Pink Method Diet Review 2017

An Oklahoma women’s revolutionary diet plan is making a big impact. It’s called the Pink method diet at It goes way behind what you eat so let’s find out if it can work for you on your weight loss method.

What does P.I.N.K stand for?

P.I.N.K Method Diet is a program made specifically for weight loss among women of any age and fitness level except for pregnant and lactating women. It is developed by Cynthia Pasquella who is a clinical nutritionist. It debuted to the public in November 2011 on the Dr. Phil television talk show.

It stands for power, intensity, nutrition, and cardio. The diet claims to be designed for women with normal health and if you have health problems then make sure to speak to your doctor prior to starting the program. If you do not, medical experts say you could be putting your health at risk.

It lasts for 3 to 14 days and the diet in this phase contains approximately 1,025 calories so it is very easy to achieve fast weight loss of about 5 to 10 pounds to move on to the next phase.

How Does It Work?

The Pink method includes exercise DVDs that you are encouraged to use twice a day. When I first started the workouts I was very, very sore the first week because I was basically sedentary for the first week. According to P.I.N.K. method trainer Basheerah Ahmad, the hook is on the intensity of the workouts which lead to rapid weight loss. “When you see it and you know your clothes fit better, your more likely to continue with the diet change”, she says.


The first step in the diet is called reset which is a form of detox and the method says think produce and fresh protein to reset your metabolism.

P.I.N.K. Primary

Phase two is called the P.I.N.K. Primary in which a diet of about 1,600 calofies is prescribed which is only enough to support the body for the first workout plan included in the phase. It’s  described as a fat smashing weight-loss system that reintroduces the body to high energy foods to increase physical activity.

7 Day Shred

The 7-Day Shred Phase comes next if only you are only 5 pounds away from your desired weight wherein carbohydrates and fats are cut and are replaced with vegetable—based soups which is why drinking lots of water and taking nutritional supplements are advised. The workouts in this phase are limited to easy 15-minute exercises.

P.I.N.K. Preservation Phase

Lastly, there’s the P.I.N.K. Preservation Phase which starts when you have already reached your target weight. The diet plan in this phase contains about 1,400-1,800 calories daily. Its aim is to maintain the targeted weight. The program promises fast results.

Furthermore, an access to online support with daily e-mail reminders and the chance to connect and interact with other members online is available. In P.I.N.K. Method Diet, the foods allowed for consumption include the light protein foods such as white meats and/or fish, unprocessed and high-fiber vegetables like legumes, fruits, and carbohydrate foods. Refined sugars and processed foods are prohibited.

It is only permitted to consume alcohol-containing drinks after the first nine weeks of the program and of course in small amounts, typically one to two servings per week. The only artificial sweetener allowed for consumption is stevia.

This Diet is very strict and will only work for women who can stick with the disciplines imposed therein. Obviously, lingerie models are the only women who can keep up with a restrictive diet like this.

Limitations of Fad Diets

Your willpower will eventually break on these diets due to the caloric restrictions.

What happens is this: People diet for 12 weeks, then stop. They develop the same habits again that got them fat and thus, they redevelop their weight.

Diets ALL WORK. Yet, people regain their weight because of going back to the old habits. If you diet, you need to KEEP the weight. This is the hard part, not loosing the weight. Why? Because loosing needs a short term strategy. Everyone can be hardcore for 4-6 weeks. Yet, being a bit stricter with yourself (We are talking around 300-500kcal a day stricter) every day is very very hard for most people.

Diets that automatically limit calorie intake through food choice (Paleo, raw foods) will have a significant effect as long as people do not feel deprived.

Another way is simply fasting one day a week for the rest of your life. It is even very very healthy.  A’ diet’ is by definition a temporary thing. All those fancy diets with multiple phases are never going to last. Make fundamental changes to your life in multiple areas and live healthy all the time, not just when you need to.

Diet and Exercise

What matters is the regularity of the exercise. Losing weight after having a baby can happen slowly to others but to some it can go quickly. Some celebrities are among those people who can slim down very fast even after having given birth. One of those celebrities is Halle Berry. She gained 35 pounds during her pregnancy, but according to Berry’s trainer Ramona Braganza, she continued doing some simple workouts until she was 7 1/2 months pregnant.

A few weeks after having given birth, she started working out with her trainer to lose her pregnancy weight. Her program started with 5 days of cardio exercises and stretching. The routine was then changed to a new one after a week.

The change involved hiking, jogging on the beach, kickboxing, and yoga. Core exercises such as squats, lunges, and jumps; free weight; and planks were also a part of her program.

Eating Small Frequent Metals

With regards to Ms. Berry’s diet, she stuck to eating small meals every few hours and avoided foods that are high in sodium and fat such as fried foods. Her diet is low calorie that easily makes her full as it contains lots of vegetables and beans. Trainer Ramona Braganza had developed a plan called “321 Baby Bulge Be Gone” upon working with Berry. The plan is a DVD system that Braganza used to train Jessica Alba and other celebrity moms who aimed to lose their pregnancy weight.

Another celebrity mom who slimmed down rapidly afier having given birth is Heidi Klum with the help of trainer David Kirsch. Her plan consisted of challenging workouts by Kirsch and a 3-phase diet called “The Ultimate New York Diet” wherein bloating foods are avoided initially and then followed by avoidance of unhealthy starchy foods, focusing mainly on protein. Lastly, the diet is focused on lean proteins.

The success of any plan depends on the parties involved. In other words, you need a very good trainer like Kirsch and Braganza and of course your cooperation with them and your motivation to work with the plan.

Metabolism and Dieting

As cited earlier, the most popular reason why the people of today go into dieting is mainly to achieve weight loss. People who do not easily gain weight are lucky but in reality, we still have the control over our weight. Maintaining a good metabolism is a good way to maintain your desirable weight.

Aside from the hormone thyroxine, the hormone that controls one’s metabolism is known as leptin. Ieptin is produced by the adipose tissue or fats. The amount of fats that we have in the body is equal to the amount of leptin we have. The amount of leptin is higher among females than in males as females have more fats than males.

Although leptin is higher in females they tend to lose weight much more slowly than males. The most probable reason is that females may have developed a condition known as leptin resistance. Leptin resistance develops in the same way insulin resistance does; if one’s body is exposed to too much leptin, then the body will become leptin resistant.

High-Fat Diets

Eating a diet that is high in fat and high in fructose is the main factor that makes leptin resistance possible as eating fats raises the level of leptin that circulates in the body and fructose which is a sugar found in fruits is proven to increase one’s appetite, thus making one consume more than what is required and anything that is too much will be stored as fat.

What people need to do is be watchful with the type of food they eat as well as as the amount.

Helpful tips to keep your metabolism in good shape include: eating a variety of foods; focusing more on the foods that are high in nutrients rather than calories alone; limiting intake of salt, sugar, sodas, and alcoholic beverages; drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water; having regular exercise which is 30 minutes daily; not fasting and never skipping breakfast; choosing smaller portions of meals when dining out; avoiding fad diets and diet pills; eating meals on time; and not labeling particular foods as bad and avoiding them entirely as it will make you miss out on some important nutrients.


If it’s sugar and processed foods that cause people to gain weight, hold more water and cause irritation/inflammation that leads to weight gain, when people follow a good clean diet they will lose weight, if people go back to eating the problem food the weight will come back.

The main problem in rebounding is because people think they are missing out and should be eating the processed rubbish, so by doing a diet they are just waiting to cheat and go back, with a proper understanding on nutrition and removing the cravings it is a lot easier to succeed, similar to smoking.

Dropping water weight is obviously a key consideration for athletes where weight matters eg boxers, jockeys, etc but not so much for the rest of us unless you’re at the pointy end of competing/peaking for shoots or want to look good for couple of hours on the beach or while you’re stripping for La Bare…

For people who have struggled with weight loss the P.I.N.K. method works and you will gain a lot more benefits with your life. It’s $57.99 and it strongly advocates lean proteins, lean chicken, and tons of exercise . For vegetarians they have options like soy, fiber, and vegetables like beans.

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