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N10Z gay pheromones

I would like to assume that people nowadays have at least some understanding of pheromones; what pheromones are, and what they purpose they serve. However, for those of you who have never heard of pheromones before, allow me to offer a very brief explanation:

About Pheromones

In a nutshell, pheromones are natural chemical substances produced and secreted by virtually all living animals, including insects even. Pheromones are often described as being odorless and particularly human pheromones, but this isn’t entirely true. The truth is that they do have odors, but the odors are so undetectable. In other words, we simply are able to smell them, although we do know beyond all doubt that they exist.

Okay, so what do these almost-odorless substances do? In short, we secrete them into our immediate environment, where they have the potential to change or influence the behavior and/or physiology of people who are in close proximity to us; usually members of the opposite sex. Pheromones of one species can only be picked up/sensed by other members of the same species. It is essentially nature’s way of ensuring that animals (and humans) come together for the purpose of reproducing.

Do Male Pheromones Attract Other Males?

Do male pheromones attract other males? Generally speaking, the answer is no, although studies have shown that some gay men respond to male pheromones in much the same way as women do. One should remember that pheromones work in an incredibly subtle manner, not least because we secrete them in such small quantities.

Can Pheromones Be Synthetically Produced?

Yes, there are numerous companies out there that produce a range of products containing synthetically produced pheromones in various concentrations. Obviously, these products are made in order to help attract potential sexual partners. No, using a pheromone product is not going to result in a mile long queue of potential lovers following you about, but they certainly can help to tip the balance in your favor.

So, if male pheromones have to potential to subconsciously arouse women, could they have the same effect on other men? As has been mentioned already, studies have shown that a lot of gay men are receptive to male pheromones, so even if you are a heterosexual man using a commercially available pheromone product, there is a slight chance that you might attract attention from gay men.

Ten by Intense – Pheromones for Gay Men

If you are a gay man and you want to use a pheromone product in order to attract other gay men, you should consider using products which have been formulated specifically for gay men, such Ten by Intense. This was the world’s first pheromone product created exclusively for gay men.

N10Z, which is pronounced as Intense, comes in the form of a fragrance. Fragrances appeal to virtually every living person, and the perfume industry is living proof of our adoration. Because of this, the company that manufactures Ten by Intense felt that their unique pheromone formulation would have far greater potential if it was combined with a tasteful aroma, rather than adding it to a neutral medium that is devoid of any aroma.

So, if you order this product and you use it, can you expect to hook up with any guy you want? Does this product effectively mean you will never have to go without sex again? Unfortunately, pheromones simply aren’t that powerful. Even though this product has been carefully formulated for gay men, it doesn’t mean every other gay man is suddenly going to find you sexually attractive.

Below are a few of the main pros and cons I have come across while researching Ten by Intense online:


Subtlety – Most people who have tried this product have reported that the intensity of the fragrance is very nicely balanced, in that you can clearly smell it, but it is also not overpowering.
Effectiveness – Most users have reported that they noticed a very definite response from other people. Some received a lot of compliments and comments relating to how nice they smell; while others observed other behavioral changes amongst people they actually know.


No Definitive Confirmation – I did struggle to find any confirmation that this product does, in fact, attract gay men to you. Likewise, I was unable to find any reliable user feedback claiming that this product effectively resulted in them taking part in a sexual encounter. Learn more about the highest rated pheromones.

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