Is X4 Labs The Best Extender?

In this article, I review the X4 Labs penis extender and discuss why it’s the most effective penis extender on the market. You may be already familiar with this brand or just a bit curious about penis extenders in general.

The good news is that penis extenders have indeed been shown to work in clinical studies.

About X4 Labs

To begin with, it is worth noting that the X4 Labs has been in business for more than a decade and has built a positive reputation online. This is what got me interested in trying their products. I figured they must be doing something right.

How Does It Work?

Penis enlargement can be achieved through the use of tension and the so-called principle of traction. This is precisely what the X4 Labs extender manages to achieve.

You simply to attach the device to your penis and adjust the tension settings until you can feel a firm yet comfortable stretch. The device allows for full control over the tension, which makes it perfectly safe for usage.

penis tractionThe tension results in cellular division and increased blood flow, which leads to the growth of new tissue. The stretching breaks down tissue cells, which are forced to regenerate. As a result, penis length and width may be extended permanently by as much as several inches*. The system has received the approval of medical experts and it has been clinically tested.

Apart from increased penis size, the increased blood circulation resulting from the use of the extender may also going to improve the erection quality and sexual performance. The principle of traction has been studied for many years and it is seen as the best alternative to surgical penis enhancement by urologists and sexologists.

PROS: Permanent Results. Most effective extender on the market. Very comfortable.

CONS:  Only sold online. Too many packages and accessories to choose from. The best value overall package is the Ultimate Luxury Edition

Price: $99.99 – $299.99
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 3600 – 4200 grams
Overall Score: A+
Sold By:
Questions? Call/text us at +1 (424) 428-9793

Most Popular Packages

Patriot Limited Edition

Maximum tension, 6 silcone harnesses, 2 ultra-fit velcro straps, 12 foam pads, cleansing spray, lubricant, wipes

6 comfort straps


4200 grams tension

Extreme Premium Edition

Strong tension, 4 silcone harnesses, 2 ultra-fit velcro straps, 8 foam pads, wipes

4 comfort straps


4200 grams

Deluxe Value Edition

2 silcone harnesses, 4 foam pads

2 comfort straps


3600 grams

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about X4 Labs.

How long will it take to start seeing results?

After a brief startup phase, most wear it for 5-6 hours daily, which in the first 2-3 months will see results.

Are there side effects using X4 Labs?

No – The use will not effect, fertility, stamina, urination or erection force. In fact many users report improved erection and stamina, due to the increased blood flow from the treatment.

How long can it get, and are the results permanent?

In theory you will continue getting results from continued use. We are not aware of any maximum, but some very patient users have achieved incredible results. Your results will stay the same after stopping the use, since the new cells created will stay around in any event.

Can X4 labs be worn while you sleep?

If you have a non-physical job, the penis extender can be worn under boxer shorts and loose fitting trousers – helping you to achieve a bigger penis all day long. It can perhaps prove difficult to keep on during sleep if you twist and turn a lot. The only way to determine this is by trying.

Comparison of X4 Labs Packages

Which package should you get? It comes down to money and commitment Make no mistake, you’ll get the same results.

The only real difference is what you get for accessories, bonuses, and spare parts. Why does this matter? Well, at some point you’ll need to buy a spare rod as your penis grows.

Or, you may need a new comfort pad as the old one has worn out. In a nutshell, the bigger packages give you more of what you’ll need.

The X4 device kits are available in several versions and you can choose the one that is best for your needs.

The X4 Labs Patriot Limited Edition

The X4 Labs Patriot Limited Edition system is a complete system that contain all the stuff you need for long-lasting results.

This is the only system where you get two penis extenders, a penis pump and 3 months supply of Sinrex pills. The system has a decent comfort system and comes with a special cleaning spray to keep everything nice and clean.


  • Increase your length
  • Increase your girth
  • Improve your erection quality
  • Improve your ability to last longer in bed

Wow, this system contain all you need to get massive results!

PROS: Best-rated penis extender. Permanent Results. Fully adjustable and comfortable. Easy-to-use.

Price: $279.99
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 3600 – 4200 grams
Overall Score: A+
Sold By:
Questions? Call/text us at +1 (424) 428-9793

X4 Labs Gold Luxury Edition

This is a complete system packaged in a leather case. The extender is plated with 24-karat gold. There are two Velcro straps to secure your penis and extension rods to accommodate your growth. It comes with a cleaning kit for personal hygiene. If you have the money this is a great kit to own. It has everything you need.


With X4 Labs, you can expect gain noticeable results within 3-4 months of daily use.

Price: $249.99
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 3600 – 4200 grams
Overall Score: A
Sold By:
Questions? Call/text us at +1 (424) 428-9793

The Anniversary Edition

The Anniversary edition is only available while supplies last. It was created to commemorate the company’s 11th anniversary. It has the same features as the Gold Luxury Edition, and a few extras as well. But unlike the Gold Luxury Edition, it’s available with a lifetime warranty.

Price: $189.99
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 3600 – 4200 grams
Overall Score: A
Sold By:
Questions? Call/text us at +1 (424) 428-9793

The Extreme Premium Edition

The Extreme Premium Edition comes with all the essentials. You get three sets of the short foam pads worn with the straps. That also includes three sets of the long foam pads worn with the noose. I’d like to point out the foam pads are comfortable to wear and have surpassed my expectations. It’s gentle on the penis.

When you buy the Extreme Premium Edition you get a 5-year warranty. You’re protected from wear and tear and can use it as much as you want. If it breaks you’re covered.

As you progress, you can screw in the provided extension rod and continue to grow. I recommend using the cleaning pads to keep it clean. The instruction manual shows how to use it properly. You also get a second DVD, Penis Access, that shows you exercises to maximize gains.

The extender is light and feels smooth which is key to your comfort My favorite way to wear it is with the strap. It’s comfortable and doesn’t slip off.

Price: $179.99
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 3600 – 4200 grams
Overall Score: A
Sold By:
Questions? Call/text us at +1 (424) 428-9793

Deluxe Edition

The X4 Labs Deluxe Edition comes in a discreet package like all their products. Accessories include rubber straps, extension springs, comfort straps, nooses, foam cushioning, and an instructional DVD.

With the one-inch rods attached beginners will be ready to lengthen and stretch their penis. You can wear the comfort strap or the foam-cushioned noose. The Deluxe Edition will deliver the same results as all their extenders. They are designed exactly the same. The only difference is it doesn’t include the Velcro straps and bonuses found on the bigger kits.

I’ve worn the Deluxe Edition for a while and never had a problem with it falling off. Eventually, you may end up buying more rods or cushions. If you’re on a budget and want to get started this is a good choice. It gets the job done.

Price: $99
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 3600 grams
Overall Score: A
Sold By:
Questions? Call/text us at +1 (424) 428-9793

Peyronie’s Edition Pro

The Peyronie’s Edition Pro corrects curvature of the penis. It works in as little as three months.

If the curvature of your penis is uncomfortable, a penis extender is an effective way to straighten it without resorting to surgery. A curved penis can make it difficult to have sex. It can lower your self-esteem.

This is one of their biggest packages. It comes with a vacuum pump which can improve girth and blood flow. You also get a vitamin E supplement, extra straps, nooses, tension springs, and a carrying case.

If you’re on a budget you won’t need all the extras. But, if you want to make a long-term commitment to enlargement then it’s a good investment.

Price: $294.99
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 3600 – 4200 grams
Overall Score: A
Sold By:
Questions? Call/text us at +1 (424) 428-9793

Easy To Use

Fortunately, X4 Labs is easy to use. With the adjustable tension rods your penis will be preconfigured to the optimum amount of tension and sit comfortably in the extender thanks to the comfort straps.

Benefits of X4 Labs Extender

As previously mentioned, the results that can be achieved with a penis extender have been clinically tested. Following the instructions carefully and using the extender on a regular basis to get the maximum gains.

  • X4 Labs has been in the device development business for over 10 years. The company has a proven track of successful product development.
  • The purchase of its extender comes with a 180-day money back guarantee. In case you fail to see the expected results, you can simply return it.
  • The design of the device is exceptionally durable and it can be used for a long period of time.
  • You will also receive spare parts needed to prolong its life even further.
  • It’s possible to see results in a few short months

Some users have reported positive results in less than a month. However, for most, significant results may become apparent after four to six months.

* It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis

Learn How X4 labs Works.

X4 labs versus Extenders?

Penis extension devices have been around for some time and you are probably wondering whether the X4 Labs extender is a better option than the competition.

One of the most important differences in the availability of a comfort strap that decreases the discomfort from wearing the extender. They are vastly superior to noose-based systems.

Thus, you can wear it pain-free all day. In addition, the straps keep the device in place, disabling it from slipping and ensuring the proper circulation that is needed for growth.

There are really only two extenders on the market I would consider using; X4 Labs and SizeGenetics. Both offer extra wide comfort straps and a variety of bonuses, accessories, and spare parts.

In terms of pricing, X4 Labs is the clear winner.

  • X4 Labs starts at $99.99 versus $199.95 for SizeGenetics.

An Extender for Every Penis

The X4 device kits are available in several versions and you can choose the one that is best for your needs. If you have never tried this type of product before, you should purchase the starter edition. Other options include a Gold Premium kit and a Mini X4 that is perfect for individuals that have a penis length of four inches or less.

X4 provides several bonuses that make the purchase worth it. For example, the Penis Exercise Membership will give you access to over 30 video routines to improve your results. Other bonuses include the Better Sex DVD Collection and Instructional CD.

The best value overall is the Ultimate Luxury Edition which comes with numerous bonuses, accessories, and spare parts to keep you going for 6 months.

X4 Labs is unique because it has received the approval and the support of those in the medical field. Furthermore, the technology is clinically tested and shown to be effective.

Learn What Makes X4 Labs #1

Enhanced Product Design

x4 comfort strapWhile most penis extenders are designed to stretch the penis over a prolonged period of time, there are nonetheless significant variations in design. For one, X4 features a unique “comfort strap” which can make a huge difference in your well-being.

Because extenders are designed to be worn for several hours a day, more comfort can make the difference between success and failure. After all, not a lot guys want to have their penises stretched all day, and particularly not if it involves high levels of discomfort.

Product Rating

Here are my thoughts on what’s good and what could be better.


  • Effective Results: According to an article that appeared in Science Daily, a controlled study found that participants experienced an increase in length after a period of 3 months*.
  • One Size Fits All: The X4 Labs extender is designed to accommodate all penis sizes.
  • Enhanced Comfort: A unique comfort strap guarantees maximum comfort.


  • Commitment. Getting results takes time. It’s not a quick fix like surgery but it’s also a heck of a lot safer and cheaper.

Read X4 Labs Freqently Asked Questions

Guaranteed Results?

X4 labs resultsThe X4 Labs penis extender can deliver great results for those who are willing to put in the time. In terms of performance, X4 Labs is just as good as SizeGenetics, which is the most famous extender on the market.

* It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis


The company sells several customizable packages that offer everything you need. If you want to increase your length and girth, it’s strongly suggested that you go with a penis extender.

If you need a solution but are on a budget, you may want to purchase the Deluxe Edition package. I’m happy I did.

Price: $79.99 – $299.99
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 3600 – 4200 grams
Overall Score: A+
Sold By:
Questions? Call/text us at +1 (424) 428-9793

Disclosure: some of the links on this website are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase an item following one of the links, I may receive a commission. Regardless of that, I only recommend the products or services, that I strongly believe will benefit our readers.

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