Pheromone Oils For Attraction

When it comes to working on you and anyone around you, oil-based pheromones work differently from alcohol-based ones. But is one really better than the other?

Oil or Alcohol? It might not seem important to you at all. Unfortunately, one may work for you and not the other. It all depends on the person. Is it due to body chemistry, personality or the overall refusal to be controlled by a pheromone? No one knows why there are different reactions. But, understand that the actual formulation does have an impact on how a pheromone product works. It doesn’t matter if its oil or alcohol based.

Pheromone Oil Differences

The following are some of the ways in which they work:

Oil-Based Pheromone

An oil-based pheromone has a larger concentration of pheromones in each ml. For instance, the oil-based version of 10 ml XiSt has 58.23 mgs of pheromones. However, the alcohol-based version only has 28.94 mg.

Oils have better self-effects than alcohol versions of pheromones. As a result, it produces a stronger “cloud” than alcohol-based products. Yes, alcohol still works, but it tends to spread the signal much wider. This means that the person you’re trying to target may not know that you’re the one wearing the pheromone product. He or she doesn’t know that you’re the one making them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Alcohol-Based Pheromone

A pheromone of alcohol has a faster reaction time, but one with oil has a stronger punch. This means that alcohol spreads faster. The target is immediately impacted. On the flip side, oil pheromones don’t work as quickly, but when they finally do, they are very potent. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours for the target to react to your pheromones. As mentioned earlier, this depends on factors such as your body chemistry and personality.

Alcohol-based pheromones result in a better projection distance than oils. A majority of pheromones have a range of 10-15 ft. Quite obviously, the closer the target, the better they work. However, this range is decreased to 4-8 ft for oils. Thus, you get the best results when your target is within this range or even closer.

Why Pheromone Oils Are More Effective

You’ll probably get better results with oils because they are believed to be more natural than alcohol. Oil diffuses slowly, which means the target sees your signature as natural. This is a good thing because when a pheromone is well received, it does not come off as being overwhelming or unsuitable for you. But then again, alcohol-based pheromones work very well in fast-paced settings such as nightclubs and bars. Learn more about human pheromones at

Now understand, there are a lot of good alcohol-based pheromone products. Both versions are very potent, but oils are better.

Also, a majority of pheromone manufacturers use a ratio of about 1:10 oil to alcohol in their products. This is a way to fix or balance them. If this step is ignored, the alcohol would evaporate too quickly from the product. What you’d be left with is basically a bottle of water. But then again, certain manufacturers are opting for new ways to enhance diffusion and make the products last longer.

In addition, some of these new mixtures do not work in the same manner as other oil/alcohol mixtures. But everyone is not the same, right? Different things work for different people.

For instance, if you don’t have a lot of time with the target, you’ll want a pheromone that works very fast. But if you have plenty of time to spend with a target, then an oil-based pheromone will work better for you. You have to test and choose the best option to get desired results.

Choosing What’s Best For You

If you understand that oils and alcohols work differently in pheromones, then you can easily do this. In addition, if you like a particular scent, see if the manufacturer makes both versions.

Make your decision based on your need. Yes, oils work better, but do you really need one? A spray might work better for you. I really did not like the alcohol version of Evolve-XS. I like oils better. Learn more at

But both versions worked for me. I still use both of them too, depending on my situation at the time. The alcohol works fast, and the oil works slowly in the background. Just know how the two versions differ and how they work. Use them together or choose just one for your particular situation.

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