders attention. After a few seconds of this, and her rather annoyingly brushing up against me, she stops yelling and looks up at me, smiles, and yells, “What are YOU wearing!?!? “ Before I could answer, she stands fully up and puts her face to my neck smelling me! She then comments, “Smells good…I like it!” I smile back at her and say, “Thanks…” Before I could say any more, she’s gone! She ran off to chase down a roving waiter serving drinks…I was done, enough of this!

Using Pherlure Around Strangers

The last segment of my field testing of Pherlure was to be among complete strangers only. So I decided to do exactly what I’ve done with past pheromone colognes to test their use in this setting. Simply, go to the mall, grocery store, or even laundry mat!

Simply put, I put on a moderate level of every pheromone cologne I field test, go out in public into one of these settings and simply stand next to pleasing looking female as I examine some product I’m looking to buy, and observe whether the young lady even notices whether I exist, or not? I went out to my normal social/public settings over the course of 4 days, using 2, then 3, then 4, then 5 applications of Pherlure, I did not go to 6, as I was wearing 6 applications the last time a young lady told me I smelled like “body odor!”

So how did I make it with Pherlure this time? In a word or two, pretty badly! After using my usual tactic, the old stand next to pretty girl shopping at the mall trick, and see if she notices me as the pheromone cloud sets in, I got exactly 1, yes, 1 reaction from a complete stranger. She looked over at me, give a quick smile, and walked away to another aisle. Yup, that’s all I have to report.

Is it just me?

At this point, after I concluded my 2nd round of field tests on good ole Pherlure, I really don’t think it’s “just” me folks! Especially, after seeing my old Mall field test tactic utterly fail! I have field tested quite a few pheromone colognes, some are better than others.

For instance, while conducting this same field test, in the Mall, simply standing next to strangers while using Alpha 7 Scented, NPA for Men, and even The Scent of Eros for Men, for instance, the results were completely different! I was expecting about 30 seconds to a minute to go by, to have the young lady I was standing close to keep looking over at me, for me to at the most quickly smile back and then we would engage in conversation, flirting, or even eventually have a phone number offered! Those are the reactions I did get with other quality pheromone colognes, and still do get to this day….But not with Pherlure huh? No….It’s not me!

To those marketers who are making a pretty penny pimping Pherlure, you know who you are, to each their own, no more emails PLEASE! I will not endorse Pherlure, nor will I buy another bottle, nor will I even continue to use up the bottle I currently own! It is, what it is.

Pherlure Alternatives

I’ve been starting to have a lot of success with Pherazone products. I’ll post some more info if it continues. Obviously, though, everyone has a different body chemistry so what is working for me might not work for anyone else. I started by ODing on one of the products that don’t produce a negative effect if you overdose on it so that I could see blatant hits and become a believer, then I started toning it down from there. I’ve been using Pherazone Ultra, too. I’ve been seeing positive results with Pherazone. They offer the most powerful pheromone product on the market for men, women, and gay.

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